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"If you're interested in a NAS then this is one you can't go wrong with."
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05/18/2009For performance and flexibility, the N4100PRO four-bay NAS from Thecus® Technology packs a powerful one-two punch. The editors of AMD Zone recently put the N4100PRO on the test bench. After pouring over every menu and putting it through various benchmarks, AMD Zone was thoroughly impressed, awarding it an incredible score of 95% and their Editor's Choice Award!

AMD Zone kicks things off with a brief description of the N4100PRO: "The N4100PRO is a black, sleek, cubed shaped computer which doesn't look too far off from Shuttle PCs. There's a front panel door which opens easily which hides the four SATA drive bays. Installing hard drives in there is a snap, simply take out the drive bay, screw the hard drive into it, slide it back in and your hard drive is ready to go. There's no lock for the front panel but there's something better, locks for the hard drive bays. Nothing advanced here but similar locks that you might see on enthusiast cases. LEDs on the left also keep you up to date of the current status of the NAS."

Setting up users on the N4100PRO is a snap: "One can easily setup certain user groups, privileges, and more from the account creation tab. This can be much easier to use than Windows at times archaic user system."

The verdict from AMD Zone: "…all of us have vital information on our computers and many of us it isn't out of the question to even have terabytes of data full of libraries of information. HD is definitely not the end either, it may be the pinnacle of for video resolution in the present but as always things will continue to evolve and change and as with every other part of the computer, storage will need to be increased and kept safe. SSD discs should be more reliable but are no match for the vast storage size of conventional hard drives which simply do fail. The Thecus N4100PRO provides for an excellent solution to not only back-up this important data but also to access from numerous computers through a user friendly GUI with a host of bonus features and extras. If you're interested in a NAS then this one for small business or consumer that you can't go wrong with."

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