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Leading cloud storage service easily integrated into all Thecus® NAS
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10/24/2013- With the recent unveiling of the Thecus® App Center, official and third-party developers have been hard at work creating over two hundred modules for the Thecus® line of NAS. One of the most popular amongst these is the Dropbox utility, which allows users to create a folder on their NAS that will automatically keep its contents synced with their Dropbox account.

The most recent iteration of this module has been the 32bit version for ThecusOS™ 5 and ThecusOS™ 6. Also available with this release has been the installation and use manual, which details all the steps necessary for users to enjoy the impervious security of twin backups. Included below is a brief summary of this manual.

Step 1: Create a user account

Once in the ThecusOS™ 6 Control Panel, scroll down to the File Sharing/Priviledge section and click on the Local User Configuration icon. Once in the Local User Configuration menu, click on the Add button and fill in the user's details and click Apply.

Step 2: Install the Dropbox module

Return to the Control Panel and scroll down to the Application Server section. Click on the NAS Application icon and then install the Dropbox module. Once it has successfully installed, a Dropbox icon should appear in the Application Server section.

Step 3: Enable the Dropbox login menu

In the Control Panel, scroll up to the System Management section. At the bottom of the first column in this section, click on the UI Login Functions icon. Once inside, enable the Module option and click Apply (also click Yes on the confirmation popup and OK once the setting has been successfully changed).

Step 4: Accessing Dropbox's menu

Next you will need to logout of ThecusOS™ 6. Click on the Module Login button that you just added and select Dropbox. You will then be prompted for your NAS username and password. Once the Dropbox popup has loaded, make sure the service is enabled and click Apply. Click Yes to enable the Dropbox service and the Dropbox module will then attempt to establish a link to the Dropbox network. A window will pop up and you will be prompted to log into Dropbox. Once there, you will need to reenter your Dropbox password so as to link your NAS to your Dropbox account. You can now browse to your NAS's Dropbox folder and use this as you would a regular Dropbox folder: Every file that you add or delete here will be added or deleted from your Dropbox account. For more details about this process, please see the full manual (link below).

Step 5: Enjoy!

Now empowering users of all Thecus® products, the Dropbox module allows everyone to conveniently store their data locally on their Thecus® NAS and remotely with Dropbox. Isn't that clever syncing?

To browse the Thecus® App Center, go to:

To see the ThecusOS™ 6 Dropbox user's manual, go to:

To learn more about Dropbox, go to:

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