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“This little jewel has what it takes to satisfy most any home/small business user”
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09/01/2008 – The praise keeps coming in for Thecus' five-bay NAS powerhouse, the N5200B PRO. Boasting up to 5TB of capacity, multiple RAID modes, and a laundry list of powerful features, the N5200B PRO has the power and flexibility to impress even the most discerning hardware enthusiast. The editors of TweakNews took the N5200PRO for a test drive, and after putting it through the ringer, discovered that it indeed delivered the goods. In the end, they decided to award it their Top Rank Award!

Here's the summary from TweakNews editors: "It seems that NAS appliances are all the rage now and there are a lot of good reasons for having one in the home environment these days. Safe, accessible mega-storage is what Thecus delivers with the N5200PRO, and they deliver it in spades! It even looks good doing it. With support for up to five terabyte drives and multiple RAID setups, this little jewel has what it takes to satisfy most any home/small business user. Setup is a breeze, too, once you get to the network user interface. While the RAIDs took a long while to build, performance was excellent and the N5200PRO worked as advertised for these several months I've had it running around here. It does what Thecus claims it will, it does it well and the setup and support is well above average."

The performance was also stellar: "With the N5200PRO connected to my Linksys WRT54G router and the network otherwise idle, I copied a large (11.3 GB) file from one SATA drive to another in my computer. This task took 7mins. 12 sec. Moving the same file to the RAID5 on the N5200PRO took 20:55. (mins:secs) Moving the file back to the computer took 20:43. Moving the file to the RAID0 took 20:42 while moving it back took 20:39. Not bad at all!"

The conclusion: "If you see a high-capacity NAS appliance in your future, I recommend you take a look at the N5200PRO from Thecus.
I think you'll be glad you did."

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