Media: Computerbase | Country: Germany
“These Windows NAS are abundant in functions, features, and connectivity. The NAS systems are trying to walk between two worlds: NAS and Windows Server. Experienced users can use the almost endless features throughout the full x86 support and receive a lot of added value with a lot of professional functions.”
Media: Hispazone | Country: Spain

Thecus once again brought an innovative product to the marketplace with the Thecus WSSE NAS. “There are many business-oriented NAS based on Windows OS.  Thecus offers some of the most affordable solutions with the operating system and it does so from a range of fairly intelligent hardware.”

Media: iXBT | Country: Russia

“It is a ready-to-use solution supporting and easily integrating with the main Microsoft network and cloud applications. It doesn't require licenses and it can be used right away”

Media: Guru 3D | Country: USA

The Thecus W4000+ is definitely recommended for the SOHO side of the market, an incredibly fun and handy NAS with decent performance and an operating system that will serve you well. If you are in the market for a Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 based product then please do opt this 4 GB model, as the extra memory will come in very handy.”

Media: IT-Connect | Country: France
The OS is not the only attraction of this NAS. Thecus provides well-known and robust hardware. “The design of the NAS is not flamboyant, but the model looks solid and secure.” For a little added value, Thecus included a special hardware feature. “The embedded SSD dedicated to storage of the OS is a real asset and a great idea from Thecus.”