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A look at the costs involved
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09/18/2013-Here at Thecus®, we've been excited about cloud computing for years. In the past two, in fact, we've had six news releases discussing the topic in relation to: its similarity to some types of computers, free trial services, Thecus® NAS service integration, its market impact (via a video webinar), personal computing, and Thecus® NAS Data Guard services.

We're going to be adding to this repository today by investigating the economic specifics of the private cloud first discussed exactly one year and one month ago.

It's all about the money

The benefits of public cloud services are well known: Often simple to set up, hosted remotely so extra safe, easily expandable, and comparatively inexpensive in terms of startup cost. So why do enterprise and home users still make use of private clouds? For three main reasons: control, privacy and security, and long-term costs.

The ease-of-use associated with public services can be a bit of a two-edged sword, though. While some users appreciate the simplicity that some cloud companies offer, others require (or at least prefer) a more hands-on approach. For other users, concerns over the privacy and security of data hosted halfway around the world hinder their adoption of such technology (for a recent discussion on cloud security, have a look at Dropbox Cloud Storage Platform Hacked? Not So Fast). Still other users question the long-term costs associated with storing data with cloud storage vendors.

Now let's have a closer look at the current costs of two of the main players: Dropbox and Elephant Drive (Amazon and Google will be left out due to their more complicated pricing strategies).

So let's move on to what it would cost to build your own personal cloud. To start off, you'll need a NAS (let's say our new N2560 2-bay NAS), so that's around $339. Then you'll need to fill it with storage device (a 1TB Western Digital Red drive would do well), $99. Then you'd need an app to make sure you have mobile access to all your data (how about T-OnTheGo), entirely free.

Money isn't everything

At Thecus®, our goal isn't to make the cheapest product, it's to make the best. So what else do you get besides storage at less than half the price? Advanced features, continued support, and a growing assortment of tools. So if what you or your organization is looking for is safe and affordable storage with endless options, then don't forget to keep the private cloud in mind.

To download T-OnTheGo, go to:

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