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Perfectly match a typical family's storage requirements
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12/8/2005 –In the December issue, DigitalHome Magazine takes a look at the YES Box N2100 NAS storage device from Thecus Technology. After some extensive testing, editors unanimously praised the functionality of the YES Box N2100, and decided to bestow it their 4 star recommendation!

DigitalHome editors' begin by introducing the YES Box N2100: "Available in white, silver, or black, the YES Box N2100 has a definite high-tech styling to it, and is targeted toward non-techie users. With its simplified web-based interface, the YES Box N2100 is very convenient to use."

So what are the basic features of the YES Box N2100? "The YES Box N2100's front panel features a beautifully blue backlit power button and a copy button, which allows for data from an attached USB storage device to be copied directly to the YES Box – a very well thought-out feature…In addition, the YES Box N2100 can also be configured for RAID 0, 1, and JBOD."

Besides the features mentioned above, the YES Box N2100 also comes equipped with several uniquely-designed features: "The YES Box N2100 also features an Apple iTunes Server and a YES Community Photo Web Server, allowing users to turn it into a digital jukebox and a personal photo album. The uses are numerous and perfectly match a typical family's storage requirements."

For the complete review, check out p.155 of the December issue of DigitalHome Magazine.
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