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Intelligent NAS

Getting Started

How should I start to use?

Copy/move files from PC to NAS

At first, you will find a new drive named NAS_public on Windows File Explorer, and also with an IP address. It is the volume in the NAS, like a physical drive. You can start to copy/move your file to NAS_public.

If you are a Mac user, you will find it in "Finder."

One-press Backup your external drive

Connect your USB drive to the USB 3.0 input on the front side or you might want to connect other USB drives to USB 2.0 on backside. Press the "Copy" button, then the "Copy" light will flash. This indicates that the NAS is writing files. At the same time, the "Ongoing Copy Tasks" on Intelligent NAS will show a progress bar. When your mouse is over the progress bar, it will show the path of destination. Or you can open the File Explorer (Win)/ Finder (Mac). After the first you use "USB Copy", the "USB_COPY" folder will shows in the NAS_public. After the light stops flashing, the USB cable can be ejected. After a period of time, you want to do the backup with the same external drive; files will not be overwritten, but will generate a new backup.

Other shared folders in the NAS

  • _P2P_Download_: when you use Intelligent NAS "BT Download", the .torrent and file will be stored here.
  • _NAS_Piczza_: PiczzaTM is a photo server provided by Thecus. The folder is Piczza's root folder.
  • USB_Copy: In the above projects have been described.