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“The network performance is good, the design is attractive and well finished, and the setup is easy as expected.”
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10/11/2013-The Thecus® N2520 has been out for only a few weeks now, but the good reviews and praise are already flowing in from all corners of the world. This time, it comes straight from Cowcotland, a very famous French IT media site. Testing the 2 bay NAS system powered by the new Intel® Atom™ CE5315 Dual Core SoC and 1GB of RAM, we can't say that the reviewer was disappointed.


  • Design
  • SPDIF port
  • Price
  • Power consumption

We've all been taught to never judge a book by its cover, but let's face it, sometimes we can't help it. That is certainly the case with this good looking device. In fact, this little white box is sure to seduce you as soon as it is out of the box. But it's not all about good looks: if your first experience with the NAS is long and strenuous, you are very likely to regret that purchase. Thecus® thought about this and Cowcotland definitely noticed it. Here are their comments after completing the very quick installation process: “You will then have a RAID 1 and what is needed to share your files directly. And frankly, it is very nice to have a well-thought-out and accessible system, no need of an engineering degree to mount a disk, not even a screwdriver.”

The Thecus® N2520 is also very appealing due to its myriad of features. Media center, backup solution, mail server, web hosting and many more modulated functions can be downloaded from the NAS App center: “This page is new, it allows the user to avoid searching through the forum and asking whether a package is compatible or not with the NAS- a big step forward.”

Overall, the Thecus® N2520 is a good looking, feature full and powerful 2-bay NAS that won't break the bank due to its cost or daily electricity consumption. “If you are looking for a NAS to store your data, enjoy the XBMC player, viewing photos, or listening to music on an external device... Thecus is worth it.”

For the complete review of the Thecus® N2520 by Cowcotland (in French), go to: 

For more information on the Thecus® N2520, go to:

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