Media: Pure-PC | Country: Poland
“Thecus is without a doubt one of the most respected players in the market for this type of equipment, which boldly competes with giants such as Synology and QNAP” 
Media: Prohardver | Country: Hungary
The possibilities of using a Windows NAS are incredible comparing with a Linux NAS. Apart from features like Cloud services (Office 365 or Azure Cloud), Data Deduplication or Active Directory you can find an infinite list of apps to download into your NAS. “You're using a Windows system, this includes not only the most necessary basic elements such as the Control Panel, Notepad, Paint and so on. This means user can install any x86-based program, for example, peer-to-peer client, media player, games, etc.” 
Media: Computerbase | Country: Germany
“These Windows NAS are abundant in functions, features, and connectivity. The NAS systems are trying to walk between two worlds: NAS and Windows Server. Experienced users can use the almost endless features throughout the full x86 support and receive a lot of added value with a lot of professional functions.”
Media: Bjorn3D | Country: USA
“Overall, the Thecus W2000+ has provided us with a great introduction into the Windows Storage Server realm. We can't believe the value that the combination of Thecus and Microsoft is able to provide in this Windows Storage Server line of products. Not only do you get a 2-bay storage appliance for around $500, but the operating system ($500+ by itself) is loaded on a traditional SSD ($40) for snappy OS operations. It's tough to beat the hardware and software value that is provided in the Thecus W2000+ NAS, which is why we are awarding it the Bjorn3D Best Bang for the Buck Award.”
Media: Cachem | Country: France
“The benefits of a Windows NAS does not stop at the OS. Like any professional server, the device can be used as a domain controller with Active Directory (where Linux NAS can only connect to it). Windows Storage Server Essentials provides access to Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Bitlocker (encryption) and the preinstalled Orbweb application (remote access), and that is just the beginning of what you can do.”