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WD Se™ drives are very suitable for Thecus® NAS products.
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07/01/2013- Thecus® is proud to be able to announce the compatibility of their NAS with Western Digital's WD Se™ series hard disk drives. This product line is especially designed for NAS devices with a medium workload and represents an ideal balance between performance and capacity.

WD Se™ NAS hard drives

Western Digital designed the Se™ hard drives for NAS devices which contain 6 to 24 bays. However they are also suitable for SOHO environments that require a medium workload and performance. They also offer a new valuable option for SMBs and match their specific use cases. With their enterprise-class quality and performance they can operate perfectly in demanding multi-bay environments. Tested and designed for 24x7x365 availability and combined with an industry-leading 5 year limited warranty, the WD Se™ series of drives can protect your investment with an extended product life cycle and enhance your TCO through a lower investment per GB ratio.

Compatible Thecus® NAS Products:

WD Se™ Hard Drives:

Specifications: SATA 6 GB/S interface, width of 3.5” and height of 1”

When combining the available Se™ models with a Thecus® NAS, a maximum capacity of 28TB can be achieved (depending on the RAID level used). This does not include the additional storage that can be attached to the Thecus® devices through their USB 3.0 or eSATA ports.

Launch Events

In cooperation with Western Digital, Thecus® is proud to attend the following launch events:

The NAS optimized WD Se™, part of the WD's complete lineup of internal hard drives, is proudly being welcomed to the Thecus' compatibility list. Thecus® is pleased to be able to support these NAS energy efficient HDDs.

For the complete compatibility list of WD HDD, go to: 

For more information on WD and the Se™ drives, go to:

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