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"A very well-equipped NAS device with a high level of functionality"
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03/18/2009For enterprise users, capacity, flexibility, and performance are paramount when it comes to NAS devices. Engineered for the modern enterprise, the N7700 from Thecus® successfully combines these elements into a single, affordable storage device. Recently, hardware authority Tom's Hardware brought the N7700 into their test labs, and were amazed by how solid it was, saying that the N7700 isA very well-equipped NAS device with a high level of functionality.”

Thecus® is known as a performance leader in the world of NAS, and the N7700 is no exception: "The results of the multimedia benchmarks speak for itself. The Thecus N7700 demonstrates all its skills in the “HD Video Record” benchmark…The transfer rate of small files is good as well…Data backup and recovery works quickly and reliably."

The N7700 is very well equipped: "Using a Celeron M processor with 1.86 GHz clock speed and a gigabyte of memory to make the N7700 a NAS device with very good data rates. The use of seven hard drives, iSCSI support, and the possibility of various RAID configurations to operate at the same time enable administrators, network storage device suitable for various purposes."

The bottom line: "…you get a very well-equipped NAS device with a high level of functionality and very good data rates. In addition to the professional features such as iSCSI support, you can find built-in features like a media server, and iTunes and a download manager. Thecus even thought of a photo server…The Thecus N7700 is a very well-equipped network storage device, and proper processing of high data rates in the network is guaranteed. A total of seven disks are available, and parallel RAID configurations can be used."

For enterprises, there's no better NAS solution than the N7700 from Thecus®.

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