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Five-bay powerhouse receives 90% rating from editors
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09/05/2008 – The N5200 from Thecus was introduced as the best performing NAS in its class. In their October 2008 issue, Australian PC User Magazine put the N5200 to the test and concluded that its superb performance and ample capacity deserved a killer 90% rating and their coveted Best Buy Award!

To begin, PC User introduces the N5200: "The N5200 is one of the most potent of all the models we tested, featuring five SATA drive bays (all hot-swappable and lockable), as well as five 1TB Samsung drives inside. You also get to configure these drives the way you want: RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 or JBOD. "

Excellent performance is an N5200 hallmark: "While the Gigabit Ethernet helps with speed, so does the 600MHz Celeron-M processor. It might not sound like much, but it's a lot more power than you'll find in most NAS boxes. Its overall transfer speed with the five drives connected as RAID 5 was excellent, with our test files writing in just over 4 minutes and reading in 3 minutes 25 seconds."

The N5200 is not only a great performer, but a great value, too: "It has auto-rebuild, so if you need to replace a drive, it will rebuild the array automatically. There's even an eSATA port on the back for external backup. Given the price, you're paying around $790 for the unit itself minus the drives, which is about $80-90 cheaper than most other models."

For the full review, check out the October 2008 issue of Australian PC User Magazine.

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