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“The N4510U is a bad ass”
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10/21/2013- NAS servers can be complicated. They've evolved rapidly over the past years, like most technology, and require one “look at the extra I/O hardware and the mountain of potential software features.” That's why top-tier media such as Tweak Town, and the in-depth reviews they release, have become so integral to end users. So when their review for the 4-bay Thecus® N4510U was released earlier this week, developers and users alike carefully studied the 14 page article.

The Thecus® N4510U

Arriving in a box that the reviewer thought he could drive over without harming the NAS, the N4510U came with an impressive set of features: the Intel® Atom™ D2550 processor clocked at 1.86GHz, 2GB of DDR3 (“double the industry standard for entry-level products”), free rails for mounting the unit in a rack, a key and lock for each drive sled, two gigabit Ethernet ports, six USB ports (two are USB 3.0), a VGA output, an HDMI output, a line output for audio, and a line and microphone level for audio inputs. Despite all of these features, it was the price that was initially the most striking feature of the N4510U, making it “one of the best priced rackmount NAS products on the market today.”

Let the testing begin

The 4-bay rackmount N4510U was tested against seven other entry-level NAS units, and while it did have a slower processor than some of these, “the N4510U [still] managed to perform better than some of the others in specific tests”. And because when the N4510U didn't “outright win a test on a chart, it still performed very well in that test”, Tweak Town concluded that at the end of the day it “performed very well across the board.”

They also found that the N4510U's “extended range” (ability to maintain its performance despite numerous users) “[showed] us that [it] has a lot of potential for an 80-person office using the NAS at the same time.” This point was reiterated when the latency test revealed that “the N4510U outperforms several systems on the chart, most costing considerably more.” Tweak Town considered this blistering performance to be “a testament to the new Thecus OS 5 efficiency.”

Some final words

“Let's put this into perspective real quick. The Thecus N4510U costs less than $600, is a rackmount NAS, ships with 2GB of DDR3 from the factory, and just happens to outperform products costing twice as much in our multi-client test. It's like the little NAS server that could!” 

Thanks to Chris and the rest of the Tweak Town team for the great review. 

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