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Getting Started

What can a NAS do for me?

What can a NAS do for me? My retort would be: who are you? If you are a high-tech gamer, it can store all of your biggest games in a massive storage space. If you are a downloader, you can tell it to download anything you want from your office, your friend's house, or the public library while it sits under your desk at home. If you are a movie watcher, it can stream HD movies to your living room TV. If you are a business owner, it can act as a central hub for all of your employees to share their latest work. It can do web hosting, video surveillance, photo serving, and provide a vital backup for your computers. Bringing it all together is RAID, the protection that keeps your data intact through even disk failure.

So what is NAS? Your omnipotent (well, almost) data hub.