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Country: Germany | Media: PcWelt | Product: N2350
“If you are looking for a network storage for primarily building a cheap local data center, the Thecus N2350 is the right choice, given the very good price-performance ratio."
Country: UK | Media: Simply Reviews | Product: N4350

“The Home users and SOHOs that want a basic, easy to use NAS appliance for file sharing and data protection won’t find a cheaper alternative than the N4350. […] Gigabit performance is good, it has hot-swap drive bays plus a good set of backup tools and won’t be faulted for build quality.”

Country: Germany | Media: Chip | Product: N2350
"A good result: The NAS Thecus N2350 is overall convincing in our laboratory testing. Regarding performance and power consumption, our results from the test lab show the outstanding strengths of the device. During testing, the device reveals no serious weaknesses and therefore doesn't stand out negatively in any area. At the time of testing, the price-performance rating of the Thecus N2350 is top notch."
Country: UK | Media: Kitguru | Product: N4350
“Thecus’s latest 4-bay NAS, the compact N4350 performs well enough and the new OS7 software is the most feature rich to date. With a highly competitive price tag, the N4350 may not have the bells and whistles of some of its competitor’s but if you don’t need them and just need a no nonsense NAS then it should go on any short list.”
Country: UK | Media: Simply Reviews | Product:
“Overall performance is good, deduplication is impeccable and the low price for the appliance plus the WSS2016 Standard license make the W16850 comparatively good value. As an early adopter of Windows Storage Server 2016, Thecus sets a high standard for the rest to follow.”
Country: UK | Media: Simply Reviews | Product: N12910SAS
“Performance is another strong point of this appliance and its high expansion potential will allow it to keep ahead of demand. The N12910SAS is perfectly poised for SMBs that want basic, hard-performing network storage services and with a starting price of under $4K, it’s impossible to beat for value.”
Country: USA | Media: Tom's Hardware | Product: N2350
“The Thecus N2350 will get you in the door for a taste test without breaking the bank. You should like it enough to want more features in your next NAS, and that’s why we like this model, at this price, so much.”
Country: Greece | Media: Insomnia | Product: N2810PRO
The Thecus N2810PRO with its slew of external connectivity options and solid hardware design earned the Editor’s Choice award from Insomnia.
Country: Belgium | Media: Madshrimps | Product: N4810
Overall, the Thecus N4810 earned the value award of Madshrimps due to its price-performance ratio.
Country: UK | Media: Kitguru | Product:
The final words of KitGuru were, “if you have a working knowledge of the Windows Server environment or have the time to get to grips with the software, the W5810 is a very capable NAS for SMB use.”
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