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The ultimate five-bay NAS scores 97% with editors
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09/15/2008 – Every once in a while, a product comes along that is so powerful and feature packed that once tried, is hard to imagine being without. For many users, that product is the Thecus N5200 NAS. Boasting five SATA bays and a bevy of powerful features, the N5200 is in a class by itself. Recently, the tech heads at AMD Zone took the N5200 and ran it through a gamut of rigorous tests. In the end, they awarded the N5200 with a whopping 97% score and their coveted Editors' Choice Award!

AMD Zone gives some of the N5200 specs a quick look: "The Thecus 5200 is cubed size and measuring in at 230mm x 190mm x 230mm and for file server features quite a bit of power. Inside lies an Intel Celeron M processor which runs at 600MHz and 256MB of DDR memory. The Thecus 5200 features easily hot swappable ports for 5 SATA hard drives and support for RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, JBOD, supporting over 3TB of storage. Even in the area of high-definition that is an astounding amount. Our unit shipped with two Gigabit ports allowing for maximum speed in file transfers, an E-SATA port and 3 USB connections to add even more storage capabilities onto the device it is quite feature packed."

There is no shortage of features included with the N5200: "Inside the GUI you can access virtually everything and man is the N5200 loaded. RAID is done with a few simple clicks, you can setup folders with various access privileges, setup MySQL, setup an FTP for the web, setup a media streaming server, backup all your files with Thecus NSync program, HTTPS, monitor your hard drive's status and firmware revision, and on and on. The N5200 is packed with features. You can set it up either to be DHCP or static IP. We'll leave the specifications page to the rest and man it is long with all of the features this little box supports."

The AMD Zone conclusion: "The N5200 is simply an excellent file server with almost every option you can think of and then some for what you might need to transfer and hold files. There might be a slight learning curve but for people who need it there is a lot to get out of it…For those who can afford it or need NAS though the Thecus N5200 is a great buy."

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