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"The Thecus® N7700 is the best NAS / iSCSI solution…Amazing"
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12/22/2008 – The Thecus® N7700 continues to dominate the hearts and minds of the hardware community with its massive storage capacity, blazing performance, and robust feature set. The folks at StorageReviews took the N7700 for a test drive, and found out that it was as impressive as advertised, stating that it is “the best NAS/iSCSI solution” and giving it a whopping 9.5 out of 10 rating!

iSCSI and Stackable Storage are just two of the highlights: "The other features that instantly stand out are the fact that it supports iSCSI straight out of the box, this is a feature that the ReadyNAS Pro is yet to have, not only that but it also already supports a Stackable Storage feature…With iSCSI and stackability, expanding the capacity of application servers is both quick and easy."

Performance was also top-notch: "I was genuinely surprised by just how fast the Thecus N7700 NAS solution was and the performance figures it achieved. After reviewing the NETGEAR ReadyNAS Pro I had honestly thought that it would take quite a while before the competition caught up. Even before the Thecus N7700 was tested via iSCSI, it was clear that the competition in the form of Thecus had already stepped up to the plate and produced what can only be described as a clear contender as the best NAS solution now available."

The bottom line: "The Thecus N7700 was a unit that was full of surprises. After reviewing the NETGEAR ReadyNAS Pro I was convinced that it would take a while before I was that surprised by the performance of a similar cost and class of NAS solution. Little did I know that within a week I was literally stuck for words in how to describe the performance and features of another competitive NAS solution from another manufacturer, that if anything was better than the NETGEAR ReadyNAS Pro…given that the Thecus N7700 cost's less than a NETGEAR ReadyNAS Pro and also has features not yet available on the NETGEAR ReadyNAS Pro, it just edges in front. So my conclusion is that for now at least the Thecus N7700 is the best NAS / iSCSI solution, in this class and this form...Amazing...."

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