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“You should put the N2310 on your short list”
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01/02/2014-Given the massive increase in new user-generated content that requires storage, it makes sense that users' multiple connected devices (the majority of which are equipped with cameras) are stimulating increasing interest in home-user-targeted two-bay NAS. And one of these is the new Thecus N2310.

At its heart, the N2310 features an Applied Micro SoC clocked at 800MHz with 512 MB of DDR3 RAM. This lack of a dedicated CPU along with a price of a little over $150 (at time of writing) led SmallNetBuilder to not expect too much performance-wise from this budget-friendly NAS. To their surprise, however, “NASPT clocked the 2310's RAID 0 writes at 117 MB/s and RAID 1 writes at 114 MB/s!” The N2310's “high performance” furthermore didn't come at an acoustic cost, with “mostly drive motor noise audible in my quiet home office, even under heavy testing load.” As a result, SmallNetBuilder only rated the 2-bay as low noise.

Previously, $150 would have only afforded users a NAS “capable of 50 MB/s or so performance”, but the N2310 has proven that “the performance bar has been significantly raised to over 100 MB/s for large sequential file transfers in this class of NAS.”

Bottom line is that if you're looking for a pretty hot dual-bay NAS for not a lot of money, you should put the N2310 on your short list.”

Thanks to Tim and the rest of the SmallNetBuilder team for the review.

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