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The Wireless Media Bank lets you store, manage, backup, record, burn, share, and play your digital media files— video, audio, photos, and other digital files —using one central device.

One-button Copy
The one-button copy function allows effortless downloading and uploading in all of the most popular formats. In addition to photos, you can use one button to download files from memory cards, USB flash disks, and audio or video sources onto the WMB hard disk.

Photo Sharing
The WMB offers a convenient way to instantly share your digital photos with friends and family. Just plug in your camera's memory card and press one button to download your photos. Press again to share your photos over the Internet.

The WMB wireless networking feature lets you share a broadband connection with other computers in your home or office. There's no need to save a copy of your media files on each computer. When you need a file, you can access it from anywhere in your home or office.

Play Digital Media

Connect the WMB directly to your television, computer, and stereo for a wide range of entertainment options. Low-noise design makes the WMB a silent addition to your office or living room.

Media Storage
The WMBs built-in DVD-Combo and two internal IDE drive bays for tera-scale storage capacity, lets you backup, store and access your valuable photos, music files, and video files in one location. No need to search through your photo albums, CD or DVD collections, it's easy to list and access your photos, music and videos. And you'll never scratch the original— access a digital file 100 times and it's the same as new.

Access and manage files on the WMB using a remote control, browser, or the Windows file manager. Setup and configuration using your browser is easy and convenient. The Thecus Wireless Media Bank will let you enjoy digital life to the fullest.