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“Concentration of storage for SOHO and individuals.”
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12/30/2013-For their last edition of the year, the French magazine EDI published a NAS review that appeals to both home and SOHO users alike, as they pointed out in their review: “Why have big gaps to cover the pro and general public ranges? With the N2560, Thecus offers a hybrid NAS with useful functions for the two environments.” The 2-bay N2560 certainly has a few qualities that will seduce many!


  • Design
  • Performances
  • Quietness

One of the aspects of the Thecus® N2560 that makes it such a friendly home device is its client utility, Intelligent NAS. Installed directly on your computer, Intelligent NAS creates a direct link to your NAS so that you can start adding files to it. As mentioned by EDI: “The Intelligent NAS client utility, while being independent of the N2560, provides easy access to files with a friendly interface and is easy to use. 

But for SOHO users, performances might be their first concern. Not to be afraid, the Thecus® N2560 got it covered. “Powered by an Intel Atom 1.6 GHz, it reaches speeds close to 100 MB/s in read and write, which is remarkable for its category. The absence of dual Ethernet connector is not a concern because the GbE port is not saturated. Copies to and from external devices are also very quick and simple thanks to the USB3.0 interfaces. As for the implementation of the discs, it is creatively done with two slides positioned on either side of each storage unit which guides the insertion into the NAS. No need for screws, they are clipped directly through two small pins in the screw holes on each drive. During testing we noticed no vibration and the noise is also reduced.” 

Thanks to E.D.I. for this review!  

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