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Extreme performance and reliability win over editor
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10/20/2008 – Thecus' N5200BR has been the enthusiast's favorite NAS device since its introduction, offering both strong performance and reliability. Doc Overclock, owner and operator of, recently took the N5200BR for a test drive. In the end, he was so impressed with the unit, that he awarded it with's Editor's Choice Award!

Doc Overclock takes a look at some of the N5200BR's hardware: "The motherboard has an Intel ICH4 chip on it. All in all the perfect choice of components for backing up storage, after all the unit is supposed to run 24/7 and low-power processors like the Celeron-M are a good fit together. Some of the other important features of this NAS server includeRAID Level Migration and Capacity Expansion which allows you to add more HDDs into a RAID array and change the RAID level without losing data which is an important thing."

Performance and reliability in one complete package: "Transfer rates are excellent with the N5200BR and this makes transferring your files and creating a backup of your information a shorter time consumer. Using an 8GB file of music from a computer I was backing up the transfer over a Gigabit LAN port on the video card test platform nForce 790i Ultra SLI board with to the Thecus N5200BR NAS server took a little less than four minutes to accomplish. This is incredibly fast as a 320 Megabit transfer rate of a large file is incredible…It's been over thirty days since we built and started using the Thecus 5200BR as our main backup and no problems have been encountered yet. It's a good feeling to know that all your pertinent data is being redundantly backed up daily and so far the Thecus 5200BR has been great."

The bottom line: "With the ever-increasing sizes of files including H.264 content, the need for a NAS server has never been clearer…The amount of energy the N5200BR consumes is less than a normal PC as the CPU is a Celeron-M 600MHz. As a file server, the N5200BR is an excellent example of using old hardware for new uses that work. There is nothing to complain about with the 5200BR, it is a solid well built and thought-out system that employs simple ideas and makes the user feel at ease with the unit from the point of entry of its installation to final backup of your files and information. The 5200BR is a two thumbs up Editors Choice product, good job Thecus."

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