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"The Thecus N3200 NAS ticks all the boxes"
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08/08/2008When it comes to selecting a NAS unit for the home, finding a unit that has the capability to "do it all" is ideal. The editors of APC Magazine took the Thecus N3200 for a spin and enjoyed the flexibility and convenience that the 3-bay unit brought to the table. In fact, with a plethora of home-friendly features and plenty of thoughtful touches, APC Magazine found the N3200 very easy to recommend for both the home and small office LANs.

For home NAS units, flexibility is the name of the game: "After powering the N3200 on for the first time we connected to the configuration utility via a web browser. From there, it became apparent that the N3200 offers incredible flexibility. After enabling the Media Server and iTunes Server options, we could instantly see the N3200 as a source for multimedia content. Our Windows and Mac test systems could all see the N3200's default fileshares without any effort other than changing the N3200's Windows Workgroup membership. Using the gigabit LAN connection we found that that the N3200 was able to deliver content quickly with no problems. "

The N3200 comes with many creature comforts: "A USB port on the face can be used for quickly copying the content of a USB hard drive or memory stick to the NAS. This is particularly handy if you use a memory stick for working files and want to use the N3200 for backup. It also makes the task of transferring data from older drives trivially easy…One of the great things about the N3200 was its ability to carry out scheduled downloads. Given the poor state of Australian broadband the ability to schedule downloads to occur during off-peak periods is extremely valuable and can save you many late nights."

The conclusion: "Given the increased need for us to store more and more data as our media collections expand we can see the Thecus N3200 finding a place in many homes. With recent studies suggesting that the average home holds almost 1.4TB of data the three disk capacity of the N3200 is its only limitation. Its ability to securely store and deliver data coupled with its ease of use makes it a worthy candidate for consideration for home and small office LANs."

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