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Intelligent NAS

Getting Started

Install Intelligent NAS

When installing Intelligent NAS*, you will be presented with screens below:

NOTE: After running the Intelligent NAS, you may need to wait for a few seconds. The waiting time depends on system status. Once completed, the window below will be presented.

1. Click the "Continue" button.

2. Click the " Yes" button to continue install Adobe AIR.

3. Installing Intelligent NAS, please wait.

4. Select language version, then click the "OK" button.

5. If you insert brand new drives, it will show " Assist (Click in)*." Then an "Assistant" window will popup for you to select "Self-RAID Creation" or "Manual RAID Creation." Here, we select "Self-RAID Creation" and click "Confirm". Waiting for a few minutes for "Self-RAID Creation." When system is ready, it will beep, then you can click it and start to use.

If there is any data in your drives, it will still show "Assist (Click in)," click it. An "Assistant" window will popup and tell you the event. If you want to continue, select the "Continue" option and click "Confirm" button.

During the process, it will show some messages, "RAID Initial" and then "Processing ". You might wait for a few minutes (the time it takes depends on the hard drive capacity, and whether there is data in drives.) When system installation is ready, it will beep and you can click in to start to use.

Tip: We recommend using disks with the same capacity in a same RAID array, that will not waste any space.
Tip: Please click highlighted area when "Assist" shows.