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Flexibility, power, and ease-of-use give three-bay wonder 92% score
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03/25/2009Lately, the multimedia-ready, RAID 5 equipped Thecus® M3800 Stream Box has been collecting a torrent of awards and accolades around the world. The editors of AMD Zone recently got one of these units in to their test labs, and were impressed to say the least. They were so blown away, that they awarded the M3800 a 92% rating and their Editor's Choice Award to boot!

Equipped with a low-voltage AMD Geode CPU, the M3800 gets the job done with minimal power consumption: "The M3800 is based off a familiar brand to our readers: AMD. More specifically the AMD Geode line of ultra-low power processors and in this case the LX800. This should save from the cost of power bills significantly from even a 780G based HTPC."

The M3800 Stream Box is designed with complete ease-of-use in mind: "Installing the drives is a breeze, simply open up the front cover and pop in the hard drives. Plug in the M3800 and put it on a network, access it from any computer and you can setup the login, password, how you want your disks structured, and basically everything you can think of. You can look at the GUI in our previous review of the N4100, the M3800 is basically identical to that with some extra features for the multimedia capabilities. It is very easy to use and manage via this although we do wish with this there was also a way to use this as a Torrent server with the focus on the consumer market the M3800 is targeted at. Testing media via the HDMI output we had no problem playing back 1080p video files and music."

The conclusion from AMD Zone: "Overall as with other Thecus products we are very impressed with the design and function of their network attached servers. The M3800 with its consumer and video specific features is no different...It is definitely appealing to have a device that can play back all your media whether to your television or streamed from anywhere without having to have it on multiple PCs and with an excellent GUI with plenty of options such as the one that Thecus designs. "

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