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"The N4100PRO does the job…an excellent product for the money”'
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03/23/2009Despite the name, reviews a wide range of technology products, including NAS devices. For their latest review, they put Thecus® Technology's N4100PRO on the test bench to see if this four-bay NAS lived up to the praise it has been receiving in the press. In the end, editors found a lot to like about the N4100PRO saying that it was “an excellent product for the money.”

The N4100PRO comes with fail over mode, making it extremely reliable: "A reliable network is important for a NAS Server. After all if you can't connect to the NAS Server what good is it? The N4100Pro comes with network bonding in fail over mode. The N4100PRO can switch to its second Gigabit Ethernet port should the first one fail. This means there is zero network downtime and increased reliability for N4100PRO users."

Not only is the N4100PRO packed with features, but its performance is also top notch: "The N4100PRO can be used as a file server, a print server or as a FTP server from the main menu. A Mac and Linux system can use the N4100PRO as the NAS can read the file systems. Backing up data was an easy matter with the Thecus N4100Pro...Transferring an 8GB file from the main computer to the NAS server took a little over 5 minutes. Uploading files is easy and averages about 46MB/second maximum."

The verdict? "Thecus spent a lot of time making the N4100PRO easy to set up and use for even the most novice of users. The need for a NAS server for the Home business or even for the family that wants to share a lot of files between themselves or Music has never been more apparent than in today's media based American culture. Thecus' N4100PRO is available online for a modest $420, making it the same cost as a Netbook laptop computer. But for the $420 you get a NAS computer that can hold up to 4TB of HDD space, manage your files across a network and act like a fileserver. In that sense, the N4100PRO does the job just like the N5200BR and N3200 did and is an excellent product for the money."

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