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N4100 Do you have a Black Box?
In today's digital era, the majority of new knowledge assets are in digital form. And keeping these knowledge assets secure and available has become a major issue. Thecus N4100 is a next generation network storage appliance designed to tackle this challenge. It provides an easy-to-use, affordable, and secure solution for storing, sharing and managing digital data.


Media: 3D NEWS | Country: Russia

"Undoubtedly, the Thecus N4100 PRO can be recommended for home and small office users thanks to its stylish design, HDD hot swapping support, well-thought web interface and high data transfer rates. This new device can make a good platform for web site support, enterprise data storage or become an entertainment center for easy share of video and music files via the Internet or LAN network. The price of Thecus N4100 PRO is about RUR 20.000, which is rather reasonable for such type of NAS, and justified by the quality and excellent performance of the device."

Media: Bjorn3D | Country: USA

"The Thecus N4100PRO is an excellent solution for the Small to Medium Business owner or for the home user that wants or needs a network attached storage solution for file sharing and who wants the security of data redundancy. With RAID expansion and RAID level migration capabilities, it is a near perfect solution because of its flexibility. Its ease of use, fast data throughput, network bonding with failover mode, and solid performance make The Thecus N4100PRO a NAS that would make itself very useful in just about any environment. For its data redundancy, network failover protection, and high data throughput, the Thecus N4100PRO earns the Seal of Approval and a score of 8.5 out of 10 (Very Good).."

Media: Sweclockers | Country: Sweden

"Appearance-wise N4100 Pro looks much like little brother N3200, but it definitely feels more robust. Installation of the N4100 Pro was very simple and went very smoothly. We can certainly call the installation completely foolproof. The N4100 Pro supports a lot of features…Via modular system which we praised earlier, you can also add extra features. When this device is based on the x86 architecture via AMD's LX800 processor makes it easier to convert the modules for other devices for the N4100 Pro….Web interface offers many powerful features….RAID management is absolutely impeccable...Generally, however, good performance and fits well for its price range. It also consumes relatively little energy compared with other devices."

Media: HKEPC | Country: HK

"The N4100PRO uses an AMD Geode LX800 low-voltage CPU, enabling data transfers faster than competing 4-bay NAS units, even besting some 5-bay units. Also offering many excellent features like load balancing and fail over at a reasonable price, it's a great choice for both SOHO and business users."

Media: CPU Magazine | Country: USA

"With the NAS volume online and loaded with some content, and the media extender connected to the HDTV and the network, we could sit back, relax, and enjoy our handiwork. We ended up with a massive network-attached volume that could hold a ton of digital content and a nifty little box that could access that content and pipe it through our HDTV (or home theater). Once configured, using everything was incredibly easy. We could simply copy whatever files we wanted to watch on the HDTV to the NAS volume and select the files with the media extender. It doesn't get easier than that."


  • Terabyte-level network storage appliance with SATA (Serial ATA) technology and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.
  • Energy saving, more than 35% power saving
  • RAID level 0, 1, 5, JBOD support
  • Easy web-based configuration, installation and maintenance
  • Overview

    In today's digital era, the majority of new knowledge assets are in digital form. And keeping these knowledge assets secure and available has become a major issue. Thecus N4100 is a next generation network storage appliance designed to tackle this challenge. It provides an easy-to-use, affordable, and secure solution for storing, sharing and managing digital data.


    N4100 is tailor-made for computer enthusiasts and the small office/home office (SOHO) users who face the following data storage issues.

    • How could I increase the capacity of my data storage without technical hassle but with an affordable cost?
    • What would happen if my hard drive crashes?
    • How could I share the data with other people?
    • How could I manage the data in a multiple PC environment?
    • How could I store and backup the data in a reliable device?


    Based on Intel's I/O processor architecture, N4100 is designed to offer larger storage space, better data security, higher data access throughput, but with lower power consumption.

    SMB Application

    Home Application

    SOHO Application


    Most households and small offices have more than one PC. However,this multiple PC structure doesn't allow people to find, share or consolidate files easily because the data are scattered in different PCs. In order to solve this problem, N4100 is architected to act as a central data server. Users using different operation systems are able to read, write and execute the files saved at N4100 by network. For example, a secretary saves a document at N4100 for his/her co-workers to review. His/her co-workers can simply access via network the document and make comments. For another example, in a home environment, when kids keep their MP3 songs, video contents and gaming programs at N4100, they will be able to share and combine their individual digital collections in a centralized device. Furthermore, they can access their digital archive via network simultaneously.

    Pay as you grow

    N4100 emphasizes the pay-as-you-grow model with your business growth and the expansion of your personal digital archive. You could add hard drives one by one when the existing capacity is run out*. For example, you could place two hard disks at N4100 at first because of budget concern. Later on, when the storage space is not sufficient, you add another two.When a single Terabyte N4100 is too small to accommodate your data, you add another N4100 to the existing network, and then you gain one more Terabyte. Since N4100 is network based, it grants you unlimited scalability. Using Thecus N4100 as your data server is the smartest way to minimize IT management and secure your precious asset.

    * for JBOD configuration only

    Terabyte serial ATA (SATA) capacity, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity

    In order to provide high data reliability and high data throughput, N4100 adopts the next generation hard drive technology, SATA, and Gigabit connectivity. With four-bay design, N4100 helps users easily gain Terabyte-level storage space.

    Energy saving

    Although Thecus N4100 has terabyte capacity and Gigabit connectivity, Thecus N4100 is energy-saving. Compared to traditional file servers, Thecus N4100 saves more than 35% energy. Since Thecus N4100 is designed as a special purpose appliance focused on network and storage, unnecessary power consumption is eliminated.


    Intel IOP
    1st Network Interface Gigabit Intel 82541
    SATA Controller
    Intel SATA controller (4 SATA hard drives)
    Flash 16MB
    4x bays of 3.5" SATA HDD,
    Single capacity supported 80/120/160/200/250/300/400GB
    AC/DC 200W ATX power supply
    Adapter AC 100~240Volt, 50/60 Hz
    LED 1 x Power LED
    1 x System busy LED (booting, upgrade, shutdown)
    2 x Network link + activity LED
    4 x Hard drive power LED
    4 x Hard drive activity LED
    Dimension 167mm(W) x 199mm(H) x 223mm(D)
    RAID Levels 0, 1, 5, JBOD
    Auto Rebuild Rebuild new hard drives by inserting HDD to and existing RAID system
    Hot Swap
    Hard drives are allowed to be removed and inserted on the fly and N4100 still provides service during swapping
    Client Platform Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
    UNIX/Linux/BSD (by CIFS)
    Apple OS X (AFP)