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“Strong overall performance”
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09/23/2013- Coming out of the UK last week is Hexus's review of the Thecus® 2-bay N2560, which is scheduled for release this October/November. Packing an Evansport 1.6GHz Intel® Atom™ SoC and 2GB of DDR3 RAM, reviewers found the N2560 to have a strong overall performance.”


Making use of four separate benchmarking tools, Hexus was able to put the N2560's “ capable hardware” through its paces. Reaffirming that the Atom SoC appeared “to be a good fit for home NAS solutions”, Hexus placed the N2560 on the podium for all six of their performance tests, with the NAS “all but saturat[ing] the network interface in our Iometer benchmarks.” But despite this raw power (that was noted as noticeably faster than various ARM-powered offerings”), the N2560 was still able to offer respectable power-draw numbers” thanks to its careful integration of choice hardware and software.


The new N2560 is part of the Thecus® Intelligent NAS line which promises users a “5 Minute Complete Installation”. While investigating this process, Hexus wrote that their installation was “quick and painless from start to finish.” Later on, when interacting with the NAS through Thecus® OS6 and the Intelligent NAS Utility, they described the programs' simplicity and user-friendliness.

Wrapping up

Thecus® NAS have a reputation for “typically deliver[ing] strong performance” and we're happy to say that Hexus considered “the N2560 [to be] another good example.” Indeed, with “hardware [that] is geared for good performance and [a] feature set [that] is extensive”, the N2560 is a stellar 2-bay system that's ready to change the home NAS game in a few short weeks.

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