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The compact three-bay home NAS that does it all
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12/25/2008 – When looking for a NAS server for the home, you want one that gives you the flexibility to perform several different tasks with a single unit. Thecus®' N3200 was designed to give home users a selection of great features that allow them to share, secure, and enjoy their digital media. The latest review comes from, who after thoroughly testing the unit, found a lot to like. Here's what they had to say about the N3200:

The N3200 comes with an array of useful features: "The N3200 is designed with clean lines and sophisticated styling to work in the home office or living room. Thecus says and I agree that the N3200 will want to be shown off. Thecus's disk management system is a snap to use. The LCD display allows the N3200 to easily be used even in a living room or other dark area. The last major feature of the system is the Wireless Feature which allows the user to connect to the NAS wirelessly with a USB Dongle.”

Multimedia enthusiasts will find a bunch of uses for the N3200: "The file storage system sets up folders for Photos, Music, Video, USB Copy, USB HDD, and external SATA HDD. You can grant or deny access to each folder by using the Edit button on each folder. The iTunes server configuration allows other computers on the network to access music files in the Music folder of any iTunes equipped computer. This is a great feature for those that have multiple computers with music on them."

The N3200 is no slouch in the performance department: "As to performance on the NAS 3200, it was very fast at transferring files between two computers on an 802.11n Wireless network. Copying an 8GB file took a little under 5 minutes between a PC with a RAID 0 array of two WD Raptors to the Thecus N3200."

The verdict? "Thecus® is targeting the SOHO user or Home Office user with the N3200 NAS file server. Thecus® has done what it has set out to do."

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