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“It's more practical to let the NAS work as a classic fileserver and offer extra-modules for function-expansions”
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07/24/2013 The renowned German computer magazine has reviewed the Thecus® N10850 in the context of their testing-series of compact and efficient NAS-systems. The measured transfer-rates are very solid and placed the N10850 in the top 3 spots in every category in terms of read and write speeds and its boasting of a powerful Intel® Xeon® E3-1225 3.1GHz Processor with quad core technology.

The Thecus® N10850 has received great praise for its power and functionalities: the ability of link aggregation is viewed very positively and it even surpasses the expectations by outperforming the competitor's transfer speeds of link aggregation.

Out-of-the-box, the Thecus® N10850 only possesses classic fileserver-functionalities, which C't didn't perceive as a weak point, as it ensures the basic functionality and data security, unlike some devices from the competition that are filled with additional modules, creating more security vulnerabilities. A wide range of additional modules are available for download either from Thecus® themselves or from the large 3rd party developer community. One of these modules is XBMC which enables multimedia-functionalities for the N10850. With this module the NAS can leverage one of the devices' other strong points: the HMDI output. The combination of the module and the HDMI-output enables HD-media streaming directly to a TV.
Other notable point includes its exceptional performance in a Storage Area Network (SAN) environment, thanks to its iSCSI thin provisioning capability and configurable GPIO-outputs.

“The N10850 is the only device in this review-series that is able to act as an iSCSI initiator in order to implement virtual hard disks. Additional hardware-advantages include the possibility to upgrade the device with an 10-Gbit-ethernet card.”

You can read the full German review in the #16, 2013 issue of the print magazine c't.

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