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"A top-flight, three-drive, RAID-capable, NAS device"
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4/1/2009 – The hardware experts at Computer Power User Magazine recently put the Thecus® M3800 Stream Box on to their test bench. At first, they assumed that the M3800 was just another run-of-the-mill three-bay NAS, but discovered that it was, in fact, a very capable media streaming device! In the end, CPU Magazine was very impressed with the M3800, billing it as “a top-flight, three-drive, RAID-capable, NAS device with a rudimentary digital media extender thrown in for good measure.”

The M3800 Stream Box is not only easy to use, but also offers very strong performance: "Add up to three hard drives to the M3800, connect the box to a network, and the setup is nearly complete. Once assembled and connected, launching a simple configuration utility, picking the desired RAID mode, and configuring some user accounts is all that's required before users can access and store files on the device. Setup is quite easy. And the M3800's AMD Geode LX800 GPU, 256MB of RAM, and Gigabit LAN support offer solid performance and consistent transfer rates (about 54MBps read, 38MBps write)."

Of course, the headline is a NAS device with multimedia streaming prowess: "What makes the M3800 stand out, however, is its built-in media playback capabilities. In addition to its high-end NAS pedigree, the Thecus M3800 also sports a full complement of A/V outputs, including HDMI. Connect the box to an HDTV or home-entertainment system, and multimedia files stored on the device can be played back on the TV or through a stereo system. Video quality was good at every resolution up to 1080p and on par with other digital media extenders I've tested. The M3800 includes a basic remote control that brings up an on-screen menu, where users can browse though pictures, music, or movies stored on the device. Essentially, the M3800 is a NAS box and digital media extender in one."

The bottom line? "The media playback features of the M3800 are basic in comparison to products like the TViX M-6500 or Netgear EVA9150, but they'll get the job done if you're looking for a single device to both store and play back all of your digital media, and the M3800 will do it at resolutions up to 1080p. Think of the Thecus M3800 Stream Box as a top-flight, three-drive, RAID-capable, NAS device with a rudimentary digital media extender thrown in for good measure. "

For the full review, check out Computer Power User Magazine April Issue.

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