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“Great in this price range”
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01/06/2014- Coming in this festive season is a review of the 5-bay N5550 from Overclockers Australia.

Fast and capable

Working their way from the outside in, OCAU started off by noting the “sturdy metal chassis and case provide encouraging heft”, indicative of “quality construction.” Turning the unit around, one may be surprised to find an HDMI port. OCAU soon put its surprise to rest when it confirmed that the Intel® Atom™ processor and display hardware were easily able to play 1080p Blu-Ray media.

Also featured at the rear of the unit are its two Ethernet ports that allow for link aggregation implementation – a feature that can noticeably improve transfer speed and allow for network redundancy. But even without this feature enabled, OCAU found the N5550 to clock in impressive speeds:

“The performance observed matches other benchmarks from around the web - over 100MB/s is great in this price range.”

And though the N5550 was being put through its paces, its noise was still “acceptable and quieter than many other NAS units tested.”

In terms of features, the N5550 was still ready to impress. A system monitor function “can send you notifications of significant events like RAID build completion, reboots, successful startup etc via email, SNMP or Syslog.” A list of popular plug-ins is also preloaded and is “quite well thought out, with built-in help and automatic downloads from the Thecus site.” Impressively, OCAU went so far as to write that considering the relatively high performance of the Atom processor, “these modules make this NAS a viable alternative to a dedicated server for specific tasks.” And most importantly, perhaps, is the N5550's backup tool, which “allows you to back up your data using rsync to another NAS, a remote network destination or Amazon S3.”

After evaluating the N5550 from its build quality to its potential as a media server, OCAU finally wrapped up their review the following: 

“This is a fast and capable NAS with a full feature set. The Atom processor is faster than many competing NAS units and the application modules could replace some dedicated server functions.”

Thanks to James and the rest of the OCAU team for the review.

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