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Case Study

A Thecus N5810 success story
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10/19/2018 – One of Thecus' long-term partners turned to the company with a project proposal to increase safety for citizens living in modern cities.

The project was about monitoring the city environment via video surveillance, including some public and private companies' facilities, and recording the data. The video recordings and data storage should be remote in a small isolated room outside of the facilities. Access to the data was supposed to be easy and the storage solution should be able to run a few virtual machines (VM).

The office employees working on ensuring the safety of the city should be able to work with the data as well as deploy basic applications and run apps like a mail server.

The project also required quiet operation of the storage solution, compact size and reliability.

The first choice was the proven and well established Thecus N5810 but at first the NAS had to go through noise testing. After numerous test runs, the sound level was officially confirmed at 33 dB at a distance of 75 cm. This validated the very quiet operation of the N5810 and was approved by the customer. Additionally, the N5810 provides the possibility to control the fan speed by setting it to low, medium or high speed via firmware.

To run three VMs on a 5-bay NAS is a unique and challenging task, mostly related to CPU utilization and the necessity to customize the software. However Thecus successfully implemented this module into the firmware and NAS testing showed average CPU load on the N5810 when Windows launched IOMeter and CentOS is working on file transfers with data volumes of over 4 GByte. CPU utilization showed still plenty of room to run a third VM or deploy other applications. The VM module and total solution offered by Thecus was highly approved by the customer and local project initiators.

After this solution was refined, Thecus decided to offer the VM module as an option for other customers. You can find the virtualization software option on the N5810 product page on the official Thecus website.
Learn more about the Thecus N5810 and download the according firmware here:

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