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“Thecus switched to another platform for the N2310”
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12/27/2013- C't, as one of Germany's most popular IT-magazine, was very curious about the new platform that Thecus® used for their latest 2-bay NAS – the Thecus® N2310. The home oriented NAS comes with all standard equipment expected in a unit of this category: A Gigabit-LAN port, a USB 3.0 port for quick backup to external HDDs and two SATA-ports for internal HDDs to be setup in a RAID.

Earlier this year, Thecus® launched its first NAS based on an AMCC processor (APM86491 SoC, clocked at 800 MHz). AMCC's SoCs are known to be extremely energy-efficient, resulting in low power consumption from the N2310, only 5W! – which is only half of the consumption when comparing with other NAS of the same class.

Even if he wasn't expecting the N2310 to outperform other NAS which are equipped with more powerful processors, the magazine's editor Boi Feddern was still positively surprised by the N2310's performance: “The APM SoC can scores pleasantly high writing-performance that clocks in at 87MByte/s in RAID 1.”

Overall the N2310 will serve the home users very well on many aspects, even as a multimedia center. As it is equipped with a Plex Media module, the unit will be able to stream movies, music and pictures to DLNA compatible devices with ease. And as for its main responsibility as a NAS, Boi Feddern is confident: “In order to accomplish the standard tasks of a fileserver in a small home-network, this is absolutely enough.” 

You can read the full review in the current c't print-issue (1/2014)

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