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The perfect holiday gift for the multimedia enthusiast
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12/01/2008The holiday season is upon us once again, and that means giving gifts to loved ones and spreading holiday cheer. This year, in their annual Holiday Buyer's Guide, Tom's Hardware takes a look at some of the most exciting gift ideas for the holiday season. With excellent performance and a slew of multimedia features, editors found the Thecus® M3800 nigh irresistible, saying it is one of the best gifts this holiday season!

The M3800 is a lot more than a NAS: "...the M3800 goes somewhat beyond what a typical network attached storage device can do to accommodate streaming media across a network. That probably also explains why the unit includes a small infrared remote control and features AV outputs (HDMI, component video, AV, and S/PDIF optical) as well. The M3800 also functions as an iTunes server, a Photo Web Server, and a uPnP media server.”

Strong performance and excellent capacity: "As Schmid's article points out, the M3800 is built around the AMD Geode processor—a 500 MHz LX800 processor, to be more specific, to provide RAID 5 support and manage network communications... The device includes three drive bays and can accommodate up to 4 SATA hard disks in RAID 0, 1, 5, or just-a-bunch-of-disk (JBOD) configurations. Stuffed with three Seagate 7200.11 1.5 TB drives in its internal bays, with another one plugged into its eSATA port, maximum capacity sits at a whopping 6.0 TB!"

The conclusion? "For households or small offices that need extended storage and streaming media services, this is a hard box to beat. Anybody who knows what the M3800 can do will be happy to see one under the tree come Xmas."

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