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"What we have here is one of those 'ultimate' retail NAS appliances"
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08/15/2008In the world of NAS, there are practically limitless choices, but if you are looking for the best five-bay unit around, look no further than Thecus' N5200B PRO. In their August 2008 issue, the editors of PC Magazine Singapore put one of these units to the test, and after running it through the ringer, found little at fault, saying that it was an ‘ultimate' retail NAS appliance and giving it a 4 out of 5 star rating!

PC Magazine was blown away with the sheer power of the N5200B PRO: "The N5200 PRO is fitted with 512MB of DDR 333 memory, and an Intel Celeron M processor. It's particularly important for the N5200 PRO to have such a powerful configuration because what it offers is more than just basic file serving. For instance, it can run a RAID 5 or a RAID 6 setup and what's more impressive is the built-in support for iSCSI. So, yes, you can practically build a SAN with N5200 PRO."

A complex device like the N5200B PRO doesn't have to be complicated to use: "Configuration of the N5200 PRO is done through a web interface, and we are delighted to see Thecus keeping many bits of the interface pretty much similar to its other NAS solutions. Consistency in interface design always scores good points, and we found navigating through the N5200 PRO interface is effortless and the administration system is generally very straightforward to use."

And performance? "Performance of this unit compliments its feature set perfectly. In a RAID 0 setup using two Seagate Barracuda ES 750GB drives, we saw, on average, a file transfer speed of about 33MB/s. This is slightly faster than the Netgear Storage Central Turbo, one of the very fast NAS we have come across."

The conclusion: "All said and done, what we have here is one of those 'ultimate' retail NAS appliances that packs some really serious network storage capabilities making it suitable from being just a simple home storage to being deployed in centralised data storage of an SMB environment."

For the full review, check out the August 2008 issue of PC Magazine Singapore.
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