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"A MUST have NAS as part of one's storage portfolio"
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11/10/2008 – Since its announcement just a few short weeks ago, the buzz about Thecus® all new N7700 is beginning to sweep the hardware community. recently got to test one of these units, and were so enamored by it, gave it an overall 90% rating, calling it a “MUST have NAS”!

The N7700 is jam-packed with powerful features: "The unit comes with a generous 1GB of memory for dealing with extensive power hungry applications requiring strenuous read, writes…Aside from the RAID features, the smooth layer of icing on the cake has to be the inclusion of multiple file system support by inclusion of ext3 and ZFS platforms. The latter being a SUN initiative and this announcement will bring a huge smile on the faces of many weary SUN users, who have been demanding this feature for a while and how finally supported - kudos to Thecus for making this happen."

Performance was also unbeatable: "Thecus® N5200PRO kept the fastest NAS in its class title for almost the whole period until the recently launched N7700. The N7700 is designed, as we expected, to continue the tradition of having an excellent turn of speed allowing it to claim the title as the fastest NAS in its class...The overall results clearly depict the Thecus® N7700 to be a high performing seven bay NAS that will take some beating."

The verdict: "The N5200PRO quickly established itself as a major leader on performance and the N7700 it seems may continue to hold the performance crown in the mid range SMB NAS category. The N7700 has a generous seven bays and can support a total 10.5TB based on the available capacity currently supported by SATA II format…Notable features such as, iSCSI initiator support as well as stackable availability, the expansion of capacity becomes a lot easier. Adding capacity seems to be a breeze, with the support of both online RAID expansion and online RAID migration. The jewels in the crown of the N7700 must be the support for multiple file system in the form of ext3 and ZFS…Those users that require remote replication maybe pleased to hear Thecus® now claims to allow versioning control within Nsync, allowing users to plan strategically for disaster recovery. All in all, the N7700 is a fully fledged Network Attached Storage system that is not only fast but with the added features, make it a MUST have NAS, as part of one's storage portfolio."

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