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"The N7700 is in a class all its own – 94%"
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05/04/2009The N7700 from Thecus® Technology is the ultimate NAS server. But is this seven-bay powerhouse simply the same tired technology with a few extra drive bays tacked on for good measure? The hardware experts over at TweakTown don't think so. In fact, they managed to get one of these units into their test labs, and in the end, were mighty impressed. At the end of the day, they saw it fitting to bestow it their Editor's Choice Must Have Award and a final overall TweakTown rating of 94%!

The N7700 is engineered to work right out of the box: "As far as the initial firmware that the N7700 has installed out of the box, it is pretty much flawless. We didn't have any issues at all and were surprised at first to see so many consumer friendly options available on this enterprise product. "

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to get the N7700 up and running: "Setup on many NAS servers has always been the Achilles heel, but not with the Thecus products we have looked at. The N7700 is the same way; nothing could be easier to configure the NAS as long as you have a basic understanding of the way networks work. When I say basic, I really do mean basic. Out of the box the NAS is configured to pull an IP address and the included PC software allows you to instantly set the NAS up for elementary functions. "

As this is a Thecus® NAS, performance was also top-notch: "As soon as we get past JBOD we see how the faster processor and extra memory help the N7700 sail past the N5200 Pro. There is no doubt; the N7700 is wicked fast at playing back video content in all RAID modes. Mixed mode playback also shows the N7700 moving data at an incredible rate. "

The bottom line: "Ease of use, leading transfer performance and at a price that the competition fails to deliver a similar product at, the Thecus N7700 is in a class all its own."

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