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“A great choice as a combo NAS/media player”
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11/11/2013-In an article for last month's Australian Personal Computer Magazine (APC), Lindsay Handmer had a look at 11 of the latest NAS and how they fit into the world of cloud computing.  Aside from cloud storage, notes APC, there are a number of extra considerations one needs to have when choosing a NAS, such as ease of installation and setup, power consumption, and drive compatibility.

A NAS and media centre in one

When APC got around to the N2520, they found a device that performed well in all four areas mentioned above:

  • Cloud: “The free T-OnTheGo Android and iOS app[s] are quite good, letting you manage your files and folders, as well as open documents, view pictures and stream video.”
  • Ease of use: “…adding your own [drives] is easy, thanks to the tool-less bays and hard drive sliders.”
  • Power consumption: “It's also very efficient at 16W, reducing the power use without compromising on processing grunt.”
  • Compatibility: “It handles two 3.5 inch drives in RAID 0, 1, and JBOD.”

Besides these points, the underlying performance of the N2520 also impressed APC when they found that the unit's access speeds put it “on par with much more powerful machines.” To understand the N2520's potential role as a media center, APC then took a closer look at its Intel® SoC: “The Atom is a 32-bit processor with a GPU, meaning it can process HD video streams and even output them via the device's HDMI output. This means the N2520 can play media directly from its drives, rather than requiring a separate player and using up network bandwidth to stream it.” As a result of these capabilities and all-round performance, APC concluded that the N2520 is “a great choice as a combo NAS/media player” and labeled it Highly Recommended'. 

Thanks to Lindsay and the rest of the APC team for the review. 

For the complete review of the Thecus® N2520 by APC, please see their October 2013 issue. 

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