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A NAS could help to support this trend
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12/26/2013-Within the last few years, a new practice has gain a lot of popularity within the business world. What we are talking about here is “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD). The concept consists of letting employees to bring their own devices (laptops, mobile phones, tablets) to their workplace so that they can work on devices they are already familiar with.

The numerous advantages are evident: employees don't need to get used to new systems (special applications can be installed on their own device afterwards), therefore employee satisfaction can be optimized and systems familiarity may lead to better productivity. BYOD not only brings advantages to the employee, but also to the employer: expenses can be saved as fewer devices need to be provided.

The convenience of BYOD creates some issues, such as the separation of private and business data. If an employee is using his personal laptop at his work, how can he make sure that his private documents won't leak in the office and how the office can keep make sure their data will not be shared outside of the office?

One solution is the use of NAS devices both at home and in the office! Even though NAS are accessible via Internet, it is possible to set specific folders to local and restricted user access only. With this feature in place, users don't need to copy files locally on their laptop anymore. They can simply work on the file stored on the NAS so that no sensitive data of any kind is used by anyone who is not supposed to have access to it.

Thecus® is offering NAS devices suitable for every environment, such as the recently launched 2-bay Thecus® N2560 for home users, SMB solution such as the 5-bay Thecus® N5550, and the full-fledged enterprise rackmount like the 16-bay Thecus® N16000PRO that comes with the newest features expected from an enterprise NAS.

Companies in high-growth markets such as Brazil, Russia or Malaysia, show high propensity of 75%, and this figure is rising steadily. Companies and home users should prepare themselves for this trend and with Thecus® devices they surely will be ready for it.

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