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Advances in SSD technology lead to shifting market shares
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08/26/2013- Solid-State Drive (SSD) technology has been widely available on the consumer market since around 2009, and while the greater speeds offered by these drives have been greatly appealing, cost and limited capacity have kept these drives out of the hands of most computer users.

Increased market penetration

The prospect of greater performance (in terms of reading, writing, and reliability) and declining prices have led to SSDs' greater acceptance in the market at large. Research firm IHS even reported earlier this year that they expect SSDs to account for over one third of the PC storage solutions market by 2017. Vindication of this can be seen at present in the declining sales of both desktop and mobile hard disk drives, which dropped 8.3% and 0.4% respectively between the first and second quarter of this year. An exception to this general rule can be found, however, in the continued growth of sales (12%) in enterprise level HDDs – i.e. those used in data centers.

Future advances

HDDs will continue to serve a purpose in a number of ways: for those users with greater storage requirements or without access to cloud services, as part of hybrid storage solutions (working in tandem together with SSDs), and as expansive yet relatively cheap storage units in enterprise-size data centers. As previously mentioned, however, things are inevitably changing. Samsung, for example, revealed at the beginning of this month the details behind their new 3D Vertical NAND technology. Included in their release was evidence that SSDs could be reaching capacities of 2TB in the not far-off future – putting them at about the same level as traditional HDD solutions.

SSDs and you

Here at Thecus®, we know the importance of adapting to an ever-changing and advancing world. That's why we maintain close relationships with major drive manufacturers and continue to update support for both HDDs and SSDs on our NAS systems. Last week, in fact, we added support for almost 3 new products a day! That's what you can expect from Thecus®: the latest advances, the most comprehensive support, and the best storage solutions on the market.

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