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An ideal network storage device for the enterprise environment
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11/21/2008IT departments know that Thecus® NAS devices are a solid choice when performance and data security are top priority. Recently, hardware authority Tom's Hardware got their hands on the Thecus® N5200PRO and subjected it to a battery of rigorous tests. When all was said and done, editors found it to be an excellent storage solution for the enterprise environment, citing strong performance and superb data reliability!

Niceties such as the LCD display impressed editors: "The absolute eye-catcher on the front face of the N5200PRO, however, is the blue illuminated display. Displayed information includes the system, RAID and fan status and the IP addresses of the device. With the four buttons, which are located below the display, the first establishment in terms of the IP address of the N5200PRO be made. The settings are protected by a password, which also has four buttons, and must be entered before settings can be changed. The data show the various moves per second rhythm."

Network reliability is also important in a corporate environment: "So it is possible that N5200PRO can operate in a failover, load-balance or 802.3ad mode. The failover mode ensures that the failure of either physical data connections still leave the connection to the network intact. The load-balancing mode ensures that the resulting network traffic on both interfaces is evenly distributed. 802.3ad, on the other hand, simply provides the N5200PRO double the bandwidth available. In the case of a gigabit network, this equates to a gross two Gigabit per second."

The Tom's Hardware verdict: "The Thecus N5200PRO is a high-NAS device that is designed for use in corporate networks. There is support for multiple, simultaneous RAID configurations, the storage-over-TCP procedures and the iSCSI connection of the NAS device to Active Directory Services. Through two Ethernet interfaces users will have the opportunity, in the N5200PRO, for link aggregation or load-balancing mode. Also, the operation into two independent network segments is conceivable. The housing is consistently well-made and the front-mounted display can be particularly at the helpful during initial setup."

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