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The N2520 scores a nice 80.6% in this Deutsche review
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09/16/2013-The editors of the German website G-Dealt have taken a closer look at the Thecus® N2520 and rated it with a solid score of 80.6%. “This Thecus NAS combines network storage with a multimedia-player. The OS is clearly arranged und really practical. The expandability through first and third-party apps is impressive.”

After the unboxing and the screwless installation of the HDDs, they went on to set up the whole system. The comprehensible installation-process was very positive and after a short while the RAID 1 system was already ready to be used. G-Dealt used two 1TB WD Red HDDs and therefore had a capacity of 1TB (with the other 1TB is being used to back up the stored data).

The user can also change the language of the software. Along with English, French, and German, they can choose between 10 other languages. Most users will therefore be able to find a suitable language to manage their NAS. 

The N2520 can handle a variety of external devices, such as optical drives. These can be connected through the superfast USB 3.0 port to burn the user's precious data on an external disc. Not only optical drives are supported, but also mice, keyboards, and DVB-T sticks. All tested HDDs were also recognized for immediate use, so the N2520 is compatible with most drives which are currently on the market. “The possibility to connect not only USB thumbdrives, but also optical drives, DVB-T-sticks, and input-devices is very pleasant.” 

“The expandability through apps is a nice feature, especially the possibility to add third-party modules... The key-feature is the HDMI-port though, with which you can connect the NAS directly to your TV. The integrated XBMC completes the whole solution.” 

You can read the full German review on G-Dealt's website:  

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