Thecus News Thecus delivers NAS (Network Attached Storage) server and iSCSI storage with RAID data security; also provides multimedia storage and playback device. utf-8 Thecus Derick Thecus TME Thecus® NAS supporting new Seagate IronWolf 125 SSDs & IronWolf Pro HDDs with 18 TB 2020-09-11 Thecus NAS for IoT and big data 2019-12-02 Thecus® NAS support new WD Red SA500 SSD 2019-10-25 Thecus® NAS ready for new 16TB Seagate IronWolf & 12TB WD Red HDDs 2019-05-28 Thecus® NAS for IoT and big data 2019-03-12 Thecus® NAS at special prices for a limited time on iBood Hunt 2019-02-26 Thecus® supports new Seagate IronWolf 110 SSD for fast NAS experience 2019-01-11 Thecus® NAS get upgraded by powerful and easy-to-use CWBackup tool 2018-12-07 Virtualization On Thecus® 5-Bay NAS Helps Keeping Modern Cities Safe 2018-10-19 Thecus® N4810 reviewed by Computer!Totaal, NL 2018-10-11 Thecus® Attending the 38th GITEX Technology Week in October 2018-10-05 Thecus® NAS support new 14TB Seagate IronWolf & IronWolf Pro HDDs 2018-09-11 Thecus® N4350 reviewed by SmallNetBuilder, USA 2018-09-07 Thecus® N2350 awarded as price-performance winner by PC-Welt, DE 2018-08-31 Thecus® High-End Rackmount NAS with SAS for highest data transfer 2018-07-24 Thecus® offering strong lineup of NAS for small & medium businesses 2018-07-20 Thecus LightningPRO SE300 rated "BEST OF 2018" by "SMB Initiative Germany" 2018-04-17 Thecus® W2810PRO reviewed by Zit Seng's Blog, Singapore 2018-04-16 Thecus® N2350 reviewed by c't magazine, Germany 2018-03-20 Thecus® N4810 reviewed by Zit Seng's Blog, Singapore 2018-03-06 Thecus NAS supports Public Schools in Costa Rica 2018-02-27 Thecus® N4350 - Best value of any 4-bay NAS in 2018 2018-02-13 Thecus® N4350 receives “Value” Award from Simply Reviews, UK 2018-02-06 Thecus® updates ThecusOS 7.0 for Spectre & Meltdown 2018-01-30 Protect your Thecus NAS with Seagate's IronWolf Health Management 2018-01-24 Thecus® N2350 - The most affordable 2-bay NAS of 2018 2018-01-16 Private High School adopts Thecus® Storage to meet Demands 2018-01-11 Thecus® N2350 reviewed as “good” by Chip, Germany 2017-12-21 Thecus® N4350 Unboxing and Walkthrough by SPAN TV, UK 2017-12-19 Thecus® harnessing the power of Industry 4.0 2017-12-12 Thecus® participates in 3Logic Autumn Server Conference 2017-12-07 Thecus® at Sharp Dealer Day, Arizona, US 2017-12-05 Thecus® N4350 receives “Worth Buying” Award by KitGuru, UK 2017-11-30 Industry-Based Solutions: Thecus® Modernizing Storage Infrastructure to meet the demand of Government institutions 2017-11-28 Industry-Based Solutions: Thecus® Empowering the Banking and Finance Industry 2017-11-21 Industry-Based Solutions: Thecus® assisting hospitals and other healthcare facilities 2017-11-16 Industry-Based Solutions: Thecus® delivering a better learning environment for educators and students 2017-11-14 Thecus® showcases their Intelligent Ecosystem in Iran 2017-10-31 ThecusOS 7.0 enhances resilient 5-bay “No-Crash-NAS” 2017-10-26 Thecus® N2810PLUS tested as 'good' at PC Magazin, DE 2017-10-24 Thecus® Empowering Professionals at GITEX 2017, Dubai 2017-10-19 How Scale-Out NAS Architecture can expertly support enterprise data storage 2017-10-19 Thecus® N2350 & N4350 – High-value NAS now available worldwide 2017-10-17 Thecus® N2350 Wins Praise from Taiwan PChome Magazine’s Editor 2017-10-12 Thecus® NAS officially supporting all three new 12TB-HDDs 2017-10-05 Thecus® N12910SAS reviewed by IT Pro, UK 2017-10-03 Thecus® participates in Seagate and GCC Dealers Conference 2017-09-28 Thecus® W16850 given “Recommended” Award by Simply Reviews, UK 2017-09-26 Thecus® presents award-winning products at World Congress on Information Technology 2017-09-21 Thecus® to Attend the 37th GITEX Technology Week 2017-09-19 Thecus® previews Support for 8K 2017-09-14 Thecus® N12910SAS receives “Value” Award by Simply Reviews, UK 2017-09-12 Thecus® N2350 reviewed by SmallNetBuilder, USA 2017-09-07 Thecus® N4820U-S tested and praised by PCADV, TW 2017-09-05 Thecus® W4810 Awarded 4 stars by ITPRO, UK 2017-08-31 New Thecus® products and OS presented by Russian Distributor “Tayle” at regional IT conference 2017-08-29 Witness the evolution of Industry 4.0 at Taipei Int’l Industrial Automation Exhibition 2017 2017-08-24 Thecus® announces new partnership with Gateway® 2017-08-15 Thecus® N2810PRO is "good” and “good value" according to PC-Welt, Germany 2017-08-10 EHA: About 28% of users in Europe plan to buy or upgrade a NAS 2017-08-01 Thecus® Showcases at ELECOMP Iran 2017 2017-07-25 Thecus® NAS Surveillance Center now available on ThecusOS 7.0 2017-07-20 How to Increase VDI Boot Performance and Database Transactions with All-Flash Array 2017-07-13 Thecus® N2810PLUS and N4310 featured in the new special issue for NAS & home network by Chip, Germany 2017-07-11 Expand your Mac Ecosystem with Thecus NAS 2017-07-06 Thecus® N2350 awarded “Most Interesting NAS” @ Computex 2017 by Tom’s Hardware, USA. 2017-07-04 Thecus takes over its new HQ 2017-06-29 Eliminate storage performance bottlenecks with Thecus All-Flash Arrays 2017-06-22 Thecus® N2810PRO Awarded “Editor’s Choice” by Insomnia, GR 2017-06-20 Thecus® Releases the Next Generation of ThecusOS 7.0 2017-06-15 Thecus® N4810 presented “Value Award” by Madshrimps, BE 2017-06-14 Protect against unexpected Cloud costs with Thecus® NAS 2017-06-13 Thecus® W5810 awarded “WORTH BUYING” by KitGuru, UK 2017-06-08 Thecus® Shakes up Computex 2017 from their VIP Lounge at Taipei 101 2017-06-07 Thecus® N4810 tested in the lab of IT-Expert, Ru. 2017-05-25 Thecus® Launches 2U Rackmount NAS, the N8910 2017-05-24 Thecus® NAS now Support WD’s Next Generation of 10TB Helium-Based Hard Drives 2017-05-19 Russian Distributor holds workshop with Thecus® support. 2017-05-18 Thecus® N2810PRO reviewed by TechPowerUp, US 2017-05-16 Thecus® N5810 nominated for the "European Hardware Awards 2017" 2017-05-15 Visit Thecus® when they showcase at Computex 2017 2017-05-11 How Thecus® Supports its Global Community 2017-05-09 Thecus® Announces New Economical 4-Bay Rackmount N4820U NAS Series 2017-05-08 Thecus® Debuts Industrial Grade All-Flash Array series 2017-05-04 Thecus® nominated for the "Storage-Insider Readers' Choice Award 2017" 2017-05-03 Repel Unwelcome Guests with Access Guard with ThecusOS 7.0 2017-05-03 Thecus® W2810PRO reviewed by Level 1 Techs, USA 2017-04-27 Thecus® set to participate in IM TOP 2017 in Munich 2017-04-26 Safeguard against virus attacks with McAfee and ThecusOS 7.0 2017-04-25 Thecus® Announces new Affordable 4-bay NAS: The N4350 2017-04-20 Thecus® N8880U-10G tested by LANline, DE 2017-04-18 Secure and Easy Cloud Storage with Dropbox and ThecusOS 7.0 2017-04-13 Thecus® N2810PLUS awarded by, DE 2017-04-12 Thecus® W4810 Given "Editor's Choice" Award by XFastest, TW 2017-04-06 Thecus’ European Expansion Continues 2017-03-31 Thecus® Wizard now available on all mobile devices 2017-03-30 Don’t be like Bob! Embrace “World Backup day” this Friday 2017-03-30 Thecus® Announces new 2-bay Home NAS: The N2350 2017-03-29 3 Key Improvements in Windows Storage Server 2016 2017-03-23 Thecus® N2810 Awarded “Editors’ Choice” by Tom’s Hardware, US 2017-03-22 Thecus® W4810 reviewed by PC Magazin, DE 2017-03-21 Thecus® Authorizes DriveSavers® to provide Data Recovery services 2017-03-17 Thecus® NAS on Windows Storage Server Essentials: fresh idea on the market, PC Magazine/RE, Ru 2017-03-15 Thecus® W4810 awarded “Highly Recommended” by Geeklingo, AU 2017-03-13 How to set up Port Trunking to accelerate your bandwidth with ThecusOS 7.0 2017-03-08 Thecus® N5810PRO reviewed by Macitynet, IT 2017-03-07 Thecus® Launches New 4-Bay Rackmount N4910U PRO NAS Series 2017-03-02 Thecus® to Showcase Latest Innovations at CeBIT 2017 2017-02-24 Thecus® Forges New Partnership with Origin Storage® 2017-02-23 Thecus® Soars Over Competition at the Taiwan Excellence Awards 2017-02-22 Thecus®W4810, brings Retrogaming to Network Attached Storage, by Zeden, FR 2017-02-21 Thecus® N4810 receives “Editor’s Choice” Award from Tom’s Hardware, US 2017-02-20 Thecus® continues growth in Europe with Ingram Micro® Pan Europe 2017-02-18 Thecus® W4810 receives “Best Value” Award from Simply Reviews, UK 2017-02-16 Thecus® N2810 reviewed by Italiamac, IT 2017-02-14 Thecus® W2810PRO running on Windows Storage Server undergoes various tests by iXBT, RU 2017-02-09 Thecus® N2810PRO receives “Very Good” from, DE 2017-02-08 Thecus® Launches New 4-Bay Rackmount N4910U NAS Series 2017-01-26 Thecus® Implements Windows Storage Server 2016 2017-01-26 Thecus® W4810 awarded “Very Good 5/5” by the Game specialist website, Zeden. FR 2017-01-25 Thecus® W4810 awarded “Best Value” by PC & Tech Authority. AU 2017-01-24 Thecus® N4810 receives the “Highly Recommended Gold Award” at the 2016 Technology Trends Awards 2017-01-19 How Data Deduplication can maximize ROI 2017-01-18 Thecus® N7770-10G receives editorial praise by PCADV, TW 2017-01-17 Thecus® W2810PRO reviewed by, US 2017-01-12 Thecus® supports scientific research and development in one of the major Russian universities - Kursk State Medical University 2017-01-11 Thecus® N4810 received “Best Features” award from TweakTown, AU 2017-01-10 Thecus® N5810PRO, scalable storage for SMBs with integrated UPS, reviewed by Tech From The Net, IT 2017-01-05 How to use Plex to Create a Complete Media Center Solution with a Thecus® NAS by eTeknix, UK 2017-01-04 Thecus® Year-End Review and Vision for 2017 2016-12-30 Thecus® N12850L awarded “Best Value” by Simply Reviews, UK 2016-12-29 Thecus® launches two new Windows Storage Server Rackmount NAS with Skylake Architecture, the W12910SAS and W16910SAS 2016-12-28 Thecus® N2810PRO and the N5810PRO awarded the 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award 2016-12-26 Thecus® Announces new Distributor for Spain, Ingram Micro® España 2016-12-22 Thecus N4810 awarded “EDITOR’S CHOICE” by eTeknix, UK 2016-12-20 Thecus W2810PRO awarded 4 stars by The Streaming Blog, AU 2016-12-20 Thecus N4810 awarded “Recommended” with 5 stars from Guru3D, NL 2016-12-16 Thecus N5810PRO receives the “Gold award” from IT-Connect, FR 2016-12-15 Why your first NAS should be a Thecus Windows NAS 2016-12-15 Thecus® N4810 highly commended by SPAN.COM, UK 2016-12-13 Thecus® N4810 receives high praise from PChome Magazine, TW 2016-12-08 Thecus® was awarded “Champion of IT-Channel 2016” by CRN, RU 2016-12-05 Thecus® introduces Scale-Out architecture to meet rising enterprise storage demand 2016-12-01 Thecus® N2810 Awarded “Highly Recommended” by GeekLingo, AU 2016-11-29 Thecus® Expands TopTower NAS Series with the N6850PLUS 2016-11-24 Thecus® N2810 reviewed by The Channel Pro Network, USA 2016-11-21 Thecus® W5810 received “Gold. Editor`s Choice” Award from Megaobzor, RU 2016-11-17 Thecus® releases New Features for ThecusOS 7.0 2016-11-15 Thecus® Forges New Partnership with Italian Distributor, Ingram Micro® Italia 2016-11-08 Thecus® Launches their latest SMB NAS, the N7770 and N8880U 2016-11-03 Thecus W5810 reviewed by Tek Syndicate, US 2016-10-31 Thecus® becomes an Intel® Storage Builder Strategy Partner 2016-10-27 Thecus® W2810PRO Awarded “Highly Recommended” by GeekLingo, AU 2016-10-25 Thecus® Announces Launch of Two New SAS-Enabled Rackmount NAS, the N12910SAS and N16910SAS 2016-10-20 Thecus® WSSE NAS receive Microsoft Azure Certification 2016-10-19 Thecus® W4000+ on a popular YouTube channel “ArtomU”, RU 2016-10-18 Thecus® N2810 NAS tackles rising demands for data storage of YouTube-channel “Techno-Kitchen”, RU 2016-10-13 3 Decisive ways NAS is better than Cloud Storage 2016-10-12 Frustrated with his growing administration nightmare, Construction Entrepreneur investigates storage alternatives 2016-10-06 Thecus® N2810 has undergone various tests in the 3DNews lab, RU 2016-10-04 Thecus® N5810PRO Reviewed by Com! Magazin, DE 2016-09-30 Thecus® Adds Skylake CPU and DDR4 into their NAS Line Up 2016-09-29 Chartered Accountancy Firm secures Critical Data with Thecus NAS 2016-09-22 Thecus® N4810 awarded "Editor's Choice" by XFastest, TW 2016-09-21 Thecus® Expands Windows Storage Server Line-up with W4810 2016-09-14 Thecus® Launches Thecus Connect™ 2016-09-14 How to maximize your ROI with Network Attached Storage 2016-09-10 Thecus® W2810PRO receives “Editor's Choice” Award from eTeknix, UK 2016-09-07 Thecus® Announces Launch of New 10GbE Network Interface Cards 2016-09-01 Thecus® W2810PRO reviewed by Chimera Revo, IT 2016-08-29 Cosmetic Clinic Increases Connectivity with Thecus NAS 2016-08-25 Thecus® N2810 reviewed by PC & TECH Authority, AU 2016-08-22 Thecus® N7770-10G NAS successfully passes all tests in the IXBT lab, RU 2016-08-18 Thecus® N2810 received “Recommended” Award by Insomnia, GR 2016-08-17 Thecus® N2810 reviewed by Roberto Jorge, PT 2016-08-12 Thecus® N2810 NAS Reviewed by IXBT, RU 2016-08-11 Thecus® Releases new Customizable Enterprise-class NAS series 2016-08-08 Thecus® N2810 tested by Technic3D, DE 2016-08-04 Thecus® N2810 receives “Gold” Award by El Chapuzas Informático, ES 2016-08-01 Thecus® N2810 tested by PC Magazin in Germany 2016-07-29 Thecus® Extends their Ultimate Multimedia NAS series with 4 Bays 2016-07-28 Thecus® N4560 received “Editor`s choice” Award from PC Magazine, RU 2016-07-27 Thecus® supports Seagate’s new 10TB IronWolf for its NAS applications 2016-07-20 Thecus® N2810PRO Reviewed by PChome 2016-07-19 Thecus® N2810 Awarded “Cool Product” by Prohardver, HU 2016-07-15 Serie Architects Enhances Productivity with Thecus NAS 2016-07-14 Thecus® N2810 reviewed by Hardwareluxx, DE 2016-07-11 Thecus® NAS N2810 Reviewed by Bits n Chips, IT 2016-07-08 Thecus® NAS Surveillance Functionality Improved with ONVIF® 2016-07-07 Thecus® N5810 Reviewed by lab501, RO 2016-07-04 SBS. NAS on the Go! 2016-07-01 Thecus® NAS Support 10TB HGST Ultrastar® He10 Hard Drives 2016-06-30 Thecus® N2810 NAS Receives “Gold. Editor`s Choice” Award from MegaObzor, RU 2016-06-27 Thecus® N2810 Awarded by Zeden, FR 2016-06-22 Thecus® N2810 Receives "Recommended" Award by Madshrimps, BE 2016-06-20 Thecus® Expands Ultimate Multimedia NAS N2810 series 2016-06-16 Thecus® N2810 Received by TweakTown, US 2016-06-13 Thecus® N5810PRO Awarded “Worth Buying” by KitGuru, UK 2016-06-10 Thecus and the “Internet of Things” 2016-06-08 Thecus® N8900PRO NAS Receives “Best Product of 2015” Award in NAS category from PCMagazine, RU 2016-06-06 Thecus® N2810 Receives "Recommended" Award by Guru3D, US 2016-06-02 Thecus® N5810PRO NAS Reviewed by Hardware Upgrade, IT 2016-05-27 Thecus® Expands Windows Storage Server Line-up with Launch of Two New Rackmount NAS, the W12850 and W16850 2016-05-26 Thecus® N2810 NAS Reviewed by TechDay, NZ 2016-05-24 Thecus® N2810 Receives "Gold" and "Green" Awards by XtremeHardware, IT 2016-05-20 Thecus® Proudly Attends Leader® National Roadshow 2016-05-17 Ennoconn Corporation Acquires 60% Stake in Thecus Technology Corp. 2016-05-16 Thecus® N5810 NAS Receives “Best Value Award” by TweakTown, US 2016-05-13 Thecus® to Appear at Computex 2016 as part of the Ennoconn/Foxconn® IPC Business Group 2016-05-12 Thecus® N2810 given “Editor’s Choice” Award by eTeknix, UK 2016-05-10 Thecus® N2810 NAS video review by Zenchillisystems, DE 2016-05-03 Thecus® N5810 Receives “5 out of 5” Award from, FR 2016-04-29 Foxconn IPC Group, To Attend ESEC 2016 in Japan 2016-04-27 Thecus® OS 7.0 Reviewed by Chimera Revo,IT 2016-04-25 Thecus® Expands Windows Storage Server Line-up with W2810PRO 2016-04-21 Thecus® N2810 Reviewed by Macity, IT 2016-04-18 Thecus® N2810 NAS video review by ITRaidDE, DE 2016-04-15 Thecus® Announces Processor and RAM Upgrade for N2810 2016-04-14 Thecus® N2310 well-received in the labs of Overclockers, RU 2016-04-12 Thecus® N2810 gets very good grades from ComputerBase, DE 2016-04-08 now available for Thecus® Linux NAS 2016-04-07 Thecus® N5810PRO Review by Metro TV News, ID 2016-04-01 Thecus® and Intel® Continue Successful Strategic Partnership 2016-03-31 Thecus® N2810 Received “Certified” Award by Hispazone,ES 2016-03-29 Thecus® N2810 Received “Recommended” Award by Hispazone,ES 2016-03-29 Thecus® W2000+ NAS Received “Innovation” Award by PurePC, PL 2016-03-24 Thecus® N5810PRO NAS scores 85 of 100 points with MaximumPC, US 2016-03-21 Thecus® N5810PRO NAS Review by Nikkei TRENDY, JP 2016-03-18 Link Aggregation: A Feature of a Modern NAS 2016-03-16 Thecus® W5810 Windows Server NAS Video Review By MrThaibox123, UK 2016-03-14 Thecus® Forges New Partnership with Australian Distributor, Leader Computer Pty Ltd®. 2016-03-10 Thecus® N4310 Review by Conseil Config, FR 2016-03-09 Thecus® N2810 receives “Recommended” Award by Hardware Heaven, UK 2016-03-07 Thecus® Announces Launch of Two New Rackmount NAS, the N12850 and N16850 2016-03-03 Thecus® N4310 Review by TechPro, IE 2016-03-02 Thecus® to attend CeBIT 2016 2016-03-01 Data Security Issues: A Part of the Past of Modern NAS Solutions 2016-02-26 Thecus® N5810PRO NAS Review by Tweak Town, US 2016-02-25 Thecus® N5810PRO NAS Review by MakeUseOf, US 2016-02-22 YouTube Review of Thecus® N2810 By ArtomU, RU 2016-02-19 Comprehensive Thecus® Photo Center Unveiled with Introduction of ThecusOS 7.0 2016-02-18 Thecus® W2000+ Receives “Cool Product” Award from Prohardver, HU 2016-02-16 Thecus® N4310 receives 4/5 and “Profitability” Awards by Pure-PC, PL 2016-02-05 University of Valladolid UVa Tackles its Data Storage Challenges with the Thecus N12000PRO 2016-02-03 Thecus® N2560 Reviewed by Modlabs, RU 2016-02-01 Thecus® N5810PRO Receives “Platinum” Award from El Chapuzas Informático, ES 2016-01-29 Thecus® Adds Compatibility for motionEye Surveillance Application 2016-01-28 Thecus® N2310 Receives “Recommended to Buy” Award from, RU 2016-01-26 Thecus® N5810 Reviewed by Questi Due Sul Server, IT 2016-01-21 NAS to Redefine Home Multimedia Center Experience 2016-01-20 Thecus® W4000+ Given “Novelty” Award by Madshrimps, RO 2016-01-19 Thecus®Announces Intel® Powered N2810 for Ultimate Multimedia Experience 2016-01-14 ThecusOS™ 7.0 Given Gold Award by Megaobzor, Ru 2016-01-13 Thecus® W2000+ Given 8.5 by PC World, HU 2016-01-12 Thecus® W4000+ Reviewed by Hungry Geeks, PH 2016-01-07 Thecus® N7770-10G Reviewed by c’t, DE 2016-01-05 Thecus® N2310 Case Study by Dilip Bhoye Photography 2015-12-31 Thecus® W2000+ & W4000+ Reviewed by Computerbase, DE 2015-12-30 Thecus N7770-10G Reviewed by Small Net Builder, US 2015-12-29 Thecus Releases ThecusOS™ 7.0 Beta 2015-12-24 Thecus® N5810 Given Storage Sweetness Award by Guru 3D, US 2015-12-23 Thecus® and GCT Announce Launch of Thecus Middle East 2015-12-21 Thecus® N4310 Reviewed by Geek-Chronicles, FR 2015-12-16 Thecus® N5810 Given 100% Kickass Award by 3DGameMan, US 2015-12-14 P2P Sharing with Transmission on Thecus NAS 2015-12-10 Thecus® N4310 Reviewed by Redes Zone, ES 2015-12-09 Thecus® N5810PRO Reviewed by Net Guide, NZ 2015-12-08 Thecus® Expands Windows Storage Server Line-up with W5810 2015-12-03 Thecus® N5810PRO Reviewed OCAU, AU 2015-11-26 How Utilizing Thin Provisioning Can Optimize Organizational Data Storage Infrastructure 2015-11-25 Thecus® N7770-10G Given “Extreme Performance” Award from eTeknix, UK 2015-11-20 The Next Generation NAS: Thecus’ Award-Winning N5810PRO NAS with Built-in Mini-UPS Now Available Globally 2015-11-19 Thecus® N5810PRO Reviewed by ZOL, CN 2015-11-16 Thecus® N2310 Solves Data Storage and Management Tasks for Modlabs, RU 2015-11-13 Thecus® NAS in LAB501 Community Workshop 2015-11-12 Is your SMB Prepared for Unexpected Outages or Disruptions of Services? 2015-11-11 Thecus N8880U-10G Receives Recommended Award from Simply Reviews, US 2015-11-06 Thecus® Enterprise Solutions for Businesses: Daisy-Chaining 2015-11-04 November 2015-11-03 Newsletter 2015-11-03 Thecus® N5810PRO Reviewed by Chimerarevo, IT 2015-10-30 Craig Ferguson Photography 2015-10-29 Thecus® Adds N5810 to 5-Bay NAS Line-up 2015-10-28 Review of Thecus®W4000+ by Keddr, RU. 2015-10-23 What RAID Level is best for you? 2015-10-21 Thecus® W2000+ Given “Best Bang for the Buck” Award by Bjorn 3D, US 2015-10-19 The Thecus® N2560 Received the “Gold Editor`s Choice” Award from Megaobzor, RU 2015-10-16 Enterprise Solutions for Businesses: 10GbE and Link Aggregation 2015-10-15 Thecus® to Join GCT at Gitex 2015 2015-10-13 Thecus® N5810PRO Receives “Gold Editor`s Choice” Award from Megaobzor, RU 2015-10-12 Thecus® Adds System Failover Feature in Firmware Update For ThecusOS™ 5.0 2015-10-08 Thecus® N5810PRO Recommended in Video Review by MrThaiBox123, UK 2015-10-07 Thecus® Adds 8TB Seagate Enterprise 3.5 Hard Drives to Compatibility List 2015-10-02 Thecus® Updates Warranty Terms and Conditions 2015-10-01 Thecus®N5810PRO Reviewed by Ferralabs, Ru 2015-09-30 Thecus® N5810PRO Recommended by APC Magazine, AU 2015-09-25 How to Transform your Thecus® NAS into a powerful Multimedia center with Kodi 2015-09-24 Video Review of Thecus® N2310 by ArtyomU, RU 2015-09-21 DIY Home Surveillance Using Thecus® NAS 2015-09-18 Thecus® W4000+ Receives “Certified” Award by Hispazone, ES. 2015-09-16 Thecus® N4310 Given “Gold” Award by ReHWolution,IT. 2015-09-14 Thecus® W4000+ Given "100% Kickass Award" by 3DGameMan, US 2015-09-11 Leverage the Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud on Thecus® NAS 2015-09-10 Thecus®W4000+ Receives “Expert`s Choice” Award from iTexpert, Russia. 2015-09-07 4.0 Now Available for Thecus® Windows Storage Server NAS 2015-09-03 Thecus® N5810PRO by 3D News, RU 2015-09-01 Thecus® N5810PRO Given “Highly Recommended” Award by TechPowerUp, US 2015-08-28 Thecus® Announces Support for 3.5-inch WD Red Pro 5 and 6 TB Hard Drives 2015-08-26 Thecus® N5810PRO scored 10/10 by RedesZone, Spain 2015-08-25 Thecus® N5810PRO Video Review by Tek Syndicate, US 2015-08-21 Thecus® Launches Next Generation N7770-10G and N8880U-10G NAS 2015-08-19 Thecus® W4000+ Reviewed by IXBT, RU 2015-08-17 Thecus® Expands High Performance Business NAS Line Up with N8900PRO 2015-08-11 Thecus® N5810PRO Receives “Technik Award” from HardwareLUXX, DE 2015-08-10 Thecus® N5810PRO erhält “Technik Award” von HardwareLUXX 2015-08-10 Thecus® N5810PRO reviewed by c’t magazine, Germany 2015-08-05 Increase Operational Efficiency with Thecus® NAS Business Applications 2015-08-04 Thecus® N5810PRO Given “Editor’s Choice Award” by Tom’s Hardware, US 2015-07-29 Upgrade your Windows Server with a NAS from the Thecus® Windows Storage Server Series 2015-07-28 Thecus® N4310 Given the “Gold” Award by Actualidad Hardware, ES 2015-07-27 Thecus® W4000+ Given Recommended Award by Guru 3D, US 2015-07-20 Thecus® Enhances Data Integrity with Built-in Mini-UPS 2015-07-16 Thecus® N2310 Reviewed by c’t Magazine, Germany 2015-07-15 Thecus® N5810PRO Awarded “Best Value Award” by TweakTown, US 2015-07-13 VPN Server Support Brings Added Security to Thecus® NAS 2015-07-08 Thecus® N4310 Receives “Recommended” Award by Virtual-IT, PO 2015-07-06 Thecus® W2000+ Reviewed by Cachem, FR 2015-07-03 Thecus® Adds South African Distributor, Rectron 2015-07-02 Thecus® W4000+ Given “Silver” by IT-Connect, FR 2015-06-30 Thecus® W4000+ Full Video Review by MrThaiBox123 2015-06-26 Getting Started Guide for Snapshot Backups Using BTRFS with Thecus® NAS 2015-06-25 Thecus® N4310 reviewed by LAB501, RO 2015-06-24 Thecus® Provides Full System Redundancy with Simple HA Feature 2015-06-23 Thecus® W4000+ gets “Editor´s Choice” from ByTheWay, GR 2015-06-18 Thecus® N4310 Given 8/10 from Chimerarevo, IT 2015-06-16 Thecus® NAS Enhances Multimedia Capabilities with Kodi 2015-06-12 Thecus® N5810PRO Given Performance and Value Awards by Simply Reviews 2015-06-11 Thecus® Adds Disk Clone and Disk Wipe Utilities to ThecusOS™ 5 2015-05-28 Thecus® N4310 Silver Award by HW Legend, IT 2015-05-26 John Tsai, VP of Marketing at Thecus, Interviewed on Microsoft’s TechNet Blog 2015-05-22 Thecus® N4310 Receives “Gold” and “Value for money” Awards by Ocaholic, CH 2015-05-21 Thecus®W4000 Reviewed by HardwareLUXX, DE 2015-05-19 Thecus® W4000 Reviewed by 3D News, RU 2015-05-18 Thecus® Awards Siewert & Kau with the “Best Distributor Award, 2014” 2015-05-15 Thecus® N5810PRO Given Extreme Performance Award by Eteknix, UK 2015-05-13 Thecus® to Showcase Innovative NAS Solutions at Computex 2015 2015-05-11 Thecus®N4310 Awarded Amazing Value by Vortez,UK 2015-05-07 Thecus®N4310 GivenValue Award by Hardware Heaven,UK 2015-05-05 Thecus®W5000 Reviewed by Computing on Demand, US 2015-04-30 Thecus®N4310 Given Best Value Award and Recommended Award by Benchmark, Poland 2015-04-29 Thecus® Windows Storage Servers Explained by Hexus 2015-04-28 Thecus® WSSE NAS Reviewed by C’T, DE 2015-04-24 Thecus®N4310 Reviewed Golden by NikkTech,US 2015-04-21 Thecus® Showing Latest Offerings at NAB 2015 2015-04-17 Thecus® N2310 Receives Two Awards from Moda´a´foca, Portugal 2015-04-16 Thecus® N5550 Reviewed by TimmyTechTV, US 2015-04-13 Thecus® N5550 gets 4 stars by Datormagazin, SE 2015-04-10 Thecus® Releases Firmware Update for ThecusOS™ 5.0 2015-04-09 Thecus® N2310 Given 4 stars by Virtual-IT, Poland 2015-04-07 Thecus® Announces RAM Upgrade for Windows Storage Server NAS 2015-04-01 Thecus® W2000 Given “Editor´s Choice” Award by Megaobzor, RU 2015-03-30 Thecus® Announces New Zero-Crash 5-Bay NAS, the N5810PRO 2015-03-25 Thecus® W4000 Given “Golden” Award by Profesional Review, ES 2015-03-23 Thecus® W4000 Reviewed by HW Upgrade, IT 2015-03-20 Thecus® Given W4000 “Recommended” Award by PC & Tech Authority 2015-03-16 Thecus® W4000 Given “Editor´s Choice” Award by Eteknix, UK 2015-03-11 Business Meet Simplicity with Windows Storage Server NAS 2015-03-10 Thecus® W2000 Awarded “Editor’s choice” by PC Perspective, US 2015-03-09 Thecus® Launches Facebook Giveaway with New Video 2015-03-06 Thecus® to Support HGST Ultrastar He8 Helium Enterprise Hard Disk Drives 2015-03-05 Thecus® W4000 awarded “Platinum” by HW Legend, IT 2015-03-04 Thecus® N4310 Reviewed by The Register, UK 2015-03-02 Thecus® to Attend CeBIT 2015 with Partner API Computerhandels GMBH 2015-02-26 Thecus® W4000 Reviewed by Geekanoids, UK 2015-02-24 Thecus® N7710-G Reviewed by Neowin US 2015-02-12 Thecus® Support to Stay Online Through Chinese New Year 2015-02-11 Thecus® Introduces Orbweb.ME to Offer Personal Cloud Experience with Windows NAS 2015-02-10 Thecus® Recognized as Intel Best Customer 2015-02-06 Thecus® N4310 Receives “Best Value Award” from Tweaktown, US 2015-02-05 Thecus® N4310 Receives “Value for money” Award from By The Way, GR 2015-02-04 Thecus® N2560 Awarded “Highly Recommend” by ProClockers, US 2015-02-02 Simplified Data Management with Windows Storage Server Dashboard 2015-01-29 Thecus® W5000 Reviewed by ComputerDIY, TW 2015-01-27 Thecus® N2310 Reviewed by Electronista, US 2015-01-26 Thecus®N4310 Bestowed with “Bang for the Buck” Award by Eteknix, UK 2015-01-23 Thecus® Debuts WonderBox App for Select NAS 2015-01-22 Thecus® W5000 Reviewed by iThome, TW 2015-01-21 Media Streaming with WSS Essentials NAS 2015-01-16 Thecus® N2310 Unboxing by Joanne Tech Lover, US 2015-01-15 Thecus® N4310 Reviewed by Megaobzor, RU 2015-01-12 Integrated Cloud Services with Windows Storage Server NAS 2015-01-09 Thecus® N4310 Reviewed by SmallNetBuilder, US 2014-12-30 Thecus® W5000 Announced Product of the Month by PC Magazine, RU 2014-12-29 Thecus® N4310 Reviewed by IT-World, RU 2014-12-26 Thecus® N2560 Awarded “Product of the year 2014” by Tech24, FR 2014-12-23 Remote Web Access with Windows Storage Server NAS 2014-12-22 Thecus® N8810U-G Given Value Award by Simply Review, US 2014-12-19 Thecus® N8810U-G Reviewed by Techradar, UK 2014-12-16 Thecus®N2310 Review by NewGadgets, DE 2014-12-15 Thecus® N4310 Given “Hexus Approved” Award 2014-12-08 Thecus®N4310 получилнаграду“Hexusодобрил”,UK 2014-12-08 Thecus® N2560 by HARDWARE UPGRADE, IT 2014-12-04 Server-Based Backups Now Available in WSS NAS 2014-12-02 Thecus® N8850 Tested by Ferra, RU 2014-11-27 Thecus® N8810U-G Reviewed by FoxNetwork, RU 2014-11-26 Thecus® N7710-G Tested by, RU 2014-11-25 Windows Storage Server Data Deduplication Explained 2014-11-25 Thecus® WSS 2012 R2 Essentials Press Event 2014-11-20 Thecus® N2800 Named “Editor’s Choice” by MegaObzor, RU 2014-11-20 Thecus® N5550 Wins Double Honors at Big Bruin, US 2014-11-18 Thecus® N8810U-G Reviewed by Tek Syndicate, US 2014-11-13 Thecus® N5550 Awarded “Editor’s choice” by Ferralabs, RU 2014-11-07 Thecus® N5550 Reviewed by T-Break, AE 2014-11-04 Thecus® N4800Eco Wins NAS Round-Up at Com!, Germany 2014-11-03 Thecus® and Tayle Hold Press Event in Moscow 2014-10-31 Thecus® N2310 Recommended by Goldfries, MY 2014-10-30 Thecus® N2310 Awarded Silver by Planete Numerique, FR 2014-10-28 Thecus® N16000PRO Reviewed by FoxNetwork, RU 2014-10-27 Thecus® N7710-G Reviewed by Silent PC Review, US 2014-10-24 Thecus® Launches New Website for Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 NAS 2014-10-24 Thecus® N2560 Wins ‘Editor’s Choice’ Award at Techgage, US 2014-10-23 Thecus® N4560 Reviewed by 3D News, RU 2014-10-22 Thecus® & Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials 2014-10-21 Thecus® N2560 Scores 4/5 at Qloudea, ES 2014-10-21 Thecus® N8810U-G Chosen for the Editor’s Choice Award by Tweak Town, US 2014-10-20 Thecus® N2310 Scores 5 out of 5 at ZeDen, FR 2014-10-17 Thecus® N7710-G Reviewed by IT-World, RU 2014-10-14 Thecus® Releases Patch to Resolve Bash Vulnerability 2014-10-14 Thecus® N2310 Rated “Buy” by Before You Buy, US 2014-10-09 Thecus® to Attend GITEX Technology Week 2014 2014-10-09 Thecus® Announces Home Automation Capability for NAS through Add-On Modules 2014-09-30 Thecus® N2560 Wins ‘Recommended’ Award at ITNdaily, RU 2014-09-29 Thecus® N2560 Wins Gold Award at HiTechLegion, US 2014-09-26 Thecus® N2310 Reviewed by FredZone, FR 2014-09-25 Thecus® N5550 Wins ‘Must Have’ Award at Modders Inc., US 2014-09-24 Thecus® N2310 Scores 8.5/10 at Hardware BBQ, IN 2014-09-23 Thecus® Turns 10 2014-09-19 Thecus® N5550 Wins Gold at BCC Hardware, CA 2014-09-18 Thecus® N2310 Scores 4/5 at Computing on Demand, US 2014-09-17 Take Control Back of Your Photos with Piwigo 2014-09-16 Thecus® N2560 Wins Gold Award at PC Perspective, US 2014-09-16 Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials Wins Technology Innovation Accelerated Award at IDF 2014 2014-09-12 Thecus® Announces World’s First Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials NAS 2014-09-10 Thecus® to Attend Intel Developer Forum this Fall 2014-09-05 Thecus® N2310 Scores 9/10 at RedesZone, ES 2014-09-05 Thecus® N7710-G Scores 9.5/10 at ServeTheHome, US 2014-09-04 Thecus® N2310 ‘Recommended’ by Big Bruin, US 2014-09-03 Thecus® N2310 ‘Highly Recommended’ by ProClockers, US 2014-08-29 Thecus® N2310 Goes 5 for 5 in Star-Studded Review by Techday, NZ 2014-08-27 Thecus® N2560 Reviewed by GinjFo, FR 2014-08-26 Thecus® N5550 Given ‘Editor’s Choice’ Award by Techware Labs, US 2014-08-22 Thecus® N5550 Reviewed by Tech Week Europe, IT 2014-08-20 Transform Your Thecus® NAS into a Powerful VOIP Server with Asterisk 2014-08-19 Thecus® N2310 Reviewed by Ferralabs, RU 2014-08-18 Thecus® N2310 Given “Supreme Value” Award by Vortez, UK 2014-08-15 Thecus® Adds Snapshot and ESXi VAAI Support to Business NAS Models 2014-08-15 Thecus® N2310 Receives “Excellent” Grade from Computer Bild, RU 2014-08-14 Thecus® N2560 Scores 4.5/5 at Digital Photography School, US 2014-08-12 Thecus® Inks Deal with New Australian Distributor 2014-08-11 Thecus® N7710-G Presented ‘Platinum Award’ by NikkTech, US 2014-08-05 Rsync: An Advanced Tool for Data Backup on Thecus® NAS 2014-08-05 Thecus® NAS App Center Reaches 600 and Counting 2014-08-01 Thecus® N5550 Reviewed by Help Net Security, US 2014-07-31 Thecus® N7510 “Recommended” by LanOC, US 2014-07-30 Thecus® Launches Comprehensive 4-Bay N4310 with Hybrid Mode Storage for Both SOHO and SMB Users 2014-07-29 Thecus® N2310 Handed Gold Seal by The SSD Review, US 2014-07-28 Thecus® NAS to Support New WD Red 6TB and WD Red Pro Drives 2014-07-28 Thecus® N2310 Reviewed by Hi-Tech News, RU 2014-07-25 Thecus® N5550 Reviewed by Tek Syndicate, US 2014-07-24 Thecus® N2310 Given ‘Best Buy Award’ by CDRLabs, US 2014-07-22 Thecus® N7710-G Scores 9/10 at TechPowerUp, US 2014-07-21 Thecus ® N4510U PRO-R Labeled Storage “Monster” by Digital Reviews, AU 2014-07-20 Thecus® N2310 Tested by IXBT, RU 2014-07-19 Thecus® N2310 Receives ‘Editor’s Choice’ Award from MegaObzor, RU 2014-07-18 Thecus® N4560 Reviewed by CheckLabs, RU 2014-07-17 Thecus® N2310 Reviewed by eTeknix, UK 2014-07-16 Thecus® N2560 ‘Recommended’ by TestFreaks, US 2014-07-14 Thecus® N2310 Reviewed by Jeff Gedgaud, US 2014-07-11 Thecus® Updates Comprehensive ‘Personal Cloud’ App 2014-07-10 Thecus® N4510U PRO-S Receives Silver Award from Hardware.Info, NL 2014-07-09 Thecus® Announces OS Updates for Full NAS Lineup 2014-07-09 What can the Thecus® C10GTR NIC do for you? 2014-07-07 Thecus® N2310 Reviewed by IT Expert, RU 2014-07-07 Thecus® N4560 Presented ‘Value Award’ by Madshrimps, BE 2014-07-03 Thecus® Continues Intel® Tour at ICS Event, SG 2014-07-01 Thecus® N8810U-G Presented ‘Platinum Award’ by HW Legend, Italy 2014-06-30 Thecus® N2310 Highly Recommended by Gear Diary, US 2014-06-27 Thecus® N2310 Presented ‘Gold Award’ by PC Perspective, US 2014-06-26 Thecus® N2310 Given ‘Best Value’ Award by Tweak Town, US 2014-06-25 Thecus® Expands Drive Compatibility List (June 2014) 2014-06-25 Thecus® N2310 Awarded by Custom PC Magazine, UK 2014-06-24 Thecus® N2310 Reviewed by DGL, RU 2014-06-18 Thecus® N2310 Reviewed by Truly Net, US 2014-06-16 Thecus® N2310 протестирован американским Truly Net 2014-06-16 Thecus® N2560 Reviewed by Photofocus, US 2014-06-13 Thecus® N7710-G Reviewed by EDI, FR 2014-06-12 Thecus Gleams in Success at Computex 2014, TW 2014-06-12 Thecus® Updates 10GbE Network Interface Card 2014-06-11 Thecus® N7710-G Earns ‘Technology Award’ from Hardwareluxx, DE 2014-06-11 Thecus® N2310 Scores 9/10 at PC Power Play, AU 2014-06-10 Thecus® N2310 Reviewed by SlashGear, US 2014-06-09 Computex 2014 in Full Swing with Thecus Solutions 2014-06-06 Thecus® N2560 Labelled ‘Must Have’ by Modders-Inc, US 2014-06-02 Thecus® N7710-G Chosen for the Editor’s Choice Award by Tweak Town, US 2014-05-31 Thecus® N7710-G Recommended by CRN, US 2014-05-30 Intel® Partner Thecus® Successful Participant at St. Petersburg ICD, Russia 2014-05-29 Thecus® N2560 Named ‘Editor’s Choice’ at PC Magazine, RU 2014-05-27 NIS to represent Thecus® at the Intel Channel Symposium 2014, NZ 2014-05-26 Thecus® N2560 Presented the eTeknix ‘Bang For Buck’ Award, UK 2014-05-21 Thecus® N7510 Recommended by C.O.D, US 2014-05-19 Thecus® N2310 Wins ‘Recommended’ Award from ITN Daily, RU 2014-05-16 Thecus® N5550 Inspected by Help Net Security, US 2014-05-15 Thecus® Empowering Professionals at Computex 2014 2014-05-13 Thecus® N4560 Wins Best Value Award from Tweak Town, US 2014-05-13 Thecus® N7510 Presented ‘Supreme Value’ Award by Legion Hardware, AU 2014-05-12 Thecus® Participating in the Intel® Channel Symposium 2014, AU 2014-05-12 Thecus® N2310 Reviewed by EasyCOM, Ukraine 2014-05-10 Thecus® N7710-G Wins #1 Spot in Benchmarks at Small Net Builder, US 2014-05-09 Thecus® Invited to Attend Intel® Channel Symposium 2014, AU 2014-05-09 Thecus Enterprise NAS and Seagate 6TB Drives 2014-05-08 Thecus® N2310 Tested by Neowin, US 2014-05-07 Thecus® N2310 Earns the Pure Overclock ‘Great Hardware’ Award, US 2014-05-06 Thecus® N2310 Reviewed By Apple Daily Report, US 2014-05-05 Thecus® N2310 Wins Diamond Award at GND-Tech, US 2014-05-02 Thecus® N2560 Wins Gold Cup at Techno-Kitchen, Russia 2014-04-29 Thecus® N2310 Recommended by Testfreaks, US 2014-04-28 Thecus® N7510 Reviewed by ServeTheHome, US 2014-04-28 Thecus® Immune to Heartbleed! 2014-04-25 Thecus® N5550 Reviewed by Missing Remote, USA 2014-04-25 Thecus® N2310 Earns the “Hartware Editor’s Choice” Award from Hartware, Germany 2014-04-21 Thecus® NAS to Support New Seagate® 5TB HDD 2014-04-16 Advanced FTP Solution Available for Thecus NAS 2014-04-10 Thecus® Expands HDD Compatibility List(04-08-2014) 2014-04-08 Get Your Disaster Recovery Plan Ready Now! 2014-04-07 Thecus® Expands SMB and Enterprise NAS Line with 10GbE Ready N7710 and N8810U 2014-04-03 Thecus® Expands HDD Compatibility List(03-25-2014) 2014-03-25 Win a Thecus® N2520 with Tom’s Hardware, USA 2014-03-24 Thecus® N2310 Reviewed by The Gadgeteer, US 2014-03-21 Thecus® N2310 Awarded Silver by Overclockers’ Club, US 2014-03-19 Build your Personal Cloud with Thecus® and Pydio 2014-03-18 Thecus® N5550 Awarded Gold by NikkTech, USA 2014-03-17 Thecus® N2310 Wins Gold at HiTech Legion, US 2014-03-14 The Heart of Your Company Beats in Your Thecus® NAS 2014-03-13 Thecus® Gets “Justified Price” Award from Hard ‘n Soft, Russia 2014-03-12 Thecus® N2560 Solves Storage Conundrum at AVR Magazine, Italy 2014-03-11 Thecus® N4560 Reviewed by 59’Hardware, France 2014-03-05 Thecus® N2310 Awarded Gold by BCC Hardware, US 2014-03-04 Thecus® System Maintenance Scheduled for March 4, 2014 2014-03-04 Thecus® N2310 Designated ‘Kickass’ by 3D Game Man, US 2014-03-03 Thecus® Expands Memory Compatibility List(26-02-2014) 2014-02-26 Thecus® Announces VMware 5.5 Certification for Network Attached Storage Systems 2014-02-25 Thecus® N2310 Reviewed by We Got Served, US 2014-02-24 Thecus® Among Leaders in PC Magazine Poll, Russia 2014-02-21 Thecus® N2560 Wins ‘Best Purchase Award’ from IT Expert Magazine, Russia 2014-02-20 Thecus® N4560 Awarded Silver by Hardware Zone, Malaysia 2014-02-19 Thecus® Expands HDD Compatibility List(02-18-2014) 2014-02-18 Thecus® N4560 Tested by MegaObzor, Russia 2014-02-17 Thecus® and ACTN Together Again at IT Partners 2014, France 2014-02-14 Thecus® N2310 Presented ‘Great Value’ Award by TechPowerUp, US 2014-02-13 Thecus® N2310 reviewed by HARDWARE.INFO, the Netherlands 2014-02-12 Thecus® N2310 Unboxed by NismoTech, UK 2014-02-11 Thecus® N2310 Recommended by Hardware Heaven, UK 2014-02-10 Thecus® N2310 Rated ‘Approved’ by Hexus, UK 2014-02-07 Thecus® Expands NIC Compatibility List Update(02-06-2014) 2014-02-06 Thecus® N4560 Reviewed by Ferralabs, Russia 2014-02-05 Thecus® Support Continues through Chinese New Year 2014-01-28 NAS Explained by Leading UK Media 2014-01-24 First Thecus® CES a Great Success! 2014-01-23 Thecus® Expands HDD Compatibility List(01-21-2014) 2014-01-21 Thecus® N2560 Receives “Recommended Buy” Award from Almodi, Russia 2014-01-20 Thecus® to attend IT Partners Expo, France 2014-01-17 Thecus® to be present at EMEA event: DISTREE 2014-01-15 Thecus® N2310 gets the “Golden Tachometer” award from Benchmark Reviews, USA 2014-01-13 Thecus® N2310 Receives the “Recommended” Award from 59Hardware, France 2014-01-10 Thecus® Expands HDD Compatibility List(01-08-214) 2014-01-08 Thecus® Announces New 10GbE Solutions with the N7710-G and N8810U-G 2014-01-07 Thecus® N5550 Impresses Down Under with Its Versatility 2014-01-06 Thecus® N2310’s High Performance Impresses SmallNetBuilder, USA 2014-01-02 Thecus® Expands HDD and SSD Compatibility List(12-31-2013) 2013-12-31 Thecus® N2560 Reviewed by E.D.I., France 2013-12-30 Thecus® N2310 Tested by c’t, Germany 2013-12-27 Increased Productivity Thanks to BYOD 2013-12-26 Thecus® to Attend CES 2014 2013-12-24 Thecus® N2560 Receives the 2014 Taiwan Excellence Award 2013-12-23 Thecus® N4520 “has the highest grade when it comes to value” 2013-12-20 Thecus® N2520 Gets the Gold Award from Gladget, South Africa 2013-12-18 Thecus® N4560 Receives the “Silver” Award from Cowcotland, France 2013-12-16 Photo Sync Feature Added to Thecus® Mobile App 2013-12-13 Thecus® Strengthens Ties with AU Distributor Altech 2013-12-12 Thecus® N2560 Receives a Gold Award from NiKK Tech, USA 2013-12-11 Thecus® Expands HDD Compatibility List(12-10-2013) 2013-12-10 Thecus® N2520 Reviewed by Popular Russian Photographer Website 2013-12-09 Thecus® N2310 Meets Cachem’s Editor, France 2013-12-06 Unofficial Thecus Module Blogs Launched 2013-12-03 Thecus® N2520 Tested by iPon, Hungary 2013-11-29 The Benefits of a Thecus ID 2013-11-28 Thecus® N5550 Receives the Silver Award from Gadget Gear, Netherlands 2013-11-27 Thecus® N2560 Awarded Silver by Vortez, UK 2013-11-25 Thecus® N2560 Reviewed by Tom’s Hardware, Germany 2013-11-20 Thecus® App Center Now With Over 200 Third-Party Apps 2013-11-19 Thecus® N2520 To Become Everyone’s Favorite NAS, According to IT Expert, Russia 2013-11-18 Thecus® N2560 Labeled “BUONO” by CHIP, Italy 2013-11-15 Thecus® Announces New Distributor in Australia 2013-11-14 Thecus® N2560 Reviewed by Hardwareluxx, Germany 2013-11-13 Thecus® Lucky Draw with IntelliStor, South Africa 2013-11-12 Thecus® N2520 ‘Highly Recommended’ by APC Magazine, Australia 2013-11-11 Thecus® N4520 Reviewed by Foxnetwork, Russia 2013-11-08 Defending Your Data against Cryptolocker 2013-11-07 Thecus® Announces New SMB Rackmount:The N4510U PRO 2013-11-06 Thecus® Expands NIC Compatibility List Update(11-05-2013) 2013-11-05 Thecus® N4560 Receives “Editor’s Choice” Award from ByTheWay, Greece 2013-11-04 Thecus® at Altech SummIT in Sydney, Australia 2013-11-01 Thecus® N5550 Graded 8.5/10 at TechPowerUp, USA 2013-10-31 Thecus® Expands HDD Compatibility List Update(10-31-2013) 2013-10-31 Thecus® at Broadcast Exhibition in Mumbai, India 2013-10-30 Thecus® N2560 Scores 86% at Computing on Demand, US 2013-10-28 Thecus® Present at Ingram Micro’s Events in Milan, Italy and Paris, France 2013-10-25 Dropbox App for Thecus® NAS 2013-10-24 Thecus® Announces 2-Bay Home NAS: The N2310 2013-10-23 Thecus® Partners with WD® in Australian Facebook Event 2013-10-21 Thecus® N4510U Receives “Editor’s Choice” Award from Tweak Town, US 2013-10-21 Thecus® Present at Synnex Event in Greenville, South Carolina, USA 2013-10-18 Thecus® Rackmounts Virtualize Your IT-Infrastructure 2013-10-17 Thecus® N5550 Reviewed By Tom’s Hardware, Germany 2013-10-16 Thecus® N2560 Reviewed By, Germany 2013-10-15 Thecus® N2520 Reviewed by Cowcotland, France 2013-10-11 Thecus® N2560 Reviewed by 59 Hardware, France 2013-10-09 Thecus® Holds Its Annual Press Event in Moscow, Russia 2013-10-08 Thecus® Expands SSD Compatibility List(10-07-2013) 2013-10-07 Thecus® at Ingram Micro’s European Showcases 2013-10-02 Plex Media Server to be Included in Thecus® NAS 2013-10-01 Thecus® N2560 Reviewed by Hardware Heaven, UK 2013-09-30 Thecus® N2520 Awarded Five Stars from PC Magazine, Russia 2013-09-27 Thecus® Expands SSD Compatibility List 2013-09-26 Thecus® N2560 Receives “Best Value” Award from Tweak Town, US 2013-09-25 Thecus® Expands NIC Compatibility List Update(09-24-2013) 2013-09-24 Thecus® N2560 Reviewed by Hexus, UK 2013-09-23 The Public vs. Private Cloud 2013-09-18 Thecus® N2520 reviewed and approved by iTrends, Denmark 2013-09-17 Thecus® N2520 Reviewed by G-Dealt, Germany 2013-09-16 New WD Red HDDs Released 2013-09-05 Thecus® Expands WD HDD Compatibility List 2013-09-05 Thecus® N8900 – The Sure Bet 2013-09-05 Thecus® N2520 Reviewed by Baby Bear, Taiwan 2013-09-04 Thecus® N2560 Reviewed by SmallNetBuilder, USA 2013-09-03 Streaming with Thecus® T-OnTheGo 2013-09-03 Thecus® N6850 Wins “Supreme Value” award at Legion Hardware, Australia 2013-08-30 Thecus® Daisy-Chaining, For Massive Volume 2013-08-29 Thecus® Announces T-OnTheGo™ V3.0 2013-08-28 Changing times: HDD and SSD 2013-08-26 Thecus® at the D&H Floor Day 2013-08-23 Thecus® Announces New APP Center 2013-08-22 Thecus®: Total Protection for Your NAS 2013-08-22 Thecus® Announces the Updated N2560 (2-bay) and N4560 (4-bay) NAS 2013-08-20 ThecusOS™ 6 Live Demo Available 2013-08-15 Thecus® One Press USB Copy Feature 2013-08-15 Thecus® N2520 Easy Set-up at Cachem, France 2013-08-14 Thecus® Expands HDD/SSD Compatibility List (08-13-2013) 2013-08-13 Thecus® N8850 Thoroughly Reviewed by Zebulon, France 2013-08-12 File Tagging with Intelligent NAS by Thecus® 2013-08-09 Thecus® NAS: Take Control of Your Media Files 2013-08-08 Thecus® N8850 Reviewed by SmallNetBuilder, USA 2013-08-07 Thecus’s New Intelligent NAS 2013-08-06 Thecus® N12000PRO Receives “Editor’s Choice” Award by Storage Times, USA 2013-07-31 Thecus® Expands NIC Compatibility List Update (07-30-2013) 2013-07-30 Thecus® N7510 Reviewed by News And Reviews, UK 2013-07-29 Thecus® N2520 Reviewed by, Netherlands 2013-07-26 Thecus® N10850 Reviewed by C’t, Germany 2013-07-24 Thecus® At the WD Datacenter Storage Seminar in Seoul 2013-07-24 Thecus® Expands HDD Compatibility List Update (07-23-2013) 2013-07-23 Access Your NAS With Your Android Device 2013-07-19 Thecus® N5550 Tested by Zebulon, France 2013-07-19 Thecus® N16000PRO Receives the “Editor’s Choice” Award From Storage Times 2013-07-08 Thecus® And The Tour de France ACTN 2013 2013-07-05 Dedicated Chrome App For Linux Users To Locate Thecus® NAS Products - Thecus® NAS Gate 2013-07-04 Using FTP Manager For iOS To Access Your Thecus® NAS 2013-07-04 PCHome Gives the Thecus® N2520 4 Stars 2013-07-04 Thecus® Expands HDD/SSD Compatibility List Update (07-02-2013) 2013-07-02 Thecus® N5550 earns the “Hardwareheaven Recommended”Award 2013-07-01 Thecus® Announces WD Se™ Drive Compatibility 2013-07-01 Your Thecus® NAS, A Personal Printer Server 2013-06-27 Thecus® Expands HDD List (06-26-2013) 2013-06-26 Thecus® N5550 Applauded For Performance By 2013-06-24 Thecus® NAS and Bit Torrent 2013-06-24 Thecus’s N4510UR Receives “The Expert’s Choice” Award From IT Expert, Russia. 2013-06-14 DDNS – Dynamic domain name system 2013-06-14 Easy Setup of Your NAS with Intelligent NAS 2013-06-13 Thecus® Validates New Seagate NAS Hard Disks 2013-06-13 Thecus® Expands Memory Compatibility List 2013-06-11 Thecus® at Computex 2013 2013-06-11 Win a Thecus® N5550 NAS With Three WD Red Hard Drives 2013-06-04 Thecus® Expands HDD/SSD Compatibility List Update (06-04-2013) 2013-06-04 Step By Step NAS Backup to External HDD 2013-05-23 Thecus® N5550 Awarded “Excellent Purchase” Award by HWP, Russia 2013-05-22 Thecus® N6850 Awarded “Best in Test” by Dator Magazin , Sweden 2013-05-21 Thecus® N5550 Reviewed by Digital Review Network AU 2013-05-20 Thecus® N5550 Receives “Gold” Award from Vortez UK 2013-05-16 Thecus® Technical Support: Online Help for Everyone 2013-05-16 Thecus® Innovative NVR Line at Secutech 2013, Taiwan 2013-05-16 Thecus® N7510 Receives “Bang for Buck” Award by eTeknix UK 2013-05-14 Visit Thecus® at Computex 2013, Taiwan 2013-05-13 Thecus® Self-RAID Creation (SRC) 2013-05-02 Thecus® N5550 Reviewed by PC World AU 2013-04-24 Thecus® N4800Eco Scores 4/5 with PC Magazine, the Netherlands 2013-04-23 Visit Thecus® for the First Time at IT Week 2013, Japan 2013-04-23 Thecus® N2800 Receives 4.5 Stars by PC World, Hungary 2013-04-22 Thecus® Expands HDD/SSD Compatibility List Update (04-19-2013) 2013-04-19 Thecus® N5550 Receives “Silver Award” by Gladget Magazine, South Africa 2013-04-19 Thecus® N5550 Receives “Price-Performance” Award by Hardwareluxx, Germany 2013-04-17 Thecus® Expands HDD Compatibility List Update (04-16-2013) 2013-04-16 Thecus® N5550 Reviewed by Cachem, France 2013-04-15 Thecus® Expands HDD Compatibility List Update (04-12-2013) 2013-04-12 Thecus® N5550 Case Study by Syronex 2013-04-11 Thecus® N7510 Receives 9/10 GOLD Award by HWM Malaysia 2013-04-10 Thecus® Presents NVR Solution VisoGuard® at Secutech 2013 2013-04-03 Volume Expansion Management for Extra Storage Space 2013-04-03 New NVR V Series to Join the Thecus® Family 2013-04-01 Thecus® N10850 Reviewed by SmallNetBuilder 2013-03-29 Learn the difference between SoC and CPU 2013-03-28 Thecus® N7510 Receives “Editor’s Choice” Award by TweakTown 2013-03-27 Thecus® N4800Eco Wins “Russia: The 2012 Best Of The Best” 2013-03-26 Thecus® Expands Technical Support with German Service Hot Line 2013-03-26 Thecus® Expands HDD/SSD Compatibility List Update (03-26-2013) 2013-03-26 Thecus® Expands NIC Compatibility List Update 2013-03-21 Thecus® 2013 Releases “intelligent NAS” New Products 2013-03-20 Thecus® N2800 Receives “Editor’s Choice” Award by PcBrain, Italy 2013-03-18 Thecus® Leaves Great Impressions at CeBIT 2013 2013-03-18 Thecus® N4800Eco Scores 4 stars at DiskIdee, Belgium 2013-03-15 Thecus® Expands HDD Compatibility List Update 2013-03-08 Thecus® Received Honorable “Readers’ Choice” Award From PC Magazine, Russia 2013-03-08 Nested RAID, the New Way to Manage Data 2013-03-07 Thecus® Expands SSD/HDD Compatibility List Update 2013-03-06 Thecus® N5550 Receives “Performance” Award by HEXUS UK 2013-03-06 Thecus® N7510 Review by SmallNetBuilder USA 2013-03-05 World’s First Intel® Atom™ SoC CE5315 Embedded NAS 2013-03-01 ACTN and Thecus® present at IT Partners 2013, France 2013-02-27 Media Player XBMC and VLC 2013-02-27 Thecus® N5550 Reviewed by Renown Media Autour De Sam, France 2013-02-26 Thecus® N6850 Analyzed From Head to Toe by 2013-02-22 Thecus® Expands HDD Compatibility List for Vision Series 2013-02-21 Thecus® N5550 Full Review by AVR Magazine, Italy 2013-02-20 Visit Thecus® at CeBIT 2013, Germany 2013-02-20 Thecus® N5200XXX Complete Introduction by AVR Magazine, Italy 2013-02-13 HDMI and VGA 2013-02-07 Thecus® N4800Eco Receives the Bronze award by Cowcotland , France 2013-02-07 Thecus® Launches N16000PRO and N12000PRO 2013-02-06 Thecus® N4800 in Detail Review by Zebulon, France 2013-02-05 Thecus® N5550 Awarded “Product of the Year” by , Denmark 2013-02-04 How to “McAfee” your NAS 2013-01-31 Russian Foxnetwork Discovers Thecus® N4800Eco 2013-01-31 Thecus® Expands HDD Compatibility List Update for W Series Rackmount NAS 2013-01-30 Thecus® N4800 Forum User Review on Hardwareluxx, Germany 2013-01-30 Thecus® Adds SSD Segment to Compatibility List 2013-01-29 Thecus® NAS Offer Diverse External Connections 2013-01-24 Thecus® N2800 Review by X-bit Labs US 2013-01-23 Thecus® N4800 and N5550 Compared in 2012 Review by Clubic, France 2013-01-22 Thecus® N7510 Leaves Great Impression at EDI, France 2013-01-21 Thecus® Expands HDD Compatibility List Update for N2200EVO and N4100EVO 2013-01-18 Twonky Beam your NAS Media Files with Android and iOS 2013-01-17 Thecus® N4800 Review by X-bit Labs US 2013-01-16 Block Level and File Level, Decide What’s Best for You! 2013-01-15 Thecus® N5550 Receives “Recommended” Award by PC & Tech Authority AU 2013-01-14 Do You Know What’s a NAS? 2013-01-10 Thecus® N6850 Wins 21st Taiwan Excellence Award 2013-01-07 Thecus® N6850 Receives “Editor’s Choice” Award by Real World Labs US 2013-01-04 Link Aggregation Explained 2013-01-03 How-to Implement Mobile Apps with Your Thecus® NAS 2012-12-27 Thecus® N2800 Powerful Hardware Tested with PC Professionale, Italy 2012-12-26 Thecus® N2800 Stands Out in review, Germany 2012-12-25 Win a Thecus® N5550 NAS & Two 3TB WD Red HDD! 2012-12-24 Thecus® N5550 Receives “Editor’s Choice” Award by TweakTown US 2012-12-19 Thecus® N6850 Performs at its Best in Tom’s Hardware Review, Germany 2012-12-18 Thecus® N5550 Gets “Recommended” Award by LanOC Reviews US 2012-12-14 How to Set Up HA on your Thecus® NAS 2012-12-13 Win a Thecus® N5550 5-Bay NAS! 2012-12-07 Thecus® N4800 Receives “Recommend” by Register Hardware UK 2012-12-07 Thecus® Volume Expansion, For Massive Volume 2012-12-06 Thecus® N2800 Stands Out in PC Update NAS Comparison, France 2012-12-05 Thecus® N2800 Tested by Foxnetwork, Russia 2012-11-30 Thecus® N5550 Scores “GOLD” with HWM, Singapore 2012-11-29 RAID Mode and Space Capacity 2012-11-29 Thecus® N2800 Awarded “Test Winner” by Komputer for Alle, Danemark 2012-11-28 Thecus® N6850 Gains “Editor’s Choice” Award by TweakTown US 2012-11-28 Thecus® N4800 Tested by iXBT, Russia 2012-11-26 Thecus® N5550 Gets “Best Month” Award From PC Magazine, Russia 2012-11-23 Thecus® TV: N4800Eco Unboxing Video 2012-11-22 Thecus® N4800 receives “Recommended” award from, Norway 2012-11-22 Thecus® N6850’ in Depth Review by ADMIN-Magazin, Germany 2012-11-21 Thecus® TV: N7510 Unboxing 2012-11-20 Thecus® Data Guard and Cloud Backup Solutions 2012-11-15 Thecus® TV: Local Display & Mobile Remote 2012-11-15 Thecus® N6850 Attains “Editor’s Choice” Award by eTeknix UK 2012-11-12 Thecus® Data Guard, Local Backup for your Personal Data 2012-11-08 Watch and Record Television via Thecus® NAS! 2012-11-07 Thecus® N2800 classed as “Buono” from CHIP, Italy 2012-11-06 Thecus® Data Guard, Remote Backup from NAS to NAS 2012-11-01 Thecus® N5550 Achieves “Recommended” Award by C.O.D. US 2012-10-30 Thecus® N5550 Receives “Editor’s Choice” Award by Techgage US 2012-10-29 Thecus® and Tayle’s Press Event in Moscow, Russia 2012-10-29 Thecus® TopTower N8850 Receives 4 Stars by DiskIdee, Belgium 2012-10-26 License update for TwonkyMedia™ Server 2012-10-18 Thecus® N5550 Receives “Golden Tachometer” Award by Benchmark Reviews US 2012-10-17 A Deep Dive, Intel Intelligent Systems Summit 2012 2012-10-17 Thecus® N6850: 6 Bays of Professional Power 2012-10-11 Thecus® N5550 Receives “Business Buy” Award by Expert Reviews UK 2012-10-09 Thecus® Launches the N4800Eco with Reduced Power Consumption 2012-10-08 Thecus® N2800 Receives 4 Stars from Dutch Media 2012-10-05 Control Your Thecus® NAS via Mobile Device 2012-10-04 Thecus® N16000 China Shanghai Oriental 2012-09-27 The N4200Eco Leads the Charts in Italian NAS Review 2012-09-25 Thecus® N5550 Reviewed By SmallNetBuilder, USA 2012-09-24 Thecus® Press Event, United Kingdom 2012-09-21 Thecus® At Intel® Intelligent Systems Forum 2012-09-19 Thecus® N5550 Receives “Real Performance” Award by Real World Labs US 2012-09-18 Thecus® Press Event in Milan, Italy 2012-09-15 Enhance Your Thecus® NAS Performance with Link Aggregation! 2012-09-13 Thecus® N4800 Receives “Recommended” Award by PCPRO UK 2012-09-12 The N4800 by Thecus® Shines in a Review from Computer Magazine Pro 2012-09-12 Thecus® Releases Advanced Mobile Application 2012-09-06 Thecus® N2800 Receives “Bang for the Buck” Award by eTeknix UK 2012-08-29 Thecus® N6850 Receives “Editor’s Choice” Award by VR-Zone 2012-08-27 Thecus® N5550 gets “Editor’s Choice” award from 2012-08-27 Thecus® Releases Cutting-Edge D16000 Dedicated for Daisy-Chaining 2012-08-22 Thecus® Releases Reseller Center for Easy Access to Material 2012-08-17 Thecus® N5550 Receives “Silver” Award by UK 2012-08-16 Thecus® N7510, World’s 1st High-Value 7 Bay NAS 2012-08-13 Thecus® N2800: “The Fastest 2-Bay NAS in RAID 1” 2012-08-13 Thecus® and the Personal Cloud 2012-08-09 Powerful Thecus® N2800 Tested By Russian iXBT 2012-08-06 Excellent Hardware Award for the Thecus® N6850 2012-08-03 Best Buy Award for the N5550 by 2012-08-03 Thecus® N2800 Receives Gold and Performance Award from XtremeHardware 2012-08-03 Thecus® Announces Innovative Local Display Module 2012-08-01 Thecus® Presents New Model N4510U 4-Bay Eco 1U Rackmount NAS 2012-08-01 ThecusOS™ 5.0 Setting New Limits 2012-07-30 New Model Names 2012-07-27 Thecus® to Participate in Personal Cloud Web Series on The Pulse Network 2012-07-26 A Hard Drive for NAS Only 2012-07-26 “The N5550 Goes Well Beyond the Usual Role of an Ordinary NAS” 2012-07-24 Thecus® N6850 Benchmarks, Top Performance and Raw Power! 2012-07-23 UPS and UPS Monitoring for Thecus® NAS 2012-07-19 Thecus® Release WD Red™ Drive Compatibility List 2012-07-11 4TB HDD Compatible with Thecus® NAS 2012-07-09 Thecus® N2800 Review by DOS/V Power Report 2012-07-06 Thecus® N4800: Editor's 1st Choice Award 2012-07-05 Thecus® N4800 Receives “Silver Bear Award” by Bjorn3d 2012-07-05 iSCSI Thin Provisioning 2012-07-05 Thecus® N4800 Receives "MUST HAVE" Editor's Choice Award! by TweakTown 2012-07-05 Thecus® N2800 Wins Computer DIY “Value Model” 2012-07-05 N8900 and N8900V Warranty Extended to 3 Years 2012-07-05 Thecus® At Computex 2012 2012-07-04 Thunderbolt Interface Possibly a Mainstream 2012-07-04 Thecus® TopTower Warranty Extended to 5 Years 2012-07-03 Thecus® N4200Eco Receives “Top Hardware” Award 2012-06-30 Russian Foxnetwork Tests Thecus® N16000 2012-06-27 IPv6 Address for NAS devices 2012-06-26 Thecus® N5550 Receives “Extreme Performance” Award by eTeknix UK 2012-06-22 Thecus® NAS Power Management 2012-06-19 Thecus® N2800 Receives Real Performance Award by Real World Labs 2012-06-15 Thecus® NAS with Virus Protection Powered by McAfee AntiVirus 2012-06-14 Russian F1CD Tested Thecus® N4100EVO 2012-06-04 Thecus® N4800 Superb Benchmark Results by SmallNetBuilder 2012-05-31 Tayle, The Thecus® Distributor in Russia, Took Part in The IT-Seminar in Smolny, Moscow 2012-05-30 ThecusPAD™ a Precision Tablet 2012-05-30 Thecus® N4200Eco Receives “Worth Buying” Award by Kitguru UK 2012-05-29 Thecus® TopTower N6850 Review by Japan INTERNET Watch 2012-05-28 Thecus® Leading Trends at Computex 2012 2012-05-24 Set up a NAS for a Virtualized Infrastructure 2012-05-23 Thecus® Data Burn, the Safest Backup 2012-05-22 Thecus® N4800 4-Bay NAS Wins NAS Competition at Channel Partner Spain 2012-05-21 Thecus N5200XXX Case Study by UC Berkeley 2012-05-21 Thecus® N4800 Receives “Ultimate” Reward by Expert Reviews UK 2012-05-18 French 59Hardware Reviewed Thecus® N2800 2012-05-16 Thecus® TV: N5550 Unboxing Video 2012-05-15 Thecus® N4800 4-Bay NAS Receives Positive Review by PC User Magazine 2012-05-14 Thecus® Releases Free McAfee VirusScan Module 2012-05-08 Thecus® Announces First Innovative Tablet 2012-05-08 Leap to 64-Bit, Reduce Bottleneck and Optimize Performance 2012-05-02 Thecus® Announces the Latest 5-Bay N5550 NAS 2012-04-25 Thecus® Officially a Windows Embedded Partner 2012-04-24 Thecus® N5200XXX Receives CHIP TEST CENTER “Recommended April 2012” Award 2012-04-23 Thecus® N4200Eco Receives Another Great Review by 2012-04-17 Thecus® and McAfee Partner to Launch NAS Device with McAfee Technology 2012-04-16 Thecus® TV: N4800/N2800 Unboxing Video 2012-04-13 Thecus® N5200XXX 5-Bay NAS Receives “Best Buy” and “Silver” Award by XtremeHardware Italy 2012-04-12 Thecus® TopTower NAS Series Expands Opportunities 2012-04-11 Thecus® N4200PRO Wins eTeknix Extreme Performance Award 2012-04-09 Thecus® N4200Eco Case Study by Tsu Tah Elastomerics 2012-04-05 Russian Foxnetwork Reviews Thecus® N8900 Enterprise NAS 2012-04-02 Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions 2012-03-29 Introducing the W Series from Thecus® 2012-03-26 Thecus® Presents VisoGuard® at Secutech 2012 2012-03-23 Thecus® N4100EVO Case Study 2012-03-23 Thecus®’s New Function EZ HA Makes Building HA Easy 2012-03-21 Wake-on-LAN: Start Your NAS Remotely 2012-03-20 Belarusian Techlabs Reviewed Thecus® N4200PRO 2012-03-19 Thecus® at Intel Storage Forum 2012 2012-03-14 HDMI and DLNA: Two Ways of Sharing Media 2012-03-13 Thecus® N2200XXX Receives “Gold” by Xtreme Hardware 2012-03-12 Thecus® Shows Success at CeBIT 2012 2012-03-08 Thecus® Releases Its Access Guard Module 2012-03-07 Thecus® Releases Blog Feature 2012-03-06 Thecus® Launches Its First Official Blog 2012-03-01 Thecus-Disk™: Accessing a Thecus® NAS from your Pocket 2012-02-29 Thecus® N5200XXX 5-Bay NAS Review by 2012-02-27 Thecus® Releases a New Module: ElephantDrive 2012-02-24 Thecus® TV: N4100EVO/N2200EVO Unboxing Video 2012-02-23 Thecus® NAS Now Support 4TB Hard Drives 2012-02-21 Thecus® is Creating a New Standard among the NAS Industry 2012-02-20 Thecus® Showcase: Quadruple Link Aggregation 2012-02-16 Megaupload Closed Down: Keep your Data Safe! 2012-02-14 Thecus® N8900 NAS Received High Praises from CNET Australia 2012-02-13 Thecus® NAS Pass the Windows Server 2008 R2 Certification 2012-02-09 Thecus® N4200PRO NAS Tested by iXBT 2012-02-06 The Thecus SSH Module explained 2012-02-01 PC PRO Reviewed Thecus® Enterprise NAS N8900 2012-01-31 Thecus® N2200EVO: Dual-core Cavium-based 2-bay NAS 2012-01-30 Awards The Thecus® N2200PLUS’s Efficiency and Software 2012-01-23 Thecus® Upgrades Its 32-bit Firmware to V5.02.02 2012-01-19 Thecus® N8900 NAS Receives Silver Award from Malaysian HWM 2012-01-17 Thecus® Announces a High-End 2-bay NAS: the N2800 2012-01-16 Thecus® Launches the N4800, Next-Gen 4 Bay NAS 2012-01-16 Thecus® will be at IT Partners 2012 2012-01-12 Buying a NAS: Why Do Chipsets Matter? 2012-01-10 The Thecus® N4200PRO NAS Wins Taiwan Excellence Award 2012-01-09 Get Thecus® RSS Web Feed Service NOW! 2012-01-05 Acronis® Offers Thecus® Users Trial of Cloud Service 2012-01-04 Thecus® Introduces High-Speed Rebuilding with High Availability 2012-01-03 Thecus® NAS Can Now Be Synchronized With Dropbox 2012-01-03 The Thecus® N5200XXX NAS is Honored with Computer DIY's "Distinguished Performance Award" 2012-01-02 Three Thecus® NAS Are Honored as Computer DIY "Top Products of the Year" 2011-12-30 ExtraHardware: Thecus® N4200PRO Has Pro Performance at a Great Price 2011-12-28 The Benefits of a Hardware XOR Engine on a NAS 2011-12-27 The Thecus® N2200XXX and N5200XXX NAS Tear Through Nordic Hardware’s Tests 2011-12-26 Thecus® Funny Caption Christmas Facebook Competition! 2011-12-22 Thecus® N12000 NAS Shows Its Fortitude in 2011-12-21 Thecus® N4200Eco NAS Got 4.5 stars From Czech Deep in it 2011-12-19 Thecus® Releases Its Memory Compatibility List 2011-12-16 Thecus® Module Competition Round 2 Voting Has Begun! 2011-12-16 Accessing Data: From Mainframes to Private Clouds 2011-12-15 Zebulon.Fr Reviews the Thecus® N4200PRO NAS 2011-12-14 Thecus® N8900 Got Editor’s Choice Award from TweakTown! 2011-12-12 Thecus® Expands HDD Compatibility Lists 2011-12-08 The Thecus® N5200XXX NAS Is Recommended by PC PRO 2011-12-07 Gives the Thecus® N2200XXX NAS a Strong Review 2011-12-05 The Thecus® N4200PRO NAS Received “Excellence” Award from Hungarian CHIP 2011-11-30 Thecus® Expands Enterprise NAS Series with High-value 12&16-bay Rackmount Server 2011-11-30 Thecus® Releases the N8900V High-value 8-bay NAS 2011-11-29 Thecus® N4100EVO: The First Dual-core Cavium-based 4-bay NAS 2011-11-28 The Thecus® N2200XXX NAS Gets “Good” Award from Hungarian CHIP 2011-11-28 Thecus® at Intel Channel Conference, Vietnam 2011-11-25 PC Review Recommends the Thecus® N2200XXX for Great Value and Performance 2011-11-23 The Thecus® N3200XXX Gets Overclockers Club Silver Award 2011-11-21 TweakTown Bestows “Best Performance” Award on the Thecus® N8200XXX NAS 2011-11-16 Russian Foxnetwork Gives a Thorough Review of the Thecus® N8800+ 2011-11-14 The Thecus® N8900 NAS Brings More the Table for Less 2011-11-10 Danish B.T. Gives the Thecus® N4200PRO NAS 5 Stars 2011-11-09 eAegis Shows Why the Thecus® N5200XXX is the Top of the Heap 2011-11-07 The Thecus® N2200XXX Gets 26/30 in PC World Italia! 2011-11-02 The Thecus® N4200PRO NAS Burns Through Laptop World’s Tests 2011-10-31 The Thecus® N5200XXX NAS Gets Two Awards from 59Hardware 2011-10-26 The Thecus® N4200PRO Snatches COD’s Gold Award 2011-10-24 Thecus® at the 2011 Intel Embedded Development Summit (IEDS) 2011-10-21 Thecus® N16000 Shows Bleeding Edge Performance 2011-10-20 Three More Awards for the Thecus® N4200PRO in Greece 2011-10-19 Thecus® N4200PRO Case Study by HB Design 2011-10-19 TweakTown Tags the Thecus® N5200XXX NAS as a “Must have” 2011-10-17 Altech Summit Expo 2011 Features the Thecus® N8900 NAS 2011-10-13 IT PRO Awards the Thecus® N5200XXX as a Great Value 2011-10-12 C’t Magazine Pushes the Card Reader of the N2200XXX to Its Limits 2011-10-11 Thecus® Module Competition Round 1 Results! 2011-10-07 Thecus® Holds Showcase for GITEX 2011 in Dubai 2011-10-06 Thecus® N4200PRO Surprised Russia’s Hardwareportal 2011-10-05 Thecus® Shows Off the N8900 NAS at AlphaSonic Expo 2011-10-04 Alt Om Data Praises the “PRO-edition Hardcore NAS” Thecus® N4200PRO 2011-10-03 Thecus® TV: N8900 Unboxing Video 2011-09-29 PC User of Australia Gave Thecus® N2200XXX Their Best Buy Award 2011-09-28 Thecus® Awarded Guanghua 3C Brand Award: Best NAS Brand 2011-09-26 Thecus® NVR VisoGuard®: All-In-One yet Flexible 2011-09-22 Awards the N5200XXX NAS Server 2011-09-21 The Thecus® Module Competition Round 2 Begins! 2011-09-19 Thecus®’s Firmware V5: Friendlier UI, Happier Users 2011-09-15 Bjorn3D Awards “Silver Bear” to the Thecus® N2200XXX 2011-09-14 Thecus® N4200PRO is the Fastest NAS in Tietokone’s Test 2011-09-12 Thecus® TV: High Availability 2011-09-08 OverclockersOnline Approves the Thecus® N2200XXX 2011-09-07 Thecus® N5200XXX Outperforms on SNB’s Charts 2011-09-05 Thecus® NAS Support Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Backups 2011-09-01 Names Thecus® N2200XXX “Hot Product” 2011-08-31 Hardware Magazine Gives Dual Awards to Thecus N5200XXX NAS 2011-08-29 The Thecus® W8900 Shines at Microsoft Server Seminar 2011-08-26 Firmware V5: Choices is the name of the game 2011-08-25 First Hands-on Thecus® N12000 Test by 2011-08-24 Thecus® N8900 NAS at WhichNAS: Best 8-Bay Ever 2011-08-22 Thecus® & Altech Computers Attend Security 2011 in Sydney 2011-08-22 Foxnetwork Examined Small, but Mighty N0204 miniNAS 2011-08-19 Piczza!™ Photo Server Shares Your Piece of the Pie 2011-08-18 Thecus® TV: N16000 Unboxing 2011-08-17 THG Italy Guides Users on N4200PRO, N5200XXX Thecus® NAS 2011-08-17 The Thecus 1U4200XXXR NAS is in the Hands of Foxnetwork 2011-08-15 The Thecus® N2200PLUS Home NAS Gets a Free Speed Boost 2011-08-11 HMW Praises Thecus® N2200XXX Home Server 2011-08-10 PC PRO Reviews the Thrifty and Speedy Thecus® N4200Eco NAS Server 2011-08-08 Thecus® High Speed 10G Base-T for Data Center SANs 2011-08-04 Thecus® N4200PRO NAS Gets TweakNews “Top Rank” 2011-08-01 Thecus® N4200PRO is’s “Hot Product” 2011-07-29 The Thecus N5200XXX Tops Speed Charts 2011-07-27 Thecus® High Availability Keeps Enterprise Data Live 2011-07-26 The Thecus® N2200XXX Roars in the French EDI Magazine 2011-07-25 “Grandma Wonders…” event is now officially closed! 2011-07-19 Thecus Enterprise: VMware iSCSI in the Workplace 2011-07-19 Names Thecus® N4200PRO “Product of the Year” 2011-07-18 TweakPC Awards the Thecus N5200XXX 2011-07-14 Techworld Recommends the Green Thecus® N12000 NAS 2011-07-12 Thecus Announces the 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i3-Based N8900 2011-07-11 The Thecus N2200XXX Toasts All at DragonSteelMods 2011-07-07 PC PRO Recommends the Thecus N12000 2011-06-29 Take Part in the Thecus “Grandma wonders…” Event 2011-06-27 Thecus® N4200PRO Wins PC Magazin Group Test 2011-06-21 Big Bruin Recommends the Thecus® N3200XXX 2011-06-21 The Thecus® Open Source Module Competition Begins! 2011-06-20 Infos stockage Gives the N5200XXX Four Stars! 2011-06-20 IT PRO Gets Great Results from the Thecus® N16000 2011-06-17 The Thecus® N2200XXX Gives Top Performance at Hexus 2011-06-17 The Thecus® N4200PRO Shows Its Power in PC Mag 2011-06-15 Thecus GM Florence Shih Interviewed by! 2011-05-27 Loves the Thecus® N4200PRO’s Power, Functions 2011-05-26 The Thecus® N3200XXX Silences Rivals at TechSpot 2011-05-26 APC Awards the Thecus® N4200PRO for its 9/10 Score! 2011-05-24 WhichNAS Names the Thecus® N16000 the New Best 2011-05-23 Breaking News: Thecus® NAS #1 in Asia, #6 Worldwide 2011-05-11 Thecus® Takes a Commanding Lead at Computex 2011 2011-05-11 PC World Gets Its First Look at the Thecus® N4200PRO 2011-05-09 Video Tutorial: Discover Thecus® Firmware V5! 2011-05-05 A New Era for Developers with the Thecus SDK 2011-05-04 Fawns Over the Thecus® N4200 NAS 2011-05-02 N4200PRO: Superior Hardware at a Much Lower Price 2011-04-28 Gives the N2200XXX Its “Silver Award” 2011-04-27 THG Ranks the Thecus® N5200XXX and N4200PRO NAS 2011-04-25 Introducing ThecusShare™ for iPhone and iPad 2011-04-21 Thecus® and NETAVIS Cooperate on the Future of NVR 2011-04-18 The Thecus® N4200PRO Receives PC ADV’s Highest Award 2011-04-15 The N4200PRO Crushes the Competition at TweakTown 2011-04-13 Thecus® at Dakel’s Technical Breakfast Meeting 2011-04-08 The Thecus® N2200 NAS Ranks Among 2010’s Best 2011-04-07 Thecus® will be at IDF Beijing 2011 2011-04-06 Thecus® announces the AFD42000 Deluxe Coffee Edition 2011-04-01 Hardware Portal Awards the “Excellent” Thecus® N8800+ 2011-03-30 Origin Storage Claims UK Rights to Thecus® Enterprise NAS 2011-03-29 Thecus® Featured at Digital Sima Seminar in Greece 2011-03-28 Thecus® NAS Advance into the Age of EXT4 2011-03-24 Visit Thecus® at Secutech 2011 2011-03-23 Thecus® Demoed All the Latest at ISF 2011 2011-03-22 Let’s Discover the Thecus® N4200PRO in EDI Magazine 2011-03-21 The Thecus® N4200PRO Comes Out on Top in c’t 2011-03-16 Thecus® Shows Off Their Latest at IESF India 2011-03-15 iTrends Reports on Thecus®’s New XXX NAS Series 2011-03-14 Thecus® Stays in the Clouds at CeBIT 2011 2011-03-11 Thecus® will be at the Intel Storage Forum 2011 2011-03-09 APC Gets “blazing” Speeds from the Thecus® D0204 DAS 2011-03-07 Firmware V5: One of the Biggest Firmware Releases in Thecus History! 2011-03-03 iTrends is Struck by the D0204’s Performance and Quality 2011-02-28 The Thecus® N16000/N12000 Warranty and Backup Packages 2011-02-24 PC World Norway Has a Hankering for the Extreme 2011-02-21 The Thecus® N0503 Takes Home the Gold 2011-02-18 The Thecus® N4200 Roars Through’s Test Lab 2011-02-14 Thecus® is ready for CeBIT 2011 2011-02-11 The Thecus® N5200XXX Expands your Horizons 2011-02-02 The Thecus® N3200XXX Power Home Media NAS 2011-02-02 The Thecus® 1U4200XXX Rack Mount 2011-02-02 The Powerful New N8200XXX Enterprise NAS 2011-02-02 Thecus® Releases the High-Performance N2200XXX Personal NAS 2011-02-02 Thecus® Support Continues During Chinese New Year 2011-01-28 Ascend with Citrix-Ready Thecus® Products 2011-01-27 Thecus® Takes on Enterprise with the N16000 2011-01-24 Thecus® Expands Its Enterprise Series with the N12000 2011-01-24 Thecus® Introduces the N2200PLUS Home Storage Server 2011-01-21 Thecus® Offers Acronis Backup for Windows Server 2011-01-20 PC World Spain Crowns the Thecus N4200 2011-01-10 From Pac-Man to WoW: an evolution in gaming needs 2011-01-06 Fight Jewel Theft with Thecus® NVR 2010-12-29 Tom’s Hardware Guide is Won Over by the 1U4600R 2010-12-27 Thecus® N4200 Strikes Again (nine out of ten)! 2010-12-23 IT Expert Takes a Look at the Thecus® 1U4600R 2010-12-22 Nettverk & Komm Goes for the Thecus® N4200 2010-12-21 Thecus® and Intel® Combine Forces in India 2010-12-20 Info Hardware Praises the Thecus N4100PRO 2010-12-13 Thecus Dashboard 2.0 Gives You iPhone Control 2010-12-09 D0204 Receives HWM Malaysia's Silver Award 2010-12-06 Thecus: iSCSI Made Easy 2010-12-02 The Reinvention of 2010-11-26 Network Attached Storage (NAS) Provider Thecus Technology Corporation’s Initial Public Offering 2010-11-26 Thecus® N4200 Wins iTrends Editor's Choice Award 2010-11-15 Thecus® NVR in Education 2010-11-11 Tom’s Hardware Guide Russia Praises the N4200 2010-11-10 N4200 Tramples Competition at PC World Denmark 2010-11-08 Thecus®: The Stackable NAS 2010-11-04 CHIP Online Awards Thecus® N4200 5 Star Rating 2010-11-03 Thecus® Technology Launches N4200PRO NAS Server 2010-11-01 Thecus® Technology Introduces N4200Eco NAS Server 2010-11-01 Back Up Your Back-up with a Backup Power Source 2010-10-28 Hard 'n' Soft Reviews Zero-Crash Thecus® N4200 2010-10-27 Thecus® N4200 Scores HWM Indonesia Gold Award 2010-10-25 Announcing Thecus® Dashboard for iPhone 2010-10-21 ComputerDIY Heartily Recommends the D0204D 2010-10-20 N8800PRO Wins TweakTown's Editor's Choice Award 2010-10-18 Share Movies, Music, or Data on Your Thecus® NAS 2010-10-15 Thecus® N4200 Wins Tech World's NAS Roundup 2010-10-11 Thecus® N4200 Zero-Crash NAS Enters Geek Room 2010-10-06 Reviews the Thecus® N4200 NAS 2010-10-04 Thecus® and Dakel Team up for SIMO Network 2010 2010-10-01 Thecus® NVR are Chock-Full of Features 2010-09-30 Retail Giant Carrefour® Turns to Thecus® 2010-09-29 Thecus® Adds Three New Languages to 2010-09-27 USB and eSATA Connectivity on Your Thecus NAS 2010-09-23 The Thecus® N4200 has “Max Power” 2010-09-20 Streamline Your Backups with Rsync 2010-09-17 Which NAS gives the Thecus N7700PRO Its Highest Rating and Award for Excellence 2010-09-15 Upgrade with Ease Using the New Thecus Auto Module Installer 2010-09-10 CNET Australia Scores Thecus® N7700PRO 8 out of 10 2010-09-08 Thecus® N4200 NAS Wins 59Hardware Innovation Award 2010-09-06 Acronis® OEM Backup Software Now Bundled with Every Thecus NAS 2010-09-03 Thecus® N0503 Receives Safe Buy Award 2010-09-01 OverclockersOnline bowled over by the Thecus N7700PRO 2010-08-30 Thecus RAID Volume Replication – Fast and Secure 2010-08-27 N7700PRO Dominates SNB Performance Charts 2010-08-25 c’t Reviews the Thecus® N7700PRO 2010-08-23 Maximize Hardware Utilization with Thecus® iSCSI Thin-Provision 2010-08-19 N4200 Receives Hardware Analisis Golden Award 2010-08-16 Thecus® Releases C10GT Ethernet PCI-e Adapter 2010-08-12 PC Tipp Magazine Gives N4200 5 out of 6 Rating 2010-08-11 Thecus® Wins Intel® Storage Group Recognition Award 2010-08-09 Enjoy the Convenience of Thecus® ISO Mount 2010-08-05 Thecus® N4100PRO Wins Overclockers Club Silver Award 2010-08-04 Thecus® N7700PRO Wins HEXUS Performance Award 2010-08-02 Play and Share Everywhere with Thecus NAS and Apple 2010-07-30 Reviews Thecus® N8800PRO NAS 2010-07-28 Thecus® N4200 NAS Wins TweakPC Editor’s Choice 2010-07-26 Thecus ADS/NT Support – A Real Time Saver 2010-07-23 Thecus® Networked Video Recording Solutions 2010-07-20 TestFreaks Recommends the Thecus® N4200 NAS 2010-07-19 Enjoy The Benefits of Thecus® iSCSI NAS Servers 2010-07-15 iXBT Awards Thecus® N4200 Original Design Award 2010-07-14 Go Back In Time with Thecus® NAS and Mac Time Machine 2010-07-12 Thecus® N5500 Earns Noticias 3D Best Choice Award 2010-07-12 Be 100% Secure® with Thecus AES 256-bit RAID Volume Encryption 2010-07-09 Thecus® N4200 NAS Impresses Techbang Editors 2010-07-07 Thecus N4200 Shines in iX Magazine NAS Roundup 2010-07-05 Introducing Thecus® D0204 Portable Storage Device 2010-06-30 Thecus® Launches CU30N USB 3.0 Host Bus Adapter 2010-06-30 Computer Active Reviews the Thecus® N0204 miniNAS 2010-06-28 Thecus® Attends IESF 2010 in Jakarta 2010-06-25 Thecus® Announces New UPS Compatibility List 2010-06-24 Thecus® N4200 Wins HWM Singapore’s Gold Award 2010-06-23 N7700PRO Wins Editor’s Choice 2010-06-21 Thecus Business NAS Servers – Your One Stop Solution 2010-06-17 N4200 Snags Top Rank Award from Tweaknews 2010-06-16 N7700SAS Wins HispaZone’s Top Performance Award 2010-06-14 Thecus® N4200 Set to Storm E3 2010 With Intel® 2010-06-11 Thecus® Bundles Acronis® OEM Backup Software 2010-06-10 Thecus N0503 ComboNAS is A Grade Recommended 2010-06-09 Thecus® Live from Computex 2010 2010-06-04 Visit Thecus® Technology at Computex Taipei 2010 2010-06-01 Thecus® Releases N2200 & N0204 TwonkyMedia™ Module 2010-05-27 N4200 Wins WINMAGPRO Well Tested Award 2010-05-26 CPU Magazine Reviews Thecus® N4200 NAS 2010-05-24 Thecus® N4200 - The Natural Award Winner 2010-05-20 PlanetX64 Reviews the Thecus® N7700PRO NAS 2010-05-19 N4200 Wins TweakTown’s Best Features Award 2010-05-17 Thecus® EU eSupport Centre Now Online 2010-05-12 eWeek Europe Reviews the Thecus® N4200 2010-05-10 Thecus® NAS + DLNA TV = The Ultimate Combination 2010-05-06 Thecus® N4200 NAS Server Reviewed on CNET 2010-05-05 PC3 Corporate Magazine Reviews N0503 ComboNAS 2010-05-03 Thecus® Zero-Crash N4200 Recommeded by IT PRO 2010-04-30 Thecus® N4200 Snags HWM Malaysia Silver Award 2010-04-28 Thecus® NAS Servers Top SNB Performance Charts 2010-04-21 Thecus® N0503 ComboNAS is an I.Trends Safe Buy 2010-04-19 Enjoy the Benefits of Thecus® DLM2 2010-04-16 Thecus® Releases New NZB Module 2010-04-16 Alt om Data Reviews Thecus® N0503 ComboNAS 2010-04-14 N4200 Wins Editor's Choice 2010-04-12 I Love Thecus® Forum Now Online 2010-04-08 Thecus® N4200 Declared BitCity Award Winner 2010-04-07 Hardware.Info Reviews the Thecus® N2200 and N0503 2010-04-05 Unbeatable Protection with Thecus® Battery Backup Module 2010-04-01 Thecus® Technology Launches the N7700+ NAS Server 2010-03-30 Thecus® Releases N8800+ Rackmount NAS Server 2010-03-30 9.0 Rating Wins Thecus® N7700PRO HWM Gold Award 2010-03-26 Thecus® Enterprise/SMB NAS Now VMware® Ready Certified 2010-03-25 N7700PRO Snags TweakTown's Editor's Choice Award 2010-03-22 PCDIY Magazine Reviews the Thecus® N4200 NAS 2010-03-17 Thecus® N4200 Scores 8 out of 10 on Trusted Reviews 2010-03-15 Experience TwonkyMedia™ Server on Thecus® NAS 2010-03-11 59 Hardware Reviews the Thecus® N2200 NAS 2010-03-10 Thecus® N4200 NAS with 6D Technology 2010-03-01 Thecus® N2200 Wins HWM Malaysia’s Silver Award 2010-02-25 N7700PRO Wins Tom’s Networking NAS Roundup 2010-02-24 Visit Thecus® Technology at CeBIT Hannover 2010 2010-02-23 Thecus® N5500 Wins Bjorn3D Seal of Approval 2010-02-19 Reviews the Thecus® N5500 2010-02-17 Thecus® Introduces 1U4600 Rackmount NAS Server 2010-02-15 CCE Reviews Examines the Thecus® N0503 NAS 2010-02-02 N4100PRO: PC User’s Networking Product of the Year 2010-02-01 DOS/V Japan Interviews Thecus® GM Florence Shih 2010-01-28 Thecus® Sensation at IT Partners 2010 2010-01-27 Thecus® N2200 Wins HWM Singapore’s Silver Award 2010-01-26 Dual Displays - Double the Flexibility and Convenience 2010-01-21 N3200PRO Trumps 7 Other NAS Units on TestFreaks 2010-01-18 N0503 ComboNAS Wins HWM Malaysia Silver Award 2010-01-13 Thecus® NAS Dominates SMB/SOHO Market in China 2010-01-12 N7700 Wins ZOL 2009 Best Product of the Year Award 2010-01-11 Maxit Malaysia Reviews the Thecus® N4100PRO 2010-01-06 Thecus® Redefines NAS at CES 2010 With Intel® 2010-01-05 Thecus® Launches the N4200 NAS Server 2010-01-04 N0503 ComboNAS Wins Tweak News Top Rank Award 2009-12-28 Expand Your NAS with New Features Update from Thecus® 2009-12-28 N4100PRO Wins Hardware Analisis Golden Award 2009-12-23 N0204 miniNAS Wins Legit Reviews Value Award 2009-12-22 Thecus® N0503 Shines On Tom’s Hardware Gift Guide 2009-12-21 Thecus® N7700PRO Now VMware® Ready 2009-12-15 Komputer for ALLE Recommends the N0204 miniNAS 2009-12-10 N0204 miniNAS Scores 5 out of 6 at Gear Magazine 2009-12-09 Thecus® N5500 Wins WhichNAS Performance Award 2009-12-08 c’t Magazine Reviews the Thecus® N7700SAS 2009-12-07 N7700PRO&N8800PRO -The Ideal Business NAS 2009-12-04 APC Magazine Highly Recommends the N5500 2009-12-02 Virtual Hideout’s Editor’s Choice: The Thecus® N7700 2009-12-01 N2200 Wins DigitalHome’s Editor Choice Award 2009-11-30 Thecus® NAS Redefined-5 2009-11-26 N0204 miniNAS Wins TweakNews Top Rank Award 2009-11-25 N0204 Receives TweakPC’s Hot Hardware Award 2009-11-24 PC PRO Recommends the Thecus® N7700SAS 2009-11-23 iThome Magazine Reviews the Thecus® N7700 2009-11-20 Thecus® NAS Redefined-4 2009-11-19 Introducing the Thecus® i8500 iSCSI Storage Device 2009-11-18 N0204 miniNAS Wins APC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice 2009-11-17 Superior Storage Solutions with Thecus® and Intel® 2009-11-17 Thecus® NAS Redefined-3 2009-11-12 Thecus® 2009 NAS Redefined Taiwan Press Conference 2009-11-11 Tom’s Hardware Reviews the Thecus® N0204 miniNAS 2009-11-10 Thecus® EU Support Center, Fast and Friendly Service 2009-11-10 N0204 Receives PC3 Magazine’s Top Tech DIY Award 2009-11-09 N7700 Receives HWM Malaysia’s Silver Award 2009-11-06 Thecus® NAS Redefined-2 2009-11-05 Thecus® Launches N8800PRO Rackmount NAS Server 2009-11-04 N0204 miniNAS Wins AMD Zone’s Editors’ Choice 2009-11-03 Thecus® iSCSI Brings Unprecedented Convenience and Flexibility 2009-11-03 Thecus® N5500 Reviewed by 2009-11-02 iSCSI now available on Thecus® N4100PRO 2009-10-30 Thecus® NAS Redefined-1 2009-10-29 3D News Recommends the Thecus® N4100PRO 2009-10-28 VMware Support on Thecus® NAS Servers 2009-10-28 Chip Magazine Turkey Reviews the N0204 miniNAS 2009-10-26 Thecus® Support Center, Your Online Technical Archive 2009-10-23 Thecus®. NAS Redefined. 2009-10-23 A Superb Duo: Thecus® and Windows 7 2009-10-22 N5500 Snags HWM Magazine Singapore’s Gold Award 2009-10-21 HDD Compatibility List Update for Thecus® N7700 & N8800 Series 2009-10-21 Thecus® and Origin Team Up @ UK Storage Expo 2009 2009-10-19 N0204 miniNAS Scores 4 out of 5 at SVM Magazine 2009-10-19 N0503 Wins Digital Home Magazine’s Editor Choice 2009-10-16 Thecus® N7700PRO, Next-generation Advanced Storage 2009-10-15 Linux Magazine Italy Reviews the Thecus® N3200PRO 2009-10-14 Thecus® - The Number One NAS Brand in China 2009-10-12 N5500 Wins TweakTown’s Best Performance Award 2009-10-12 IT PRO Recommends the Thecus® N8800SAS 2009-10-09 Thecus® and Origin at Storage Expo 2009 2009-10-09 N0204 miniNAS Wins MAXIT MAX CHOICE Award 2009-10-07 Gagdet3 Magazine Reviews the N0204 miniNAS 2009-10-05 Thecus® Upgrades Data Security to a New Level 2009-10-05 SAS HDD Compatibility List Update for Thecus® NAS Server 2009-10-02 Hardware Portal Reviews the Thecus® N0204 miniNAS 2009-10-02 Thecus® and Dakel Rock SIMO Network 2009 2009-10-01 T-Break Recommends the Thecus® N4100PRO 2009-09-30 N3200PRO Wins HWM Malaysia Silver Award 2009-09-28 Latest Firmware Releases for Thecus® N7700 and N8800 Series 2009-09-26 N0204 miniNAS Scores 8 out of 10 on Trusted Reviews 2009-09-23 Experience Thecus® AJAX GUI Online 2009-09-23 Thecus® and Dakel Informática Coming to SIMO Network 2009 2009-09-22 N4100PRO Wins PC User’s Best Buy Award 2009-09-21 Thecus® N3200PRO NAS brings Endless Possibilities 2009-09-18 Thecus® N7700/N8800 and SAS Series RAM Upgrade 2009-09-17 Introducing the Thecus® N2200 NAS 2009-09-16 Latest Thecus® Video Tutorial – Multiple RAID Setup Part 2 2009-09-14 iXBT Reviews the Thecus® N0204 miniNAS 2009-09-14 Thecus® N5500 live demo video on both Thecus® Website and Youtube. 2009-09-11 Thecus® M3800 Reviewed by Legit Reviews 2009-09-10 PC Magazine Singapore Awards N0204 4-Star Rating 2009-09-09 HWM Magazine Awards N4100PRO Silver Award 2009-09-07 N5500 Wins HK Computer Pro User Silver Award 2009-09-02 Thecus®, Ready for Windows 7 2009-09-02 eAegis Awards Thecus® N5500 95% Rating 2009-08-31 Ideal Combination of Media and Backup Utility on Thecus® 2009-08-28 Tom’s Hardware Russia Reviews Thecus® N4100PRO 2009-08-26 N3200PRO Wins DOS/V Magazine’s NAS Shootout 2009-08-24 Small Net Builder Reviews the Thecus® N5500 2009-08-21 2.5” or 3.5” HDD? Thecus® Says YES to Both 2009-08-21 Thecus® N0204 Wins Two Awards at 59Hardware 2009-08-19 The new IP CAM module and user guide are available now at Thecus® Download Centre 2009-08-17 Thecus® N5200PRO Wins DnR Hardware Award 2009-08-17 Thecus®「Share It and Win Contest」Results 2009-08-16 Thecus® N7700 Wins CNET’s Editor’s Choice 2009-08-11 N7700 and N5200PRO on CNET’s Top 10 NAS Units 2009-08-10 Thecus® N8800 Scores 94% from eAegis 2009-08-05 New IP CAM Feature Now Available with Thecus® 3 BAY NAS Series 2009-08-05 Hot Hardware Recommends the Thecus® N7700 2009-08-03 Thecus® Launches the N0503 ComboNAS 2009-07-28 Thecus® Announces the N8800SAS NAS Server 2009-07-27 Thecus® N0204 miniNAS Wins BitCity Award 2009-07-23 Thecus® N8800 is PC PRO Magazine Recommended 2009-07-15 Thecus® Introduces Unbeatable Convenience with Next Generation AJAX User Interface 2009-07-14 Gaming Nexus Reviews the Thecus® M3800 2009-07-08 Friendly Services at Your Finger Tips 2009-07-06 Latest Thecus® Video Tutorial – Multiple RAID Setup 2009-07-03 N3200PRO Wins Overclockers Club Silver Award 2009-07-02 CPU Magazine Reviews the Thecus® N7700 NAS 2009-06-30 Palm-Sized RAID Storage with Great Convenience 2009-06-29 Introducing the Thecus® N7700SAS NAS Server 2009-06-26 Final Call for Thecus N0204 Share it and Win Contest 2009-06-22 Thecus® N0204 miniNAS Receives PC Online China's Five-Star Rating 2009-06-19 Unparallel Combo of Reliability & Performance 2009-06-18 Thecus® Announcing Latest Polish Web Interface 2009-06-17 Thecus®, Creator in Storage 2009-06-15 Thecus® N3200PRO is Overclockers Online Approved 2009-06-10 Latest Firmware Release for Thecus® N7700 & N8800 2009-06-10 Big Success for Thecus® @ Computex 2009 2009-06-09 Thecus® Once Again Shines in Computex 2009 2009-06-04 Thecus® N5200B Wins PC Perspective Gold Award 2009-06-01 Introducing the Thecus® N5500 NAS Device 2009-05-27 Thecus® N7700 Wins Benchmark Reviews Award 2009-05-25 Hungry for More? Thecus Gives You Up To 8TB of Gigantic Storage Space for SMB/SME & Home 2009-05-25 Visit Thecus® Technology at Computex 2009 2009-05-20 Thecus® N4100PRO NAS Server Snags AMD Zone Editor’s Choice 2009-05-18 Win the New N0204 miniNAS from Thecus 2009-05-18 Thecus®, New Symbol for Quality 2009-05-14 Thecus® N7700 Tops SNB’s Performance Charts 2009-05-13 Thecus® M3800 Wins High Tech Reviews’ Editor’s Choice 2009-05-11 Thecus® N7700 Wins TweakTown’s Must Have Award 2009-05-04 TestFreaks Recommends Thecus® N3200PRO NAS 2009-04-27 Zero Down-Time with Thecus® NAS, 24/7 Data Access Anywhere 2009-04-24 Thecus® N3200PRO Wins HWM's Gold Award with 9/10 Score 2009-04-20 Australian Macworld Reviews Thecus® M3800 Media NAS Server 2009-04-15 Bjorn3D Reviews Thecus® M3800 Stream Box 2009-04-13 Thecus® N3200PRO NAS Server Wins Boot Daily Boot Worthy Award 2009-04-09 Thecus® M3800 Wins Two Awards from 59Hardware 2009-04-06 CPU Magazine Reviews Thecus® M3800 Stream Box 2009-04-01 Thecus® Unveils the N0204 miniNAS Device 2009-03-30 Thecus® M3800 Receives AMD Zone Editor’s Choice 2009-03-25 Thecus® N4100PRO NAS Server Reviewed on 2009-03-23 HDD Compatibility List Update for Thecus® NAS Server 2009-03-23 Tom’s Hardware Reviews the Thecus® N7700 NAS Server 2009-03-18 APC Reviews the Thecus® N4100PRO and M3800 2009-03-16 Powerful Storage and Backup Device For Mac Users - Thecus® NAS Server 2009-03-13 Futurelooks Awards Thecus® N3200PRO NAS Server High Performance Award 2009-03-11 Thecus® N3200PRO NAS Server Reviewed by c’t Magazine 2009-03-09 Thecus® N8800 Earns StorageReviews Perfect 10 Rating 2009-03-04 BitCity Reviews the Thecus® N4100PRO NAS Server 2009-03-02 Thecus® N3200PRO NAS Server Wins Quale Computer’s Editor Authorization 2009-02-27 Thecus® N3200PRO NAS Server Wins Revioo Editor's Choice Award 2009-02-25 Tom’s Hardware Reviews the Thecus® N4100PRO NAS Server 2009-02-24 Thecus N3200PRO Victorious in PC Professionale Shootout 2009-02-23 Latest Firmware Release for Thecus® N3200PRO 2009-02-19 Legit Reviews Reviews Thecus® N4100PRO NAS Server 2009-02-18 Visit Thecus® Technology at CeBIT Hannover 2009 2009-02-16 Thecus® M3800 NAS Server Tops Small Net Builder Performance Chart 2009-02-13 PC Magazine Italy Reviews the Thecus® N4100PRO NAS Server 2009-02-11 MacUser Magazine Reviews the Thecus® M3800 NAS Server 2009-02-09 Thecus® N3200PRO & N4100PRO , Powerful NAS Server With Only 50% of Energy Consumption 2009-02-05 N4100PRO NAS Server Wins Big Bruin Highly Recommended Award 2009-02-04 Thecus® N5200 NAS Wins Gaming Nexus Editors Choice 2009-02-02 Thecus® N4100PRO NAS Wins PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award 2009-01-30 APH Recommends the Thecus® N4100PRO 2009-01-26 Thecus® N5200PRO NAS Wins TweakPC Hot Product Award 2009-01-21 Thecus® N3200PRO NAS Wins Tweak News Top Rank Award 2009-01-20 Thecus® N4100PRO NAS is Overclockers Online Approved 2009-01-19 Latest Firmware Release for Thecus® N3200 2009-01-13 Thecus® N4100PRO NAS Wins TweakTown’s Must Have Award 2009-01-12 Latest Firmware Release for Thecus® N4100PRO 2009-01-08 Tech Zone Awards Thecus® N3200 NAS 8.5 out of 10 2008-12-29 Latest Firmware Release for Thecus® i4500R and i5500 2008-12-26 Reviews the Thecus® N3200 NAS 2008-12-25 N7700 NAS Receives Killer 9.5 Rating at StorageReviews 2008-12-22 Superior Data Fortress from Thecus® - N7700 and N8800 NAS 2008-12-22 Beta Firmware Release for Thecus® N7700 & N8800 NAS 2008-12-16 Thecus® N4100PRO NAS Wins Seal of Approval 2008-12-15 HDD Compatibility List Update for Thecus® N4100PRO NAS 2008-12-15 Thecus® NAS Wins ComputerDIY’s Product of the Year Awards 2008-12-08 Thecus® Digital Era Has Arrived with Supreme N7700 NAS Sensation 2008-12-05 Beta Firmware Release for Thecus® N4100PRO 2008-12-04 Tom's Hardware Holiday Buyer's Guide Recommends M3800 2008-12-01 Thecus® N3200PRO Web Camera Compatibility Update 2008-11-28 eBiz Italia Gives Thecus® N4100PRO 93 out of 100 Rating 2008-11-26 Reviews the Thecus® N4100PRO 2008-11-24 Tom's Hardware Reviews the Thecus® N5200PRO 2008-11-21 Thecus® N4100PRO Wins HKEPC Hardware’s Editor’s Choice 2008-11-19 Thecus® N5200B PRO Wins Futurelooks High Performance 2008-11-17 HDD Compatibility List Update for Thecus® N5200 Series and 1U4500 2008-11-14 Thecus® and Exsys Rock SNW Europe 2008-11-14 N4100PRO Wins TweakNews Top Rank Award 2008-11-12 HDD Compatibility List Update for Thecus® N3200PRO & M3800 2008-11-11 Thecus® N5200BR Wins Gamepyre's Gamers Choice Gold Award 2008-11-10 Thecus® N7700 Scores 90% Overall on 2008-11-10 Thecus and ACTN Coming to Storage Expo 2008 2008-11-07 Weekly ASCII Crowns N4100PRO "Speed Champion" 2008-11-05 Announcement of Thecus® Warranty and Service 2008-11-04 Thecus® N3200 Scores 4 Out of 5 at MacUser Magazine 2008-11-03 Thecus and Add On Visit Vienna-Tec 2008 2008-10-31 Thecus® Announces N8800 Rackmount NAS Server 2008-10-30 N3200 Wins Hardware Logic’s Great Innovation Award 2008-10-29 Thecus® Technology Announces the N3200PRO 2008-10-27 Thecus® and Exsys Attend SNW Europe 2008-10-24 Thecus® N3200 Wins HWM Magazine's Gold Award 2008-10-22 Thecus® N5200BR is’s Editor’s Choice 2008-10-20 Thecus® Video Tutorial Archive Online NOW 2008-10-20 Latest Firmware Release for Thecus® N5200 Series & 1U4500 2008-10-15 Thecus® N3200 Wins PC Advisor's Best Buy Award 2008-10-13 CPU Magazine Harnesses the Power of N4100PRO 2008-10-13 Latest Firmware Release and HDD Compatibility List Update for Thecus® i4500R & i5500 2008-10-13 Explore the Unprecedented and Superior Capability of Thecus® 2008-10-09 Thecus Unleashes N7700 7-Bay NAS Server 2008-10-08 Thecus® Press Release System RSS Web Feed Service Online NOW 2008-10-07 Are You Ready to Try Thecus iSCSI RAID? 2008-10-06 PlanetX64 Reviews the Thecus N2050 2008-10-06 Thecus N3200 Scores Two Big Bruin Awards 2008-10-01 Expand Thecus 1U4500 Functionality via Module Manager 2008-09-26 Bjorn3D Awards N3200 Seal of Approval 2008-09-24 Legit Reviews Tests Thecus N5200BR 2008-09-22 Thecus N3200 Receives Excellent Rating from CNET 2008-09-17 N5200 Wins AMD Zone's Editors ' Choice Award 2008-09-15 N3200 Snags Hi-Tech Reviews Editor's Choice Award 2008-09-10 Hardware Secrets Reviews the N5200 2008-09-08 N5200 is Australian PC User's Best Buy 2008-09-05 Breakthrough in NAS Technology – Thecus M3800, Total Storage and Media Playback Gadget 2008-09-05 N5200B PRO Wins TweakNews Top Rank Award 2008-09-01 Thecus and CTT Team Up for IBC 2008 2008-08-28 The Hottest and Most Talked about 5 Bay NAS Online, Thecus N5200 Series 2008-08-26 N5200PRO Wins Tech Powerup's Editor's Choice 2008-08-25 N3200 Wins Computer Shopper’s 11 NAS Roundup 2008-08-22 Wireless USB Dongle & MINI PCI Compatibility Update 2008-08-22 Thecus Reveals the AMD Processor-Based N4100PRO 2008-08-18 N5200B PRO Awarded 4 out of 5 from PC Magazine 2008-08-15 N5200B PRO Wins Real World Labs Editor's Choice 2008-08-12 Thecus N3200 is DragonSteelMods Recommended 2008-08-11 HDD Compatibility List Updates for N5200/N5200PRO & 1U4500 2008-08-11 Thecus N3200 Reviewed at APC Magazine 2008-08-08 Thecus NAS Brings Surveillance to Property Owners with Web Camera Functionality 2008-08-07 N5200B PRO is Overclockers Online Approved 2008-08-04 Thecus Unrivaled Performance and Security iSCSI Series for Modern Enterprises 2008-07-30 N299 Nominated for MacUser Awards 2008 2008-07-23 Thecus RAID® is the Trademark for Digital Storage Solution 2008-07-22 Macworld Magazine Reviews the Thecus N3200 2008-07-21 c't Magazine Reviews the Thecus N5200B PRO 2008-07-18 Thecus N5200BR is Hot Hardware Approved 2008-07-15 Thecus and ACTN Attend Two Events in France 2008-07-14 Online Tutorial Archive @ 2008-07-14 Small Net Builder Reviews the Thecus N5200PRO 2008-07-10 Wireless Network Connection Anywhere with Thecus NAS 2008-07-07 Thecus N3200 Wins Tweaknews' Top Rank Award 2008-07-04 Thecus N3200 Wins Digital Arts NAS Roundup 2008-07-02 Thecus Visits World IT Show Korea 2008 2008-07-01 N5200PRO, the Energy Saving Device at Home or Office 2008-06-27 PCW Magazine Recommends Thecus N2100 2008-06-16 Thecus Support Center, Your Online Technical Archive 2008-06-11 N5200 PRO Wins Sweclockers Recommended Award 2008-06-09 Thecus Sensation At Computex 2008 2008-06-06 Thecus Reveals Computex 2008 Limited Edition 2008-06-03 APC Magazine Reviews the Thecus N5200 PRO 2008-06-02 Thecus N299 Reviewed at 2008-05-30 Thecus and Altech at CeBIT Australia 2008 2008-05-29 Thecus Attends Data Storage Expo Tokyo 2008 2008-05-28 Hosting Web Pages with Thecus N5200 Series 2008-05-28 Visit Thecus Technology at Computex 2008 2008-05-26 PC Magazine Reviews the Thecus 1U4500 2008-05-23 Thecus N2050 HDD Compatibility List Update 2008-05-22 Thecus Announcing Official Online Community Forum 2008-05-20 N5200B PRO Wins HWM Magazine's Gold Award 2008-05-16 Thecus N299 HDD Compatibility List Update 2008-05-16 N5200B Wins NAS Roundup at Monitor Magazine 2008-05-15 Thecus Technology Partners with Farstone Technology to Provide DriveClone Pro 5.0 2008-05-09 Thecus N5200 Series Brings Surveillance to Property Owners with Network Camera Functionality 2008-05-06 Computer Audiophile Reviews the N5200B PRO 2008-04-28 Thecus 1U4500 Passes IEC/ISO Certified Reliability Test 2008-04-25 Australian PC Authority Recommends Thecus N299 2008-04-21 Visit Thecus Technology and Altech at CeBIT Australia 2008-04-15 N5200B PRO Wins 4.5 Stars at Hardware Zone 2008-04-15 Thecus Comes to Storage Networking World 2008-04-14 Thecus N5200PRO/1U4500 series bring best performance 2008-04-11 Thecus Technology and JASA Rock the Storage Expo 2008-03-26 Reviews the Thecus N4100+ 2008-03-18 Visit Thecus Technology at Brussels Storage Expo 2008-03-11 Thecus N5200B PRO Reviewed at BitCity 2008-03-05 Thecus Announces the AMD Technology-based M3800 2008-03-04 Introducing the Thecus i5500 iSCSI RAID Device 2008-03-04 Visit Thecus Technology at CeBIT 2008 2008-03-01 Thecus and Tayle at CSTB 2008 2008-02-25 RAM Magazine Reviews Thecus N5200B PRO 2008-02-20 PC Magazine Greece Reviews Thecus N5200B 2008-02-18 Thecus N5200PRO Recommended by Trusted Reviews 2008-02-14 HWM Thailand Reviews Thecus N3200 2008-02-12 Thecus and Asialand at IT Partners Show 2008-02-11 Thecus N5200PRO Reviewed by PVD Magazine 2008-02-08 Thecus N1200 Reviewed by Zhelezo Magazine 2008-02-06 Personal Computer World Reviews Thecus N299 2008-02-05 Dan’s Data Reviews the Thecus N299 2008-01-31 PC Advisor Awards Thecus N299 4 Out of 5 Stars 2008-01-30 Virtual Hideout Recommends the Thecus N5200 PRO 2008-01-28 Thecus Introduces Two New Product Features 2008-01-25 PC Magazine Netherlands Reviews Thecus N3200 2008-01-23 Thecus N299 Reviewed by MPC Club 2008-01-21 Thecus N5200B PRO Blows Away iThome Editors 2008-01-15 Computerpress Magazine Reviews the YES Box N2100 2008-01-08 Overclock Zone Reviews Thecus N5200 2008-01-01 PC Expert Reviews the Thecus N4100+ 2007-12-20 Most Wanted Christmas Gifts from Thecus Technology 2007-12-17 Al-Digital Austria Reviews the Thecus N299 2007-12-12 Hardware Magazine Awards N5200 and N5200PRO 2007-12-10 Thecus N299 Reviewed on XP Media Centre 2007-12-05 PC PRO Reviews the Thecus 1U4500 Rackmount NAS 2007-12-03 N5200PRO Wins Best Performance on TweakTown 2007-11-19 TechWorld Sweden Reviews Thecus N5200PRO 2007-11-15 Australian Financial Review Tests the N5200 PRO 2007-11-06 Zive Computer Reviews the YES Box N2100 2007-11-05 Thecus’ 3-Year Anniversary Contest Winners Announced 2007-11-02 PCDIY Reviews ThecusN5200 PRO NAS Device 2007-10-30 Thecus Introduces 3D Model Tour on Official Website 2007-10-24 Thecus Technology Introduces the N299 2007-10-18 Thecus N1200 Wins Elite Bastards’ Elite Value Award 2007-10-17 IT-Review Recommends Thecus N5200 PRO 2007-10-15 N2100 on PC Magazine Singapore NAS Roundup 2007-10-08 China Computing World Reviews the N5200 PRO 2007-10-05 N5200 PRO Wins ComputerDIY Outstanding Performance Award 2007-10-05 Les Numériques Reviews the Thecus N1050 2007-10-01 Svět Hardware Reviews the Thecus N2050 2007-09-28 MPC Club Reviews the Thecus N5200 PRO 2007-09-20 Thecus Technology Releases the N3200 2007-09-18 ComputerDIY Reviews the Thecus N1200 2007-09-05 Thecus and Shooting Technologies Attend HKCCF 2007-09-03 Enter and Win Thecus’ 3-Year Anniversary Contest 2007-09-01 YES Box N2100 Wins Techgage’s Editor’s Choice 2007-08-31 Thecus Recognized as One of Top 3 Brands in China 2007-08-27 Thecus N4100 Reviewed by Digit Magazine 2007-08-20 IThome Awards Thecus N5200B PRO Highest Rating 2007-08-20 HEXUS Recommends Thecus N5200PRO 2007-08-10 Thecus Website Adds New Language Options 2007-08-08 Chip Magazine India Reviews the YES Box N2100 2007-08-06 Tom's Hardware Guide Reviews the Thecus N5200 2007-08-01 Thecus N5200B Reviewed on 2007-07-30 Thecus Bundles FarStone DriveClone3 Pro Software 2007-07-25 Thecus Attends ASIAL Security 2007 Expo 2007-07-23 Thecus Snags Three Awards from PCMedia Magazine 2007-07-19 Thecus N5200 Wins Editor's Choice 2007-07-19 Thecus Attends SEK2007 in South Korea 2007-06-29 Thecus Technology Introduces the N5200PRO 2007-06-15 Thecus N1200 Tested by Trusted Reviews 2007-06-11 Thecus N5200 Snags Two Awards at Virtual Hideout 2007-06-11 Thecus 1U4500 Voted Best of Taiwan's Best 2007-06-06 Visit Thecus Technology at Computex 2007 2007-06-01 Thecus N1200 Reviewed at PC World Norway 2007-06-01 Tom's Hardware Guide Reviews the Thecus N1200 2007-06-01 Thecus and Altech @ CeBIT Australia 2007 2007-05-30 Thecus 1U4500 Reviewed at Boston UK 2007-05-21 Small Net Builder Reviews the Thecus 1U4500 2007-05-21 Thecus Technology Introduces the N4100+ 2007-05-11 Thecus Technology Joins care@HEXUS 2007-05-07 TechSpot Reviews the Thecus YES Box N2100BM 2007-05-01 Thecus Tops the Charts at SmallNetBuilder 2007-04-23 Thecus N1200 NAS Wins Hexus' Media Award 2007-04-16 PCQuest Magazine Reviews the Thecus N4100 2007-04-11 Thecus Attends SecuTech Taipei 2007 Security Show 2007-04-09 Thecus 1U4500 Wins HEXUS Labs Executive Award 2007-03-23 Introducing Thecus RouStor™ Technology 2007-03-12 Visit Thecus Technology at CeBIT 2007 2007-03-09 Thecus & AXEL Attend Storage Expo Italia 2007 2007-02-16 Tech Fear Reviews Thecus N5200 RouStor™ NAS 2007-02-15 CHIP Magazine Czech Republic Reviews Thecus N5200 2007-02-06 Thecus Launches 1U4500 Rackmount Storage Device 2007-02-01 Intel-based Thecus N2100 Powers Debian Project 2007-01-26 WCM Magazine Reviews the Thecus N5200 2007-01-16 Thecus Technology Launches the N1200 NAS Device 2007-01-01 Thecus N5200 Reviewed by Windows IT Pro Magazine 2006-12-20 The Inquirer Recommends the Thecus N5200 RouStor 2006-12-18 Recommends Thecus N5200 2006-12-15 PC Pro Magazine Recommends Thecus N5200 2006-12-14 Small Net Builder Revisits the Thecus YES Box N2100 2006-12-12 Thecus N2100 Wins 3-Star Award from WCM Magazine 2006-12-11 Thecus N2050 Wins Best Price & Performance on Unlimit PC 2006-11-22 Thecus N2100 Wins Hardware Vault Best Buy Award 2006-11-20 Thecus Announces the N2100BM (Media Server Edition) 2006-11-16 Thecus N5200 Wins C'T Magazine NAS Roundup 2006-11-15 Thecus N5200 Performance on Tom's Networking 2006-11-06 Thecus Technology Attends Storage Expo London 2006-11-06 Thecus Technology Launches the N2050B 2006-11-06 YES Box N2100 Wins's Editor's Choice 2006-10-16 Thecus Technology @ JASA 2006 Winter Event 2006-10-12 Tom's Hardware Guide Reviews the Thecus N1050 2006-10-04 Thecus Technology Joins JASA 2006 Winter Event 2006-10-01 Thecus N2100 Reviewed by com! Magazine 2006-10-01 PC Shopper Reviews the Thecus N2050 2006-09-26 PCDIY! 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Conference Newark 2006 2006-06-12 Thecus N2100 Wins PC Utilities Editor's Choice Award 2006-06-11 Thecus Featured at Spectrum Indonesia Seminar 2006-06-11 Tom's Networking Reviews the Thecus N2100 2006-06-11 Thecus and Altech Attend CeBIT Australia 2006 2006-06-05 Visit Thecus Technology at Computex Taipei 2006 2006-06-01 Canard PC Recommends the Thecus N2050 2006-05-26 Thecus Attends Intel Channel Conference 2006 2006-05-15 Xbit Labs Reviews the YES Box N2100 2006-05-04 Thecus Joins California Computer Roadshow in Poland 2006-05-03 PC Expert Reviews the N2050 2006-05-03 Thecus Joins Intel® Solutions Summit Hainan 2006 2006-05-02 ITReview Tests the YES Box N2100 2006-05-01 Tom's Hardware Guide Reviews the Thecus N2050 2006-04-20 Thecus N4100 receives Gold Award from Info Komputer 2006-04-18 Thecus N2100 YES Box Receives PCShopper Praise 2006-04-17 Thecus N4100 Wins 5 Stars from Tweak PC 2006-04-17 Thecus Technology Becomes Intel® Storage Community Charter Member 2006-04-13 YES nano N1050 Receives 4.5 Stars from digitalhome 2006-04-07 TrustedReviews on the Thecus YES Box N2100 2006-03-29 Thecus N2050 Wins Two Awards on Hexus 2006-03-29 Thecus N2050 Receives IT Magazine 4.5 Star Rating 2006-03-28 Thecus Technology at Brussels Storage Expo 2006-03-28 Visit Thecus Technology at Brussels Storage Expo 2006 2006-03-20 Thecus Technology Announces the N5200 2006-03-09 Visit Thecus Technology at CeBIT 2006 2006-03-06 HardwareCrew Tests the Thecus N4100 and N2100 2006-03-03 Décision Informatique Reviews the Thecus N4100 2006-02-24 Thecus N2050 DAS Reviewed by Cadsite Group 2006-02-24 Thecus N2100 Wins PChome's Editor's Choice 2006-02-22 ZDNet Reviews the Thecus N4100 2006-02-13 The Inquirer Reviews the Thecus N4100 2006-02-10 Thecus Technology Joins Intel® Storage Community 2006-02-08 Thecus Introduces the YES nano N1050 2006-01-27 SMBedge Reviews the Thecus N4100 NAS Device 2006-01-27 Introducing the N2050 from Thecus Technology 2006-01-24 YES Box N2100 Wins Media Recommended at Hexus 2006-01-24 Thecus N2100 Wins PCDIY Editor's Choice Award 2006-01-18 Thecus Products Featured in East Valley Tribune 2006-01-16 Thecus Attends the Intel Storage Summit 2006-01-16 YES Box N2100 Wins Roundup on Tom's Hardware 2006-01-16 Thecus N4100 Receives PCDIY Editor's Choice Award 2006-01-12 Thecus N2100 Recommended by CNET Editors 2005-12-28 HKEPC Releases Thecus YES Box N2100 Test Report 2005-12-28 Announcing Additional Design's Christmas Promotion 2005-12-20 YES Box N2100 Wins PC OFFICE Editor's Choice 2005-12-14 Thecus Technology Launches New Website Design 2005-12-12 Thecus N2100 Wins DigitalHome's 4 Star Rating 2005-12-08 Thecus N4100 Available at SITEX 2005 2005-11-30 Thecus Releases the YES Box N2100 Black Edition 2005-11-28 Thecus Technology Attends IDF Korea 2005 2005-11-14 Thecus @ National Home Entertainment Show 2005 2005-11-14 The Thecus N4100 Wins 4 Stars from Hardware Zone 2005-11-04 The Inquirer Recommends the YES Box N2100 2005-11-03 Thecus Technology Demos at JASA 2005 2005-11-01 Thecus Technology Exhibits at SMAU 2005 2005-10-28 Thecus Attends Intel Channel Conference 2005 2005-10-25 Thecus Technology Receives Recognition at IDF 2005 2005-10-20 Thecus Launches YES Box N2100 in China 2005-10-17 Thecus Technology Attends 2nd Annual Digital Home Experience Exhibition 2005-10-15 IT Magazine Awards Thecus N4100 with 4.5 Stars 2005-10-14 Tom's Hardware Guide Reviews the Thecus N4100 2005-09-21 Thecus @ YES Box N2100 Launch Party 2005-09-16 Thecus Technology Makes a Splash at IFA Berlin 2005 2005-09-12 Thecus Demos at ASIAL 2005 Security Conference 2005-09-07 Thecus Technology Attends COMEX 2005 2005-09-05 Thecus Technology Introduces the YES Box N2100 2005-08-23 The Inquirer Covers Intel Developer Forum Fall 2005 2005-08-23 CT Magazine Reviews the Thecus N4100 2005-08-22 Thecus N4100 Is Highly Recommended By Hexus 2005-08-01 Thecus® introduces the N4100 Storage 2005-08-01 Thecus® Announces 1st Wireless Network IP Storage and WNMS at Computex 2005 2005-05-31 Thecus® Demonstrates N4100 Storage Appliance at Intel® Solutions Summit 2005, Dublin 2005-04-27 "Do you have a Black Box?" 2005-03-11 Thecus Introduces New IP Storage Products at CeBIT 2005-03-11 Thecus re-launches website to offer customers better information. 2004-11-07 Wireless Media Bank lets you enjoy digital life 2004-05-30 Thecus® N2810 NAS tackles rising demands for data storage of YouTube-channel “Techno-Kitchen”, Russia ThecusのN2800、ロシアのMegaObzorから「エディターズチョイス賞」受賞