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Thecus® to support new media software from October
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10/01/2013-Beginning this October, Plex software will be phased in with new 7-bay, TopTower, and rackmount Thecus® NAS. For all current users, a free third-party Plex app will be made available via the Thecus® App Center (with integrated support for all NAS arriving in coming months).  Support for Plex media software will allow users to easily manage and play their videos, music, and photos.


The Plex Media Server is both the heart and brains for any digital media system. The free server is a module available on the Thecus® App Center that allows you to set up and manage your media. With the Plex Media Server installed on your Thecus® NAS, various devices on your network (such as your Xbox 360 and mobile devices) can connect to and stream your local and online media.

Plex is excited about a fully integrated NAS plus Media Server solution for users to easily store, manage, and stream their media,” said Shawn Eldridge, Vice President of Strategic Alliances.  “Given the exponential growth in personal media being generated today, the combination of NAS solution and the Plex Media Server is the perfect way for users to easily manage and play their media on any screen.”

The server can also automatically assemble iTunes, iPhoto, and Aperture content, and even transcode content before it's streamed so as to reduce bandwidth requirements and improve compatibility with almost any device media is being streamed to.

That means that Plex will use the power of your server at home to dynamically squish videos so that they still play smoothly on your smart phone over 3G or your tablet over hotel Wi-Fi.” - Scott Hanselman, Web Platform Team, Microsoft

Making everything better

With your wide-screen display and Plex's polished 10-foot UI (i.e. one that can be used from 10 feet away), users can get the most out of their DLNA devices and even expand the functionality of their consoles. Through a few simple clicks, you can enjoy all of your media on your home media center.

From your favorite videos to your mountains of music, Plex makes it easy to manage and enjoy all of your media on your Thecus® NAS. Coming this October.

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