Protect the Thecus NAS from potential attacks

Security Update for the ThecusOS 7.0

Over the past year, security experts from Google's Project Zero and other technicians have discovered that the “speculative execution” technique used by many of today's microchips to optimize performance by predicting the execution path of programs and scheduling typically used instructions, poses a critical security vulnerability. Malware can take advantage of this technique to get access to memory areas, e.g. with passwords or other sensitive data. The different variants of these vulnerabilities were called Spectre and Meltdown.

Affected are – among others - processors from Intel and some based on ARM architecture. Thecus is using those chips for their network storage products and has therefore now released its first firmware updates that covers the key caveats revealed by Spectre and Meltdown to eliminate the biggest security risks.

Important system update closes new security vulnerabilities

How to Update the Firmware

Way 1

If your NAS is connected to the Internet, you can simply update via the user interface: Inside the "Control Panel" select "Firmware Setting" and click "Check Upgrade Now".

Way 2

The new beta firmware with version number 3.02.03 can also be downloaded from the Thecus website when you select your NAS model with ThecusOS 7.0.

Important system update closes new security vulnerabilities

Supported Models

The important update is currently available for NAS with ThecusOS 7.0 such as the N2810, N5810 and N12910 series, the N4810, N4910 and N16910SAS with Intel processors and the new N2350 and N4350 based on ARM chips.