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“The N5550 is a true multi-purpose tool: a kind of Swiss Army knife of networking!"
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02/26/2013 IT specialists all agrees, the N5550 from Thecus® is a powerful 5-bay NAS that offers everything you could expect out of a network attached storage unit. French columnist and longtime IT fan Sam from Autour de Sam confirms this one more time in his detailed review of the Intel® Atom™ based NAS from the Vision series. “To date, the technical characteristics and the potential that the NAS has to offer brings me great satisfaction.”



Every aspects of the N5550 are remarkable. All of which were pointed by Autour de Sam, like the complete connection available on the N5550: “Its connectivity is rather full and varied since we can found two Gigabit Ethernet ports support Wake On Lan, 4 USB2 ports on the back and 1 USB3 port in front, 1 eSATA port on the back, and for the multimedia part: 1 VGA port, 1 HDMI connector and a complete audio mini-jack like a PC.” The professionalism of its services supported: “Finally, what makes him a true professional device is its iSCSI support as a target and as an iSCSI initiator, something that all other doesn't do! In fact, most offer an iSCSI target but rarely an iSCSI client (initiator).” And its performance: “The PC transfer to the N5550 gave me a performance peak raised by the NAS at almost 108 MB/S, which is pretty impressive when you consider that the theoretical Gigabit transfer speed is 125MB/S:”

Finally, the conclusion published on Autour de Sam speaks for itself: “At the end of this first issue devoted to the N5550, what I remember of this device is that it is clearly powerful, with advanced features and meets all the network needs that can be expected by this type of device. No fundamental protocol escapes him and he excels in transferring files and information with impressive speeds.”

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