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Getting Started

Self-RAID Creation and Drives Capacity

Regarding a NAS, it is necessary to build RAID volume, so you can use other functions on the NAS. For starters, however, many may not understand the significance of RAID, nor acknowledge what kind of RAID mode is appropriate for each task. Intelligent NAS automatically builds RAID function; now your data will be protected. The so-called data protection means when data in one of disks is damaged, RAID 1 and RAID 5 implement data redundancy that allows you to never interrupt your transmission and processing of data. However, to take advantage of RAID to protect your data, you must sacrifice some space. N2520 allows up to two drives, and the N4520 is up to four drives. Please see the following illustration below.

If you want to know more detail about RAID, please go to:
Tip: We recommend using disks with the same capacity in a same RAID array, that will not waste any space.
Tip: Even if some RAID levels and Thecus features offer a good protection, you should plan alternative backup for sensitive data.