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Three-bay wonder bests 5 competing units in NAS roundup
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10/13/2008 – When put up against the competition, Thecus' three-bay N3200 holds its own admirably. Recently, PC Advisor Magazine ran a 6-page roundup of some of the latest NAS devices. When the dust settled, the N3200 walked away with their coveted Best Buy Award, as editors said that "the N3200 offers the best combination of price and performance."

PC Advisor starts things off with a brief introduction: "Pitched at both home users and small businesses, the N3200 offers the best combination of price and performance. Its three-drive setup may look odd (most Raid systems are based around even numbers of drives) but, for a Raid 5 or Raid 0 array, any number of drives over two works fine."

Users want hardware that just works, and the Thecus N3200 is no exception: "...the setup ran smoothly – there is a wizard to guide you through. The N3200's web interface is notable for being the easiest to use - no mean feat, considering how many functions it has."

If flexibility is what you're looking for, the N3200 delivers: "Other innovations include the ability to attach a webcam to help you keep tabs on potential data thieves lurking round your office of home. An eSATA port on the back of the Thecus drive enables you to supplement the storage capacity."

Of course, performance was also a strong point of the N3200: " Copying data from the N3200 produced the second-quickest was among the best in the opposite direction."

For the full review, check out the November 2008 issue of PC Advisor Magazine.

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