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"An excellent choice for a network attached storage appliance"
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08/11/2008Home users don't just need capacity when it comes to storage – they need security as well. As the first NAS unit to bring RAID 5 home, the N3200 from Thecus is ideal for storing precious memories and keeping them secure. DragonSteelMods recently reviewed the N3200 and liked it so much, decided to give it a 4 out of 5 rating and their Recommended Award!

Home users will be pleased to see that the N3200 is highly configurable: "The back-end or admin side of the N3200 is huge with numerous configuration options available to you; the N3200 is truly a very powerful and useful technological appliance."

Of course, as a product meant for the home, the N3200 is also very easy to use: "The actual user interface or web interface is fairly sparse really, but that's a good thing as it makes it very easy to use for even the novice user, most everyone should be able to access the N3200 easily from their browser and share photos, music and whatever else they wish with friends and family. Of course from this same interface you can access the N3200 while away from home, once you have your DNS setup you'll be able to access it just like you would any other website by typing in a web address in your browser."

In the end, DragonSteelMods found the N3200 to be an excellent choice: "The Thecus N3200 is an excellent choice for a network Attached Storage appliance, it offers numerous features and of course RAID 5 security for you data. The basic setup is very easy to get it up and running on your home network, in no time you'll have vast amounts of storage available to your home users, or even your small business network users. With the N3200 you have the ability to share your files, and stream your media to compatible devices in your home, and the ability to be wirelessly connected is definitely a big plus as well...DragonSteelMods gives the Thecus N3200 a 4 out of 5 score and our Recommended Award as well."

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