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"Thecus IP storage YES Box offers massive breathing space"
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11/04/2005 With powerful features, unmatched ease-of-use, and attractive styling, the YES Box N2100 is beginning to take the storage world by storm. The latest review comes from the folks at the Inquirer. After taking the YES Box N2100 through some extensive testing, ediors found it fitting to recommend the YES Box N2100, saying that it is "Massive and reliable storage you can share on your intranet for files, music, graphics and the like."

Inquirer editors begin by introducing the YES Box N2100: "The barebones Yes Box N2100 is an IP based storage appliance which can act as an FTP storage device on your network and also as a central point to store any kind of digital files including photographs, music and data on an office or home network, as well as providing file management and application sharing on Windows SMB/CIFS, Unix/Linux, and Apple OSX operating systems."

With the introduction out of the way, the Inquirer goes on to describe working with the YES Box N2100: "The box we looked at it a lightweight plastic unit. You install the drives by first removing two screws at the back of the unit. When you flip up the top you'll see a metal cage for the drive(s). You remove this case by carefully unscrewing four screws on the board, inserting the S-ATA drives, securing them, and then putting the cage back into the unit…Hey look, there's Intel Xscale technology inside."

The conclusion: "Massive and reliable storage you can share on your intranet for files, music, graphics and the like…We can recommend this box…"

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